Long hair never go out of style and they always look great if done right. There are some who tend to avoid long hair because they require diligent maintenance. But if you choose the right cuts and hairstyles, it can be very easy to manage long hair. Let’s see some of the best hairstyles for long hair.

Hairstyles for long hair
Hairstyles for long hair

To help you deal with your long hair in an effective way, we have brought together some of the coolest hairstyles for long hair. These hairstyles are incredibly easy to achieve and they have been used with great success by celebrities at various red-carpet events.

Hairstyles for long hair

The Elegant Ponytail

This is one of our favorite hairstyles for long hair simply because it is simply, easy and yet looks awesome. To achieve this hairstyle, simply straighten your hair and then tie them up into a long ponytail. Tie the ponytail towards the crown of your head which will add a slight lift to the ponytail and make it look even more awesome. You may apply a quality product to smoothen up any fluffy bits of hair and add a sleeker look to your hairstyle.

Curls of the Lady

Are you looking to recreate an elegant, ladylike hairstyle? Well, look no further than the Curls of the Lady. This is one of those hairstyles for long hair which requires some extra effort but also come with additional rewards. To achieve this hairstyle, use a curling iron through most of your hair, especially towards the tips and away from the roots. Once the hair are sufficiently curled, create soft waves by sifting through the hair with your hands. Finally, take a portion of the curled locks and drawing them away from your face, pin them at the back of your head using a clamp or multiple pins.

All-Volume Curls

This is one a hairstyle that has been rocked by numerous celebrities and with immense success. To achieve this hairstyle, use hot rollers to add volume in the first step. Next, straighten the hair from the middle to the ends to give the lower half of your hair a smoother look. Finally, draw the hair away from your face and keep them in place using a spray. This is one of those hairstyles for long hair which elegantly combines curls with straight locks.

Bottom Curls

This is another one of excellent hairstyles for long hair, especially if you are seeking to augment your looks with some dashing curls. The Bottom Curls hairstyle features straight and sleek hair from the crown to the mid-shaft and then distinct curls from the middle to the end. To achieve this hairstyle, smoothen up your hair using a quality product while they are still damp. Next, rough-dry your hair and use a 2-inch curling iron to shape them up at the bottom. This should add the distinct, curly look from the mid-shaft to the bottom, giving you hair a stunning style.

The Sleek Fall

This is a rather classic hairstyle with a modern twist. Instead of letting your long hair fall in straight locks, use a blow dry to create a center part with perfectly symmetrical volumes of hair on either side. Next, use a flat iron to straighten up 1-inch portions of your hair from the nape to the bottom. This will create an extra-sleek look for your long hair and make them look stunningly beautiful.

It’s hard to get up early every day so that you can elaborately style your hair. Sometimes, there just isn’t enough time and what one really needs is an easy and quick hairstyle that looks great. We completely understand that which is why we have compiled a brief guide some really cool and cute easy hairstyles.

Cute easy hairstyles
Cute easy hairstyles

Cute Easy Hairstyles

This brief starter lists various hairstyles which are suited for hair of different lengths and types. So regardless of what type of hair you have, you will doubtless find one that perfectly goes with your taste and personality. When choosing these hairstyles, we have tried to strike a balance between awesomeness and ease. So you will see that all of these hairstyles can be done incredibly quickly.

The Quick and Stylish Bun

Gone are the days when you spent hours crafting the perfect bun-shaped style out of your hair. Enter the quick and stylish bun which is one of our top cute easy hairstyles. This hairstyle is incredibly easy to achieve and takes very little time. So if you have gotten up late and need to sort your hair quickly for office, this is the perfect option. To recreate this hairstyle, gather up the hair at front with a headband and tie up the rest into a high ponytail. Now twist the ponytail’s length into a bun and secure it with a few pins. Voila, your elegantly stylish and slightly messy hairstyle is ready.

A Slight Twist

If you have straight hair, this is an excellent way to perk up your regular hairstyle. The reason we have included it among our favorite cute easy hairstyles is simply because it is awesome and yet very handy. To achieve this hairstyle, simply take a streak of hair near your temple, twist it and pull it slightly back from your face. Next, secure this twisted streak of hair with a pin. You can even use a pattern of light-color pins to secure the hair, making the pins a part of your fashion statement.

