The luxury watch brands industry has been undergoing tremendous changes and innovation since its inception. The current change in technology has prompted many watch companies to follow suit and adopt certain changes to ensure their products and brands are accepted in the market.

Despite the fact that many people don’t use watches nowadays, there are a substantial number who have a sense of fashion for a watch as they are considered to be a reflection of a person’s style.

Finding the perfect watch therefore, is a priority to any person with taste and style.

There are hot luxury watch brands of 2017 which include the following:

Audemars Piguet Luxury Watch Brand

This is the best watch brand in 2017 which is stylish and luxurious with its origin in the Switzerland. It comes with a number of features which makes this watch outstanding from the rest of the brands.

The watch was founded by childhood friends Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet. The brand has been a success globally and many people prefer this brand due to its stylish look and features it possess.

Ulysee Nardin

This is another brand originating from Switzerland. It is among the most famous watch brands where it was initiated in the year 1846 by Ulysse Nardin and has undergone major changes to date.

This luxurious watch brand comes with an excellent marine chronometer and is designed with a technical makeover which makes it trendy and a hot luxurious watch brand of 2017.


This is a truly unique and luxurious watch in 2017 which features gray magnetite dials with an opaline finish. The brand is designed with the dual-wing concept consisting of two distinct mechanisms supplying energy to the complication and the movement.

The watch brand comes with exquisite face and beautiful sparkling jewels and reversible cases which makes it luxurious and elegant.

Piaget SA Luxurious Watch Brand

The new and luxurious 2017 edition of Piaget SA brand has been rolled out where it is built with the best technology and comes with unique and exceptional features.

This ultra-thin watch brand has been ranked as one of the luxurious watch brands of 2017 by The Luxury Institute.

It is famous for intricate movements including Retrograde Movements, Tourbillon skeleton movements, self-winding movements and Ultra-thin movements power which makes them unique and luxurious.

The watch brand is made from high-quality precious stones and diamonds which makes it outstanding and exceptional.

Breitling Luxurious Watch Brand

This luxury watch brand was founded in 1884 and best suits divers because it is designed with the automatic winding mechanism.

This brand has an excellent durability and precision and has features which are inspired by fighter pilots.

Other features of the brand include radio transmitters and circular slide which makes it reliable and highly favored by fighter pilots.

Cartier Luxury Watch Brand

This is no doubt a hot luxury watch brand of 2017 being the most iconic watch globally. It is most synonymous with celebrities due to its classic distinction and elegant look.

The company uses high-end state-of-the-art materials featuring Roman numerals which make this brand unique, distinguished and outstanding from the rest.

Latest Formal Watches for Women 2013

A watch is something that everyone needs, irrespective of gender or age. Apart from the basic function of telling time, it is also an important accessory. When it comes to luxury items, a watch is an essential.A watch can bring the perfect finish to an outfit. Especially on formal occasions, a watch is something that can compliment your style, and make you look elegant, and sophisticated.Different kind of formal watches for women are there that you can choose to wear on formal occasions. With so many brands and styles available, it is easy to find one that suits your taste and the occasion.Formal occasions require watches that look sophisticated and graceful.

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