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A person’s face and hands often determine the beauty, personality and the overall grooming. Hands, like face, needs extensive caring and diligent maintenance in order to carry that elegant and beautiful look which nearly all of us seek.

Manicure idea
Manicure idea

Manicure Ideas

Manicure includes a wide range of activities meant to enhance the looks of your hands and fingernails. These may include proper filing, shaping, finishing, polishing and moisturizing among other activities. The right manicure ideas can help you perk up your nails to make them look as brilliant and beautiful as you want them to be.

Shaping your nails right

The shape and finish of your nails is very important when it comes to giving them the right look. The right shape will depend on the length of the nails. For instance, if you have short nails, a great choice would be to keep them even and rounded, leaving no edges. This will blend the nails with the finger-line and give your hands a more elegant look.
On the other hand, if you have long nails, you have the option of choosing from pointed, rounded and squared finishes. If you looking to achieve a visual impact that will make your fingers and nails look longer, a pointed finish will do perfectly. If you want to focus more on the nails, a squared or rounded finish will do the trick well. Each nail shape has its own set of manicure ideas which best accentuate its outlook.

Try the classic French Tips

Classic French tips have been in vogue since forever and are expected to stay so. This is simply because they bring a dash of color and elegance to your nails. The classic version of this style involves using a shade of pink on the nails and then using glossy white along the tips. You can experiment with the classic version and create a version of your own, for instance, accentuate the cuticles with the white you use along the tips. You may altogether replace the white with a darker shade such as black to highlight the shapeliness of the nails.

Stripes for Short Nails

If you are looking for the perfect manicure ideas for short nails, vertical stripes are one of them. Most of the manicure ideas related to short nails are meant to accentuate their shapeliness while giving them the visual effect of being longer than they are. Vertical stripes achieve this effect perfectly. You can use the effect by using a darker base shade and then applying a vertical line down the middle of the nail, preferably of a lighter shade or the glitter counterpart of the darker shade.

Experiment with Gradients

Another excellent way to enhance the look as well as the length of your nails is to experiment with gradients. Gradients typically involve using a lighter polish shade towards the cuticle and complimenting it with a darker shade towards the tips. This creates a contrast as well as the visual effect of making your nails appear longer. You can further apply various acrylic ideas together with the gradients. For instance, you can use studs of a contrasting color on one or two of the nails to complete the perfect acrylic look. Alternatively, you can also go with a glitter counterpart on some of the nails to make a bold fashion statement.

The right manicure treatment takes great care of your nails while also making them look great at the same time. The magic of this latter part comes from the wide and wild range of manicure nail designs with which you can experiment. Think of your nails as the canvas on which you can recreate virtually any design that takes your fancy.

Manicure nail designs
Manicure nail designs

Manicure nail designs

If you’re short on ideas, let us help with this brief list of some of the coolest manicure nail designs. We hope that you will find one that perfectly goes with your nails and taste.

Ocean Sunset

This is one of the coolest nail designs out there. And not only does it look exceptionally awesome on your nails, it is also incredibly easy to recreate. As the name suggests, this design creates the visual effect of ocean sunset on your nails. To achieve the effect, use a shade of white all the way from the cuticles to the middle of your nails. Then let it blend into a pink blush that extends all the way to the tips. The two shades should perfectly blend into each other around the middle of your nail so that there is no clear demarcation. And voila, you have a beautiful ocean sunset at hand.

Royal Lilac Elegance

If you are looking for perfect manicure nail designs for medium-length finger nails with rounded edges, the royal lilac design is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and glamour. This design makes your nail and fingers appear longer, and results in a stunning visual effect. To achieve the effect, polish your nails with a lighter shade. Then when you are done, add tiny lilac-shade triangles at the very center of the cuticle. You may add a thin white border to these triangles to further accentuate them. The royal lilac brings the hint of class and elegance that suits virtually all sizes and shapes of nails.

Classic French Tips with a Twist

When it comes to ever-green manicure nail designs, the classic French Tips takes the crown. The basic design comprises of a pink base with a sliver-shaped white cuticle and white tips. You can add your own twist to the design by replacing the white tips with black or giving it the acrylic treatment by adding handwritten text and white splashes over the pink. This design is sure to stand-out at any occasion and is an all-around winner.