The French-Twist Pony Elegance

The French-Twist pony is a hairstyle that is well-suited to long hair. However, it may come off as rather traditional. To add a modern and creative twist to it, you can try your hands at the French-Twist Pony Elegance. To recreate this hairstyle, simply draw your hair back into a ponytail and tie up the ponytail into a chignon. You may need a few pins to keep the chignon in place. This quick and simple hairstyle is perfect for a chic and modern look. To top it, it is one of those cute easy hairstyles which take barely 5 minutes.

A Modern Headband Tuck

This is a hairstyle that requires a little more effort but is still quite easy and time-effective. To recreate this hairstyle, gather up all the hair from the back of your head and gently sort them up with a comb to add volume to them. Next, tie the hair up in a ponytail and use a thin ribbon to tie the hair, close to the hairline at the front and at your nape at the back. This will essentially tie up the ponytail as well. Draw the ponytail out a little to give it more curve and style. You can smooth up the finished look with just a dash of a quality conditioner.

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. On your wedding day, you will naturally want to get a dress that is as exquisite and perfect as possible. Luckily, you can also flaunt your fingernails with some stunning wedding nail ideas and add a dash of glamour and fashion to the big day.

Wedding nail ideas
Wedding nail ideas

Wedding nail ideas

There are virtually endless wedding nail art designs out there. Determining the one that is right for you really depends on your color preferences, nail shape and size, and the overall theme of your wedding day. Typically, since wedding dresses are either white or a very light shade, wedding nail art usually utilizes pale pink, white and related shades.

Following are some of the most awesome wedding nail ideas that we have shortlisted. We sincerely hope that you will find one of them perfect enough for your big day.

Golden Elegance

This is one of our favorite wedding nail ideas simply because it brings together elegance and sophistication which is perfectly suited for a wedding. The Golden Elegance design is achieved by first applying a nude-pink base on to the nails. Once the base is dry, you can add vertical stripes of golden crystals along the length of the nails. The golden acrylic effect will beautifully complement any golden jewelry you may wear on the day. As an added plus, it may also may your nails and fingers appear longer.

Beach Sunset

This is a brilliant nail art design which brings the freshness of the beach and the sea to your fingernails. At the same time, it plays on the color themes of nude and pink, complementing the wedding dress perfectly. To achieve this effect, apply the nude base from the cuticle towards the middle of the nails. Then from the middle to the tips, apply a peachy pink shade. The two shades should blend perfectly around the center of the nails and create a beautiful gradient effect. This is truly one of the stand-out wedding nail ideas and is sure to turn many heads on your wedding day.

Blue and White

If you want to break away from the traditional pink and white, a bold Blue and White design may be apt for you. This is one of those wedding nail ideas which are unique and different while bringing elegance and class to your fingernails. The Blue and White design can be recreated by applying a coat of the bold, colorblocking blue from the tips towards the cuticle, so that is covers two-thirds of the nails. The rest of the nail around the cuticle should be coated with bright white. You can also add a silver stripe as a border between the two shades. The effect achieve by this nail art design is stunning.

Floral Beach Sunset

This is a twist on the original beach sunset nail art design mentioned above. If the original design is too bland and simple for your twist, you may want to go with the floral beach sunset. We love this design because it goes well with the flowers and the general spirit of joy and festivity that marks a wedding day. To achieve this design, simply apply a nude shade at the bottom half of the nails and the pale pink at the top half, blending the two together seamlessly. Next, use the nude shade to draw minuscule floral patterns on the two shades. This brings an understated elegance to your fingernails while also making a joyous statement apt to a wedding occasion.

French manicure is a term that is frequently used to refer to a classic nail design. This particular design comprises of a pale pink base topped with bright white tips. The great thing about this design is that it is incredibly versatile design which can be modified and adopted to all types, sizes and shapes of fingernails. Let’s check out some French manicure ideas.

French manicure ideas
Frenchnails Manicure Hands Fingernails Nail Design

French manicure ideas

To help you get started with it, we have brought together some really cool French manicure ideas. These ideas experiment with different colors and designs to make the classic French manicure so much more stylish and dashing.

