Dress Up for Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

Saint Patrick’s Day is a special day celebrated around the world. It is actually an Irish holiday but is marked by people across the globe. If you want to be a part of the holiday, then you need to dress up in style. Most people dress in green on this day, especially accessories such as hats and wigs. People also love celebrating by drinking beer, especially the Irish specialty, Guinness Stout beer. Therefore, find a hat to wear. You can wear a hat of any color but it should fit well.

If you have to wear a silly T-shirt with a funny slogan, you can spice it up a little by dressing up in a short shirt and lovely sandals, preferably strappy sandals. You can also sass up your outfit with amazing accessories such as a colorful scarf and a belt. An adorable face tattoo or a beautiful necklace will always feature nicely, especially if you have a party to attend. Looking nice is important and dressing in green on Saint Patrick’s Day is fun and shows you got the holiday spirit. However, try not to overdo it. Do not try too hard, like wearing 8 necklaces or something like that. Just have fun and dress to suit the occasion.

Saint Patrick's T-Shirt

You can also get into the holiday mood. Saint Patrick’s Day is more of a celebration of Irish culture and involves plenty of fun, dancing, parties, dressing up and sharing a great time with family and friends. Therefore, simply dress appropriately and get with the mood of the day. While some dress outrageously in green wigs, purple hats and so on, you can choose softer colors and a tee-shirt that is all about the occasion but take care not to be too extreme. It is advisable to join the crowds, enjoy the corned beef and the beer and simply have fun.

Kid Cudi Dressing Style

Kid Cudi is associated with the usual story of many American hip-hop artists who drop out of high school and join urbanites in search of fame and fortune. He is known for his unique style of fashion. Just after getting to New York City, it is said that he worked in a Japanese clothing company known as A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and American Apparel clothing company. Apparently, Kid Cudi’s dressing style is somewhat a mixture of American Apparel’s tidy look and BAPE’s randomness.

Kid CudiHis dressing style portrays him as a mature person, as opposed to his stage name. Usually, he is associated with wearing clothes from the retail clothing companies where he worked in his early years in New York City. Also, he is known to favor designs from classics such as G-Shock by Casio and Nike. It is also his norm to wear classic eyeglasses that have plastic rims. His taste in eyeglasses ranges from the Elvis Costello style to those worn by secretaries in the 70s. You may spot him wearing khakis and a simple grey t-shirt and contrasting that with a heavy gold chain and oversize high-tops labeled Air Jordan. This may be a look that may only be pulled off by Kid Cudi and look good on him.

Kid Cudi has proven time and time again that it is possible to mix and match and still look good. Therefore, people should be free to try out new looks rather than getting tied up to the dressing related to their tradition, culture or society. For example, a mainstream artist may try and dress partly as an underground rock artist. Just as Kid Cudi has been able to show, eyeglasses can be a great accessory. Whichever ones that you may choose, trendy or classic, you may contrast them with your clothing. Big plastic sunglasses can also be good providers of shade from the sun.

Germany’s Shocker Uniforms for Sochi Olympics

Sochi 2014 winter Olympics will be held in Russia. It will be the 22nd winter Olympics to be held in the world. Some of the selected sporting activities that include; snowboard, skating and skiing begun a day before the Olympics officially begun. Nonetheless, the host country Russia is under criticism and condemnation for adopting strict gay laws. Germany is among such countries and is believed to have utilized bright colors in their Olympic uniforms.

sochi germany uniforms

Russia has embraced strict anti-gay agenda for a few months. There has been an international outrage as Germany prepares to host the winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. Most participating athletes have been looking for ways to protest the Russia anti-gay laws without having to boycott the Olympics. Germany is believed to have found the perfect rebuttal.

Their Olympic uniform features a colorful rainbow jacket and trousers. This multicolored gear has been seen as a direct refusal of the Russian gay laws. However, the German Olympic committee has claimed that the uniforms were designed even before the anti-gay laws were accepted in Russia. The designer, Willy Bogner says that the Munich Summer Olympics held in 1972 inspired his bright uniforms. He also added that the materials and colors used were tailored to meet the Sochi conditions.