The Neon Paintbox

The neon paintbox is another excellent design, especially if you like bold manicure nail designs. This design is particularly well-suited to the summers and serves as a veritable fashion statement. To recreate the design, splash your nails with a thin pink sliver towards the tips. Towards the cuticles, remain a small moon-shaped negative space and in the middle, go with a shade of neon. The resulting effect is quite stunning and is sure to turn many heads when you wear it to a party or any other event.

Green Delight

Green delight is one of the most versatile nail designs. It basically comprises of adding a light-shaded base on the nails and topping it up with green plants or leaves. You can go with a dark or light shade of green depending on your preferences. If done right, the design really adds a breathe of freshness to your fingernails.

Acrylic nails are all the rage these days and understandably so. The huge range of acrylic options allow you to give your nails a custom polish and look that goes hand-in-hand with your personality and preferences. Acrylic nails are a great way to show off the shapeliness of your nails as well as to make a bold fashion statement. Let us show you some acrylic nail ideas.

acrylic nail ideas
acrylic nail ideas

When it comes to acrylic nail ideas, the list is virtually endless. This is simply because the acrylic look is perfect for all kinds of nail, whether they are long, short, squared or rounded. With the right acrylic materials and the right décor, acrylic nail ideas essentially turn your nails into a veritable piece of art.
Despite the endless options, we have shortlisted the top acrylic nail ideas below. They are meant to suit a wide range of nail types, shapes and sizes.

Pink Minimalism for Long Nails

If you have long nails and really want to add a dash of style using acrylic nail ideas, try your hands at a shade of pink that suits your taste. To complete the perfect acrylic finish, choose a glitter counterpart of the shade you have chosen and use it on one of the fingers. This will create a brilliant contrast and flash a perfect fashion statement.

A Dash of Beach Stone

If you looking for the perfect acrylic nail ideas for your long nails with a pointy, rounded finish, the beach stone effect will do the job perfectly. Beach stones are a thing of beauty and often reminiscent of a longing for the sea and the white sandy expanses of the beach. Touch up your nails with dusty shades of your choice, effectively giving them a beach-stone look. And to complete the art, add a stone-crack effect on one of the nails. We promise the look will turn many heads whether you use it on a party or a more formal event.

Acrylic French Tips

French tips with classic white ends have always been a symbol of elegance and class when it comes to manicure. It is time to put a modern acrylic twist to it. Use a dual-tone polish finish to achieve the perfect class white French tips. Top up one of the nails with a golden glitter which would stand in contrast to the opulence of the pink on the other nails. To further enhance the look, use gold-shaded crystals at the cuticle to accentuate the overall effect.

The Youthful Nude Pink

A shade of youthful nude pink and a contrast with white tips is a great look for long nails with a square finish. It has timelessly been used to show off the youth exuberance and elegance. You can further enhance this look by adding the touch of the acrylic. One of the great ways to do so is apply mini-art on top of this base look. You may, for instance, go with a handwritten text to go on one or two of the nails. Alternatively, you may also choose an icon or shape of your choice and apply it, in white, to the base pink of the nails. This will achieve a brilliant contrast, bringing timeless elegance and sophistication to the outlook of your nails.

Acrylic Nail Ideas Conclusion

Acrylic nail ideas are virtually endless and you will have to consider the length of your nails, their shape, finish and other preferences when choosing the right options. However, acrylic is all about experimenting with different options and daring to be different. So go with any of our stand-out ideas and you are sure to turn many heads.

Short nails, as compared to longer nails, offer a wide range of advantages. Not only are they far more practical in daily life and let you perform regular chores such as typing or doing the dishes with ease, they are also incredibly easier to care for and manicure. Let us present you our short nails manicure guide.

short nails manicure
short nails manicure

Following are some really cool and handy short nails manicure ideas. You can choose from them depending on your own taste and preferences.

Filing and shaping short nails

If you have short nails, a nail-file is your good friend. A quality nail-file can play a vital role when it comes to giving your short nails a really cool and elegant look. You may want to go with an even and rounded finish. This is because a rounded finish will blend in your short nails with the finger-line, making your fingers as well as the nail appear longer than they are and giving them a great look.