The Half-Moon Elegance

This is one of the simplest french manicure ideas. All you have to do is complement the classic French manicure with a half-moon cuticle done in the same shade of bright white as the tips. This is particularly great if you want to make your nails appear longer. It also adds a dash of informality to the otherwise somewhat formal outlook of the classic French Tips.

The Half-Moon Monochrome

This is a stylish twist on the original and way more hip. It also brings a modern dash to the classic design. To recreate the half-moon monochrome design, all you have to is apply the pale pink base and then do the tips as well as the cuticle moon in the dual-shades of black and white. Simply paint one half of the tips and the cuticles with bright white and do the other half with a lacquer shade. The simple elegance of this design is sure to make your fingernails stand out.

The fishnet French manicure

The fishnet design is another in our list of awesome french manicure ideas. To achieve this design, recreate the original French manicure with pale pink base and bright white tips. Next, apply thin intersecting lines of the same bright white all over the base, creating the effect of a fishnet. The beauty of this design is that it is quite artsy and cool without requiring too much effort. If you want a more hip twist on the original French Tips, you can create the fishnets on the pale pink base using brighter colors of your choice.

Beach Sunset

The beach sunset is a brilliant design in its own might, although it is also related to the original French manicure. This is one of the perfect french manicure ideas for summers when you pine for the beach and the sea. To achieve this design, apply a very pale shade of pink at the bottom half of your nails and polish the top half with a pale shade of white. The two colors should blend together around the center of the nails to recreate the beach sunset effect.

Double Lined French Manicure

The double lined design is a very simple addition to the classic French manicure. To recreate this design, polish the pale pink base of the classic french manicure and then top the tips with bright white. Next, add a thin sliver of bright white around the center of the nails. This completes the double lined design. You can modify the design further by adding more than one slivers of bright white along the base of the nails. If done right, this can also accentuate the length of your nails and make your fingers appear longer.

Hands and fingernails are as much a part of one’s personal beauty as the face and the hair. When it comes to fingernails, you have a huge range of manicure options. These include a virtually endless variety of cute nail colors to adorn your fingernails.

Cute nail colors
Cute nail colors

Cute nail colors

When choosing the right color for your nails, you can go with monochrome looks, double-shade polishes or one of the acrylic outlooks. The list simply goes on. To help you narrow down the focus somewhat, we have shortlisted some of the best cute nail colors that will perk up your fingernails and ready them for any occasion.

The Seafoam Summer Shade

Summer nail colors, if done right, add a dash of freshness to your hands. The seafoam summer shade is the perfect place to start. This shade, as the name suggests, brings a hint of the azure of the sea to your fingernails. This sea shade has a hint of glitter, so you can experiment with it to craft an acrylic nail polish design depending on the occasion.

Classic French Tips

The classic French Tips have remained one of the most enduring polish designs over the decades. It has made our list of cute nail colors because it can be adapted to go with virtually any occasion. The original design comprises of a shade of pink topped with white tips. The width of the tips can determine whether the design is formal or casual. If you polish the tips with a thinner white line, it is better suited for more casual occasions. You may even add gold studs to the classic design to put a modern twist on it.

A Shade of Lilac

When it comes to nail colors, preferences and tastes may vary widely. If you prefer a softer nail color, which may particularly suit short nails, smoky lilac is the perfect choice. It adds a touch of class and elegance to your nails. For short nails, it also brings the added advantage of smoothly blending it with your finger-line and makes your nails and fingers appear longer.

The Bold Neon

Neon has been one of the enduring cute nail colors, perfectly suited for making a bold fashion statement at any occasion and any time of the year. You can go with a shade of neon that is more to your taste and you may wear it on its own as a monochrome or go with an acrylic touch by adding silver studs at one or two nails. Bold neon is particularly well-suited for a funky look and is one of those nail colors which looks equally well in winter as well as summer.

The Regal Blue

Blue and many of its shades have historically been associated with the royalty, and for good reason, since blue does look stunning on finger nails when done right. You will have endless options when choosing a shade of blue, ranging from the metallic light blue to the shimmering cobalt. Once you have shortlisted the right shade, apply two coats to your fingernails and let them dry. You can then determine whether it needs a third coat or not. To add a further dash of cuteness, you may even use a neon or light-shade outline along the tips which will also bring the visual effect of making your nails and fingers appear longer.