Germany’s rainbow Olympics uniforms feature a greater resonance considering the fact that Russia passed the anti-gay laws recently. The laws give police officers every right to arrest foreign visitors and tourists they suspect could be pro-gay, lesbian or homosexual. Though the uniforms were not designed with a pro-gay theme in mind, most participating athletes and fans draw great support from the colorful uniforms. Sochi Olympics will remain memorable not only to Germany, but the whole Africa. Germany is among such countries and is believed to have utilized bright colors in their Olympic uniforms. However, we all have a right to express our genuine feelings towards things. Will Russia arrest the Germany’s Olympic team because of their pro-gay jackets?

Top 5 Designers of the Coming 2014

Staying educated about what is going on in the fashion world is a task that many people struggle with. In fact, it is very common for people to simply decide that they are unable to devote the time or effort to think about the trends that exist within the fashion world. When you do this, it is very likely that you would subjecting yourself to wearing old and outdated clothing that is no longer in style. The power of a great impression may not be something that you are mindful of when you meet an important friend, a potential partner or anyone that you care about having in your life for an extended period of time. However, they will long remember the way that you looked on the day that they first set eyes on you. The best way for you to make a great impression would be to learn about 5 Designers You Need to Watch in 2014.

top 5 designers 2014

We suggest you to watch the following 5 designers if you want to have the security of knowing that you are in style when an important meeting comes about and you want to secure a position of comfort with someone that you care about. Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne from Public School, David Koma at Thierry Mugler, Alexa Chung, Marc Jacobs and Nicolas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton would be the designers that you want to take note of this year. Adding these designers to your collection of clothing would put you in the fashion know. Do not risk allowing your wardrobe to fall behind what is going on in the fashion world. Instead, you can simply invest the time needed to see what these designers have that would fit with your personal taste. Don’t be afraid to expand and try something new in the new year from these amazing designers.

Top Spring Summer Fashion Trends for 2014


Women feel affection for being attractive at all the time. Youngsters today listen to changes in the fashion industry comprehensively. They like to succeed in today’s fashionable issues completely.  The latest designs of everything attract people of all age group without doubt. However, it is vital to identify the most wonderful fashion trends from time to time. This is because of frequent changes in stylish issues routinely. It is time to be a sign of the most astonishing season’s trends memorably. Many shops online geared up to please customers with any expectation on garments. These shops have micro-trends increasingly. Thus, young people can make their expectations on a trendy look into reality.


Many residents of the USA and UK now listen to nature in depth. They like to reveal the best ways to save nature through their trends in garments. Countless designs of skits, jeans and shoes are available to make upcoming spring and summer seasons favorable.  Professionals in today’s fashion industry have some unique ideas that keep them celebrity in the fashion world. Mod world is the best trend that bears a resemblance to 1960s. Simple designs and catchy shapes of this model focus on two different colorful themes. Thus, women can look as elegant as possible. Different types of jewelry items are available now to enhance this trend.   Many fashion houses now rushed off your feet because of increasing arrival of the most wonderful designs that look contemporary on the whole.


Teenagers feel happiness to be dressed in feminine garments that enhance their gorgeousness. They can prefer white color in their dresses so as to realize their hope easily. Different shades of blue color get attraction immediately. This is because of a vibrant nature. On the other hand, women have to select pastel baby blue or electric deeper shape according to their physical look.  Nobody likes to prefer usual issues in their trends for any reason. It is the right time to select an exceptional design of dress in black color.  The most imperative cause for why many women decide on new black color in their garments is to look exclusive as awaited. Young women like floral print in their dresses. The spring summer collections of 2014 now include dresses with floral print attractively.


Even though many trends copied in detail, people can make their trends unique when they use the latest technology. For instance, 3D applications are very useful to enhance dresses with floral print inimitably. Flowers in dresses look real flowers as a consequence of an extraordinary hand painted pattern with a combination of 3D application.  The best combination of tribal prints and present-day designs give the best elements of breathtaking look.  Many people prefer traditional dresses of African tribes. They combine traditional issues in their fashion to reveal the art of nature as beautiful as possible. Some teenagers love to dress in precious metals like platinum and gold. They can feel happiness to have a preference on dresses that use a high-quality portion of catchy elements that look like precious metals.