Handling the Cuticle

The cuticle is the tiny portion of skin that protrudes onto your nail surface at the bottom end. Professional short nails manicure usually involves removing the cuticle entirely but that’s not a good option as the cuticle is essential to your nail health. A far better way is to use a cuticle stick to slightly push back the cuticle towards the skin. This achieves the purpose of giving your short nails a cleaner and longer visual effect.

Moisturize the Nails

Keeping the skin and nails of your hands well-moisturized on a regular basis is essential to their health and looks. To do so, you may use a hand cream and couple it with quality cuticle oil. The cuticle oil is usually applied all around the edges of a nail and to the cuticles. Leave the cuticle oil on for some time so that it is sufficiently absorbed. Then gently wash your hands with warm water and dry them. Such a treatment on a regular basis is essential to quality short nails manicure.

The Right Nail Polish

A quality nail polish is another key aspect of short nails manicure. A great thing about short nails is that you have a wide range of nail polish options. If you looking to make your fingers and nails look sleek, go with a nude or pastel nail polish. This way, your nails will blend in with the fingers and give your hands an elegant outlook. If you want to accentuate the nails more, you may choose a darker shade. This will have the effect of highlighting your nails and make them appear longer. You can also choose multi-shade options, such as using a lighter shade towards the cuticle and a darker shade towards the front of the nails.
An important thing to remember is that you should always pre-apply a polish base on short nails before applying a nail polish. This will give your polish a more even, smooth and neat look.

Nail Art

Nail art is often a fashion statement as much as it’s a great way to enhance the beauty of your short nails. You can choose from various nail art options depending on your preferences. For instance, you can go with the light-dark ombre shading or you may choose a specific type of art such as flowers and stars. Alternatively, you can also choose to enhance your short nails with glitter color applied directly on to the polish base for a great effect. When it comes to nail art ideas, there is virtually no limit.

Welcome to our post: Nail polish for short nails, The Guide You Must Read.

Nail polish for short nails
Nail polish for short nails

Eyes may be the windows to a person’s soul but hands are considered one of the key components of a person’s beauty. Well-cared for hands add that touch of elegance and beauty which make a personality wholesome and complete. And while most women tend to go for longer nails, short nails can be made to look as beautiful and mesmerizing.

The Preliminaries

The great thing about short nails is that you can get quite creative when it comes to nail polish for short nails. The preliminary to it is, of course, that you should take good care of your hands and make sure that not only the skin of your hands is well-cared for but also that the nails are well-rounded and shaped right.
To do so, you may want to keep a good toolkit complete with the required hand-care items such as nail files and scissors. If you are going to keep short nails, a quality nail-file is a must-have handy tool. An important thing to note about filing nails is that you should keep the aesthetics of your fingers in view. The right shape for your nails would ideally blend in with the overall look of your fingers.

Nail Polish for Short Nails Ideas

Now that we’ve covered the basics of good hand-care, it is time to focus on the specifics. A good nail polish can really touch up your short nails and make them look great. Before you choose the right nail polish for short nails, you should consider applying a quality polish base. The base essentially serves as a smoothening agent, allowing you to apply the nail polish with a more even and perfect look. A matte polish base is often the preferable choice in most cases.

Once you have applied the polish base, let it dry for a few minutes. And now, it’s time for you to apply the shade of your choice. When it comes to short nails, the most aesthetically pleasing polish options are usually lighter ones. Try to pick a shade that is in line with the skin tone of your fingers or even lighter. This may sound odd but once you apply such a shade, you will see that it looks incredibly graceful on short nails and essentially blends in your nails with the finger line, giving your hands and fingers a more sleek and elegant look.

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On the other hand, if you are looking to accentuate your short nails and want to exclusively focus on them, you may go with a darker shade. A darker nail polish for short nails creates the visual effect of lengthening your nails and putting them in the spotlight.
An important thing to note here is that you should avoid chalk white nail polish if you have short nails. Although this color falls into the light shades category, it creates the illusion of further shortening your nails and may not suit them.
When choosing the right nail polish for short nails, you may also want to experiment with shading techniques. For instance, a slightly lighter shade towards the cuticle and a darker shade towards the ends of nails will tend to make your nails look longer. At the end of the day, it really depends on whether you want your short nails to blend in with your fingers or you want them to stand-out.