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A person’s face and hands often determine the beauty, personality and the overall grooming. Hands, like face, needs extensive caring and diligent maintenance in order to carry that elegant and beautiful look which nearly all of us seek.

Manicure idea
Manicure idea

Manicure Ideas

Manicure includes a wide range of activities meant to enhance the looks of your hands and fingernails. These may include proper filing, shaping, finishing, polishing and moisturizing among other activities. The right manicure ideas can help you perk up your nails to make them look as brilliant and beautiful as you want them to be.

Shaping your nails right

The shape and finish of your nails is very important when it comes to giving them the right look. The right shape will depend on the length of the nails. For instance, if you have short nails, a great choice would be to keep them even and rounded, leaving no edges. This will blend the nails with the finger-line and give your hands a more elegant look.
On the other hand, if you have long nails, you have the option of choosing from pointed, rounded and squared finishes. If you looking to achieve a visual impact that will make your fingers and nails look longer, a pointed finish will do perfectly. If you want to focus more on the nails, a squared or rounded finish will do the trick well. Each nail shape has its own set of manicure ideas which best accentuate its outlook.

Try the classic French Tips

Classic French tips have been in vogue since forever and are expected to stay so. This is simply because they bring a dash of color and elegance to your nails. The classic version of this style involves using a shade of pink on the nails and then using glossy white along the tips. You can experiment with the classic version and create a version of your own, for instance, accentuate the cuticles with the white you use along the tips. You may altogether replace the white with a darker shade such as black to highlight the shapeliness of the nails.

Stripes for Short Nails

If you are looking for the perfect manicure ideas for short nails, vertical stripes are one of them. Most of the manicure ideas related to short nails are meant to accentuate their shapeliness while giving them the visual effect of being longer than they are. Vertical stripes achieve this effect perfectly. You can use the effect by using a darker base shade and then applying a vertical line down the middle of the nail, preferably of a lighter shade or the glitter counterpart of the darker shade.

Experiment with Gradients

Another excellent way to enhance the look as well as the length of your nails is to experiment with gradients. Gradients typically involve using a lighter polish shade towards the cuticle and complimenting it with a darker shade towards the tips. This creates a contrast as well as the visual effect of making your nails appear longer. You can further apply various acrylic ideas together with the gradients. For instance, you can use studs of a contrasting color on one or two of the nails to complete the perfect acrylic look. Alternatively, you can also go with a glitter counterpart on some of the nails to make a bold fashion statement.

The right manicure treatment takes great care of your nails while also making them look great at the same time. The magic of this latter part comes from the wide and wild range of manicure nail designs with which you can experiment. Think of your nails as the canvas on which you can recreate virtually any design that takes your fancy.

Manicure nail designs
Manicure nail designs

Manicure nail designs

If you’re short on ideas, let us help with this brief list of some of the coolest manicure nail designs. We hope that you will find one that perfectly goes with your nails and taste.

Ocean Sunset

This is one of the coolest nail designs out there. And not only does it look exceptionally awesome on your nails, it is also incredibly easy to recreate. As the name suggests, this design creates the visual effect of ocean sunset on your nails. To achieve the effect, use a shade of white all the way from the cuticles to the middle of your nails. Then let it blend into a pink blush that extends all the way to the tips. The two shades should perfectly blend into each other around the middle of your nail so that there is no clear demarcation. And voila, you have a beautiful ocean sunset at hand.

Royal Lilac Elegance

If you are looking for perfect manicure nail designs for medium-length finger nails with rounded edges, the royal lilac design is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and glamour. This design makes your nail and fingers appear longer, and results in a stunning visual effect. To achieve the effect, polish your nails with a lighter shade. Then when you are done, add tiny lilac-shade triangles at the very center of the cuticle. You may add a thin white border to these triangles to further accentuate them. The royal lilac brings the hint of class and elegance that suits virtually all sizes and shapes of nails.

Classic French Tips with a Twist

When it comes to ever-green manicure nail designs, the classic French Tips takes the crown. The basic design comprises of a pink base with a sliver-shaped white cuticle and white tips. You can add your own twist to the design by replacing the white tips with black or giving it the acrylic treatment by adding handwritten text and white splashes over the pink. This design is sure to stand-out at any occasion and is an all-around winner.

