Chinese New Year 2014 Brings Color Red to the Wardrobe

Chinese New Year 2014 Brings Color Red to the Wardrobe

chinese new yearWith the Year of the Horse upon us in accordance to the Chinese New Year 2014, various fashion companies are preparing their designs in accordance to the powerful symbolism of the color behind the new year. As most cultural high holidays are featured in all walks of marketing, so too are many major fashion groups setting their sights on the Chinese New Year, which falls conveniently on the retail period between Christmas and Valentine’s Day.

One of the earliest traditions that many companies are looking into is proliferation of the color red. The practice of red envelopes is a traditional part of the Chinese New Year, where money is presented in the envelopes by married couples to their relatives and children. Slowly, western brands are beginning to embrace eastern aesthetic appeals, as red envelopes are slowly becoming more and more attractive, stylized to commemorate the importance of the color to the culture.

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The appearance of the Chinese New Year has slowly been shifting away from its previous black decorations and more towards red. This colour palette is further heralded by many fashion designer, as red slowly makes a comeback in a big way on the catwalk. Luxury retailers are beginning to fashion equine themed articles of jewelry to match the widespread utility of the color red. Various prestigious designers, from Hermes Gallop to Gucci’s linked bracelets, signs point to the Year of the Horse being a major inspiration for a wide variety of fashionable accessories and styles. Even Burberry and Ralph Lauren are slowly beginning to capitalize on the new stylistic opportunities as the lucky color red sets the high fashion scene. Customers can look through various stores to see the highlights of these new fashion trends. Bloomingdales in New York in particular is celebrating the new year with a wide variety of events and limited products.

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