How to choose the best branded watch for girl, tips you must know

Today, a watch is much more than a device that we use to tell the time. It is a fashion item, an accessory and a piece of jewelry too. This is especially so for girls. A girl’s watch often complements her outfit in a positive way. As such, it is important to be careful when buying a branded watch for girl as a gift or a reward. Here are some guidelines that you can follow so as to pick the perfect watch for her.

watch for girl
watch for girl

Match the watch to the setting where she will wear it

This is the fundamental rule when buying a girl’s watch. It should fit in the environment that she is going to wear it. For example, if you intend to buy a watch that she can wear while exercising or playing sports, then you can invest in a sports watch. It should have a rubber band and a case made of strong plastic. In addition to that, its most appealing quality should be functionality. As such, the watch should have features such as a stopwatch, GPS and a timer.

The best branded watch for girl

If she is going to wear the watch in a dress party or formal event, then you should get one that is attractive. This type of watch can have some gemstones in it and a metal band too. It could also have a fine leather strap. On the other hand, if she is going to wear the watch in simple, casual settings, then you should get one that has a large, easy to read face. The strap should be made of a comfortable material and have a neutral color such as black or brown.

Ensure that the watch matches her physical characteristics

A watch should always look good on the wearer. This is especially important if the wearer is a girl. This is because in most cases, the look of the watch matters much less than how much she can use it. If the girl has light or fair skin, a white watch matches her skin tone the best. However, if she has dark skin, then a black watch with bold features is the best bet. Metallic colors such as silver and gold are subtle and complement a wide variety of skin tones, fashion choices and physical appearances.

Let it be proportional to her overall physical appearance

When buying a watch for a girl, it should not be too large or too small. How can you get it right? If she is tall, the watch should have a large case and wider bands on it. However, if she is petite, then the watch can have a smaller watch case and thinner band.

Get one with interchangeable bands

While the watch case is highly important, the bands are the make or break feature of a watch. To get the right ones for a girl, search for a watch that has interchangeable bands. There are many brands which offer ladies’ watches which have bands which she can change up to fit with a specific outfit for an occasion. For example, she can attach a leather band so as to look formal while a metal band is fit for a dressier look.


A watch is a great gift to give a girl. It is functional while still being an accessory or fashion item. The tips above can help you to pick the right branded watch for girl.

For thousands of years, we have decorated our bodies so as to improve our beauty. Archaeologists have discovered old Egyptian mummies with evidence of painted nails and make-up. Ladies all over the world love decoration. We enjoy applying nail polish on our fingers and toes whenever possible. Seeing as it is a creative activity, there is no shortage of ideas. Here are some interesting nail polish ideas that can help you to look fabulous.

Nail polish ideas

Fish-scale look

Do you want to give your nails a fish-scale look that will impress everyone who looks at them? It is very easy to do this. Simply apply an even base coat on your nails. After it is dry, proceed to cover your nails with one layer of loofah netting. Wrap it around your nails and then paint right over it in a different color. When you are done, carefully remove the loofah and let the nail polish dry. This will leave them looking like your very own fish-scales.

Curved, white line along your cuticle

This is one of the most elegant nail polish ideas. You can begin by applying a white base coat on your nails. Once it is dry, proceed to draw a black curved line along your cuticle and one of the sides on your nails. After that, proceed to apply black nail polish upon the upper area of your nails leading up to the black line. Upon drying, apply a clear top coat. This will create a beautiful black and white contrasting combination where there is a decorating white color along the cuticle.

Home-made matte polish

Do you want some matte nail polish in a hurry? Now, you can make your own at home. All that you need is eye shadow and clear top coat. Pick up a small amount of your eye shadow and place it on a holding surface such as a painting palette. After that, pour some of your top coat on it and then mix it all up with a toothpick or some other item that you can hold easily. Keep at it until you create a paste that you can apply on your nails. With this simple trick, you can create some matte nail polish at home to use in applying your favorite nail polish ideas.

Polka dots

This is a nail polish style that has been elegant and stylish for many years. Polka dots look amazing in a black and white combination or gold and black. To apply the best polka dots, simply use the pointed ends of the bobby pin to dab them on your nails. It is an efficient way to create some amazing dots. To make a cool nail polish design, you can apply the dots along the edge of your nails in different colors.