The Neon Paintbox

The neon paintbox is another excellent design, especially if you like bold manicure nail designs. This design is particularly well-suited to the summers and serves as a veritable fashion statement. To recreate the design, splash your nails with a thin pink sliver towards the tips. Towards the cuticles, remain a small moon-shaped negative space and in the middle, go with a shade of neon. The resulting effect is quite stunning and is sure to turn many heads when you wear it to a party or any other event.

Green Delight

Green delight is one of the most versatile nail designs. It basically comprises of adding a light-shaded base on the nails and topping it up with green plants or leaves. You can go with a dark or light shade of green depending on your preferences. If done right, the design really adds a breathe of freshness to your fingernails.

Acrylic nails are all the rage these days and understandably so. The huge range of acrylic options allow you to give your nails a custom polish and look that goes hand-in-hand with your personality and preferences. Acrylic nails are a great way to show off the shapeliness of your nails as well as to make a bold fashion statement. Let us show you some acrylic nail ideas.

acrylic nail ideas
acrylic nail ideas

When it comes to acrylic nail ideas, the list is virtually endless. This is simply because the acrylic look is perfect for all kinds of nail, whether they are long, short, squared or rounded. With the right acrylic materials and the right décor, acrylic nail ideas essentially turn your nails into a veritable piece of art.
Despite the endless options, we have shortlisted the top acrylic nail ideas below. They are meant to suit a wide range of nail types, shapes and sizes.

Pink Minimalism for Long Nails

If you have long nails and really want to add a dash of style using acrylic nail ideas, try your hands at a shade of pink that suits your taste. To complete the perfect acrylic finish, choose a glitter counterpart of the shade you have chosen and use it on one of the fingers. This will create a brilliant contrast and flash a perfect fashion statement.

A Dash of Beach Stone

If you looking for the perfect acrylic nail ideas for your long nails with a pointy, rounded finish, the beach stone effect will do the job perfectly. Beach stones are a thing of beauty and often reminiscent of a longing for the sea and the white sandy expanses of the beach. Touch up your nails with dusty shades of your choice, effectively giving them a beach-stone look. And to complete the art, add a stone-crack effect on one of the nails. We promise the look will turn many heads whether you use it on a party or a more formal event.

Acrylic French Tips

French tips with classic white ends have always been a symbol of elegance and class when it comes to manicure. It is time to put a modern acrylic twist to it. Use a dual-tone polish finish to achieve the perfect class white French tips. Top up one of the nails with a golden glitter which would stand in contrast to the opulence of the pink on the other nails. To further enhance the look, use gold-shaded crystals at the cuticle to accentuate the overall effect.

The Youthful Nude Pink

A shade of youthful nude pink and a contrast with white tips is a great look for long nails with a square finish. It has timelessly been used to show off the youth exuberance and elegance. You can further enhance this look by adding the touch of the acrylic. One of the great ways to do so is apply mini-art on top of this base look. You may, for instance, go with a handwritten text to go on one or two of the nails. Alternatively, you may also choose an icon or shape of your choice and apply it, in white, to the base pink of the nails. This will achieve a brilliant contrast, bringing timeless elegance and sophistication to the outlook of your nails.

Acrylic Nail Ideas Conclusion

Acrylic nail ideas are virtually endless and you will have to consider the length of your nails, their shape, finish and other preferences when choosing the right options. However, acrylic is all about experimenting with different options and daring to be different. So go with any of our stand-out ideas and you are sure to turn many heads.

Short nails, as compared to longer nails, offer a wide range of advantages. Not only are they far more practical in daily life and let you perform regular chores such as typing or doing the dishes with ease, they are also incredibly easier to care for and manicure. Let us present you our short nails manicure guide.

short nails manicure
short nails manicure

Following are some really cool and handy short nails manicure ideas. You can choose from them depending on your own taste and preferences.

Filing and shaping short nails

If you have short nails, a nail-file is your good friend. A quality nail-file can play a vital role when it comes to giving your short nails a really cool and elegant look. You may want to go with an even and rounded finish. This is because a rounded finish will blend in your short nails with the finger-line, making your fingers as well as the nail appear longer than they are and giving them a great look.

