Best video on How to apply Eyeliner Perfectly at Home

Best video on How to apply Eyeliner Perfectly at Home

Eyeliner is one of the most important cosmetics and can give you a dramatic look without much time or effort. Whether you choose a soft line or a dramatic stroke, you can embellish the windows to your soul by spending just a few minutes in front of a mirror with an eyeliner pencil.
Must see this best video i have found on YouTube on how to apply eyeliner.


  • If you are using a pencil, sharpen it (see Warnings). Warm and soften the very tip of the pencil by heating it with a hot zap from a hair dryer. This will help it write smoother.
  • A liquid liner should be checked for clumps or excess.
  • Assemble your smudging pencil and/or brushes in a convenient spot.
  • Prepare a cake (powder) liner or a dark eye shadow by applying a small amount of water (usually one or two drops) to your brush. Move the wet brush gently through your cake liner or dark shadow, holding the brush or pencil as you would hold a pen.


  • Avoid sharing your eyeliner with others as this can transmit bacteria and infection from person to person. If you must share, swipe the tip with a bit of makeup remover or rubbing alcohol and rinse the liquid off. Also, replace eye makeup every 30-60 days to reduce the risk of infection.
  • Lining the inside of the lower lid may cause eye infections, and it greatly increases the risk of getting makeup in your eye.
  • When you sharpen an eyeliner pencil, don’t sharpen it too much and do not sharpen it to a point. If you do this, the tip of the pencil can crumble and get in your eye. Also, you might accidentally poke your eye.
  • Getting liquid eyeliner in your eye is quite painful. So be careful!That was all thing you should for how to apply eyeliner perfectly at home. So try it and make your eyes beautiful and sexy.

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