Apply polish on one side of your nails

Do you want a dual-tone design on your nails? You can achieve it by using some scotch tape. Simply cut a short piece and stick it on your nails in a straight, horizontal or diagonal way. After that, apply some nail polish of your choice on the exposed side of your nails. Apply a base coat and top coat to ensure a good finish. After the nails are dry, proceed to remove the scotch tape and see the startling, decorative contrast.


The nail polish designs which you can apply upon your nails are virtually endless. Decorating your nails is a fun activity to engage in. Some of the most creative nail polish ideas are indicated above. You can apply them in any season to spice up your manicure.

Here are some hot manicure nail ideas for you and your friends!

Do you want to look attractive and classy for the season, an event or a show? One of the best ways to do this is by having an appropriate manicure. By cutting your nails in a specific way and decorating them accordingly, you can attract the right sort of attention and fit in your scene. There are many manicure nail ideas available today. They are applied on your nails in different ways and each one has its own unique appearance. Here is more about these ideas and how to get them on your nails.

manicure nail ideas
manicure nail ideas

Some manicure nail ideas

Hawaiian Flowers

Everyone loves the great weather and flora in Hawaii. With this nail art idea, you can bring both to your nails through the Hawaiian Flowers. To draw it, begin with a teal base coat. After that, draw on some flowers on the vertical edges of your nails. Let half the flower lie on your nail with the black-tipped petals drawn flat. The white flowers contrast with the teal base coat to give a summer, holiday vybe to your manicure.

Cutest Cacti

This is one of the manicure nail ideas that captures the desert flora perfectly and applies it on your nails. How are the Cutest Cacti drawn on your nails during a manicure? Simply begin with a white base coat. After that, you can draw the cacti upon your nails using a green shade and a thin-tipped brush. Make sure to draw some red flowers on the tips of the cacti branches for a realistic effect. Cutest Cacti is a great nail idea for the summer.

Ocean Sunset

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a golden sunset. Now you can have it on your nails with the Ocean Sunset manicure idea. It brings out a perfect combination of the ocean and the sun on your nails. To get it, begin with an ocean-blue base coat. After that, apply vibrant orange polish on your nails from their tips towards your cuticles. Make sure the orange fades out halfway down your nails. In this way, it seems as though the sun is setting on the tips of your manicure. It is one of the top manicure nail ideas for the summer.

Sparkling Stripes

This is another one of the ideal manicure nail ideas which is perfect for the sunny season. Shimmery in nature, the Sparkling Stripes capture attention and indicate a playful side to you. To get this nail art done, you can begin by applying a nude color base coat. After that, use clear, glittery polish to draw straight lines from your cuticles towards the tips of your nails. This creates a unique, eye-catching manicure.

Lilac Triangles

Both professional and casual, this nail art idea is a versatile one for the modern lady. The Lilac Triangles present an eye-catching design. To get it, begin with a lilac base coat on your nails. After that, proceed to draw small triangles emerging from your cuticles with their sharp tip facing the front of your finger nails. Let the triangles be a deep purple color. In addition to that, draw a white outline on them too. This makes them stand out and decorate your manicure in a royal way.


It is very important to ensure that your hands look presentable at all times. One of the ways to do this is to have an attractive manicure. The manicure nail ideas indicated above can help you to do this. They are ideal for ladies of all ages and are currently in season.

Discover the techniques used for performing nail art freehand today!

There are many types of art that can be performed on the body. Examples of these are piercings, tattoos, body paint and nail art. Out of these, the most dynamic channel of creativity is nail art. It is a way to enhance and decorate the nails by painting them in vivid designs. Nail art freehand can be done on the fingernails and toe nails too. It can be done using various types of paint for example gloss, vinyl and acrylic. Nail art has been practiced for centuries to beautify the fingers and toes.

nail art
nail art

Nail art freehand

The Chinese applied enamel on their fingernails to create a pinkish color on them. On the other hand, the Indians applied henna to add a brown or amber color to their nails. In modern times, this form of art is performed on the toes and fingernails after a manicure or pedicure. These are beauty treatments that work to trim, decorate and polish the nails. There various ways to perform nail art today for example nail art freehand. Here are more styles available for you.

Techniques for performing nail art

Painting with brushes

This the most common and traditional method of decorating the nails. In this method, brushes with synthetic bristles are used to apply color on the fingernails. By applying skill and technique, you can create a variety of patterns on fingernails using brushes. There are various types of brushes which can be used for decorating the nails. They include angled, line and flat brushes. By using the correct type of brush, you can create the required pattern. The brushes can be sold separately from the nail polish or be part of the lid that covers the bottle. Overall, painting with brushes is the most common way to perform nail art.