Handling the Cuticle

The cuticle is the tiny portion of skin that protrudes onto your nail surface at the bottom end. Professional short nails manicure usually involves removing the cuticle entirely but that’s not a good option as the cuticle is essential to your nail health. A far better way is to use a cuticle stick to slightly push back the cuticle towards the skin. This achieves the purpose of giving your short nails a cleaner and longer visual effect.

Moisturize the Nails

Keeping the skin and nails of your hands well-moisturized on a regular basis is essential to their health and looks. To do so, you may use a hand cream and couple it with quality cuticle oil. The cuticle oil is usually applied all around the edges of a nail and to the cuticles. Leave the cuticle oil on for some time so that it is sufficiently absorbed. Then gently wash your hands with warm water and dry them. Such a treatment on a regular basis is essential to quality short nails manicure.

The Right Nail Polish

A quality nail polish is another key aspect of short nails manicure. A great thing about short nails is that you have a wide range of nail polish options. If you looking to make your fingers and nails look sleek, go with a nude or pastel nail polish. This way, your nails will blend in with the fingers and give your hands an elegant outlook. If you want to accentuate the nails more, you may choose a darker shade. This will have the effect of highlighting your nails and make them appear longer. You can also choose multi-shade options, such as using a lighter shade towards the cuticle and a darker shade towards the front of the nails.
An important thing to remember is that you should always pre-apply a polish base on short nails before applying a nail polish. This will give your polish a more even, smooth and neat look.

Nail Art

Nail art is often a fashion statement as much as it’s a great way to enhance the beauty of your short nails. You can choose from various nail art options depending on your preferences. For instance, you can go with the light-dark ombre shading or you may choose a specific type of art such as flowers and stars. Alternatively, you can also choose to enhance your short nails with glitter color applied directly on to the polish base for a great effect. When it comes to nail art ideas, there is virtually no limit.

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Nail polish for short nails
Nail polish for short nails

Eyes may be the windows to a person’s soul but hands are considered one of the key components of a person’s beauty. Well-cared for hands add that touch of elegance and beauty which make a personality wholesome and complete. And while most women tend to go for longer nails, short nails can be made to look as beautiful and mesmerizing.

The Preliminaries

The great thing about short nails is that you can get quite creative when it comes to nail polish for short nails. The preliminary to it is, of course, that you should take good care of your hands and make sure that not only the skin of your hands is well-cared for but also that the nails are well-rounded and shaped right.
To do so, you may want to keep a good toolkit complete with the required hand-care items such as nail files and scissors. If you are going to keep short nails, a quality nail-file is a must-have handy tool. An important thing to note about filing nails is that you should keep the aesthetics of your fingers in view. The right shape for your nails would ideally blend in with the overall look of your fingers.

Nail Polish for Short Nails Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics of good hand-care, it is time to focus on the specifics. A good nail polish can really touch up your short nails and make them look great. Before you choose the right nail polish for short nails, you should consider applying a quality polish base. The base essentially serves as a smoothening agent, allowing you to apply the nail polish with a more even and perfect look. A matte polish base is often the preferable choice in most cases.

Once you have applied the polish base, let it dry for a few minutes. And now, it’s time for you to apply the shade of your choice. When it comes to short nails, the most aesthetically pleasing polish options are usually lighter ones. Try to pick a shade that is in line with the skin tone of your fingers or even lighter. This may sound odd but once you apply such a shade, you will see that it looks incredibly graceful on short nails and essentially blends in your nails with the finger line, giving your hands and fingers a more sleek and elegant look.

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On the other hand, if you are looking to accentuate your short nails and want to exclusively focus on them, you may go with a darker shade. A darker nail polish for short nails creates the visual effect of lengthening your nails and putting them in the spotlight.
An important thing to note here is that you should avoid chalk white nail polish if you have short nails. Although this color falls into the light shades category, it creates the illusion of further shortening your nails and may not suit them.
When choosing the right nail polish for short nails, you may also want to experiment with shading techniques. For instance, a slightly lighter shade towards the cuticle and a darker shade towards the ends of nails will tend to make your nails look longer. At the end of the day, it really depends on whether you want your short nails to blend in with your fingers or you want them to stand-out.