How to Dress like Justin Bieber 2013?

Justin Drew Bieber is a Canadian pop musician, actor, and singer-songwriter.He was discovered byAmerican Talent Manager Scooter Braun in 2008 while watching video of Justin Bieber singing Song which was uploaded by his mom on Youtube. And now its 2013 and y’all know who is Justin Bieber? Girls are crazy about Justin Bieber and want him or boyfriend who looks like him. So if your girl like Justin Bieber and to make sure she like you also check out this article to dress like Justin Bieber.

How to Dress Up for Presentation/ Business Meeting

If you are going to give presentation for the first time and you do not know how to dress up for presentation then you must read all the tips on How to Dress up for Presentation/ Business Meeting?

If you have prepared well for presentation, note down all the points and thins your are going to speak in your presentation but if your are not properly dressed up then whole efforts that you have done for presentation will be lost.

Your clothes communicate identity, personality, and image. Attire is the first thing your audience will see during your presentation. They will be more open to your message if you carry yourself with confidence. And you’ll feel more certain of yourself if you’re dressed in appropriate yet comfortable clothing.

Latest Summer Wear for Sikh wearing Turban 2013

Punjabi’s are always known for their royality in every aspect of life starting from their food to their personalities. In earlier times, you will never see a Punjabi boy without turban because it is turban which gives them a place above all. But with turban , what you wear will decide your whole look. The idea of writing this article on summer wear for sikh wearing turban came into my mind when Harmeet Singh(my batchmate) asked me to give some suggestion to improve his look and guess what he really liked my suggestions.
I was very happy at that time and thought of writing an article to share my views with all the Punjabi Sikh boys out there wearing turbans to give them suggestions what should Punjabi Sikh boys wear this summer. As summer has came so its time to give upon jackets and all warm clothes and should start wearing some great tees and polos , shirts with jeans and other various type of pants like chinos etc.

What Should I Wear for College?

As Next Month Board Exam of class 12th is going to start, All guys and girls would be very much busy in preparing for them as they have to get good marks and want to get selected into good engineering colleges or medical colleges etc. After giving exams first thing that will get them into shock is result and another thing is that after getting good  marks and admission in good reputed college then WHAT SHOULD I WEAR  FOR COLLEGE. To solve this question Inkcloth.com has come with great article on What should I Wear For College . Probably I think your are going to college for first time if you reading this article.

I.C(Inkcloth) TIP- Just Wear What you like Don’t care about others. This thing will help you living a good college life. I am in college and have experienced this thing. 😀

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When you go to college, What is the first thing you find there? You might think answer is the Classroom but You are wrong. First thing we look in college is Great Career Opportunity a.k.a GIRLFRIEND. Good Looks and Great Sense of Humor will definitely help you getting your girl. I can help you on How to look good but You have to deal with sense of humor thing yourself. So check out College Wear For Boys.

What Should I Wear For College


What Should I Wear For College

These kind Chinos(pants) are very much in now a days. Grab some vibrant color shirts and colored loafers and you all set to get laid that day. 😀

What Should I Wear For College


You can buy these all amazing outfits at Myntra.com. I have personally bought a lot of things from them. They deliver things fast and no complaints regarding products. So try purchasing from Myntra.com. Hope you will ind something for yourself here. Later on I will also post some more articles regarding What should i wear for college so STAY TUNED. 😀




Latest Formal Shoes for Men with Price 2013

As I was writing articles for my blog, fans on Facebook started asking me that Jass why you always write most about girl things. So I politely replied that they need some extra guidance as they are more choosy and demanding than guys :P.  Anyways, So on special demand I am going to write article for boys on Latest styles formal shoes for men with price as most of girls judge What kind of shoes a boy is wearing. If shoes are stylish, nice and tidy, then there is more chance of getting love.

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