Stamping designs on the nails

This method has much in common with nail art freehand because it can be used to create complex designs on your nails. In stamping, the image which should be printed on the nails is covered with a thick layer of adhesive nail paints. It is located on an image plate. After that, a scraper is used to get rid of any elements on the plate which do not form part of the image that is to be printed on the nail. This leaves the image intact. A stamper is taken and rolled over the image. It picks up the adhesive nail paint that is to be printed on the nails. After that, the stamper is rolled over the nail and imprints the desired design upon it. In doing so, the nail is decorated.

Freehand nail art

Nail art freehand is a method of decorating the nails where they are painted freehand like one would do on a painting. This style can be used to create designs that are unique and have never been seen before. There are some freehand designs which are ideal for beginner nail artists and others which are for more experienced individuals. Freehand nail art is more complicated than simply stamping or using brushes on the nails. This is because it requires the use of specialized brushes, nail art pens, mixed color paints and high levels of skill. By using these tools and techniques, you can create very attractive freehand nail art designs. Nail art freehand gives you complete creative freedom.


Nail art is popular and is a great channel for creativity. The techniques above all help to create various types of nail art. Out of these, nail art freehand is the most effective in creating realistic, vivid designs.

What’s the best way to wear your maxi skirt? Now You Know

Maxi skirts have made a big comeback. They are loose-fitting, comfortable and will definitely look better on any woman. In addition, they are easy to mix and match with your favorite wardrobe garments. Most of all, they are less costly and come in variety of colors. However, you should be careful when choosing the fabric. Let’s look at a few tips on how to dress your maxi skirt in different occasions;

maxi skirt
maxi skirt

How to wear maxi skirts to work

When choosing the best skirt for work, you should stick to neutral colors preferably light-brown and beige colors. Avoid wearing skirts with distracting prints. To bring out a professional look, wear the skirt with a dark top and blazer. Short women should wear a light-tube skirt and then match with a crop blazer. To put emphasis on the waist, they should tuck-in the top and wear a belt. Similarly, tall women should match the skirt with a long blazer. It must be well-fitting to minimize their body volume. They should avoid wearing attention grabbing tops.

How to wear a maxi skirt in winter

The arrival of winter does not mean your wardrobe has to suffer. Choosing the right skirt and accessories will keep you warm in winter. When you make the wrong choice, it can be challenging to stay chic while keeping warm. It’s advisable that you choose long skirts that touch slightly above the ankle. They provide more warmth as opposed to shorter ones. If you choose a skirt that drags on the ground, you’ll end up getting muddy and wet. Another important factor to consider is the fabric. A wool-like fabric will provide more warmth. You can also consider pairing with some leggings or stockings to keep warm. If you want to look professional and trendy, you can wear a short warm skirt. Don’t make a mistake of putting on an oversized sweater to remain fashionable.

· Wear appropriate footwear

A short skirt will match with knee-high boots. To amp up the fashion level, pair the skirt with leather boots. If you have settled for long skirts, you should wear high-ankle shoes.

· Match with the right top

To keep the rest of the body warm, you can pair the skirt will a long-sleeved shirt or a cashmere sweater. Try a blazer or leather jacket to offset the bottom half. Consider other warm accessories like a scarf or a pair of suede gloves.

How to wear maxi in summer

Skirts form the perfect outfit for your summer vacation. They are easy to match with tops, blouses and other accessories. To complete your outfit, you must have the right shoes and handbag. If you have a medium size body, you can flaunt your abs with a simple top crop. In case you’re feeling less confident, you can go for high- waist skirt.

If you’re bottom heavy, try tops with wide shoulders. This will help to counterbalance your hips and thighs. You can also try some eye-catching jewelry to take the focus on the upper side of the body. The shoes you choose should match with your dress design. Majority of women prefer to wear double-slit saddles. Summer is a time for having fun. Don’t let your attire keep that from happening.

A maxi skirt is a timeless classic that never dates. No matter your height, you can wear the skirt and still look stunning. The secret is choosing the right fabric and matching it with the right top. Don’t forget to complement with the right shoes and accessories.