Frenzied Twitter Reaction to Brett Favre’s Beard and Physique

Frenzied Twitter Reaction to Brett Favre’s Beard and Physique

Brett Favre is a former NFL quarterback who played for the Green Bay Packers but has been away from the league for a couple of years now. However, it is not possible to say this by just looking at him. This is because there is a photo of him that has just been uploaded onto the Internet. The photo shows a bearded 44 year old Brett Favre with a well muscled and toned body. The photo looks so good that most people who viewed it wondered whether it was a Photoshop job. Some people even joked that the ace was that of Brett but Photoshopped onto Tim Tebow’s body.

A copy of this photo was posted onto the social networking website Twitter. This photo was put on the CLEsportsFan10 page and the image attracted a lot of buzz. Some were impressed by his amazing physique while others simply made fun of him. However, majority of online comments on social media were largely positive with many expressing positive things about his great physique. A few others made fun of his beard.

Brett Favre's beard

Basically, it is difficult to picture any other former football player, especially from the NFL, capable of attracting such scrutiny and such an online reaction. In fact many people are wondering whether he is preparing to come back to the league, especially considering how great his physical condition is. Some claim he runs 4 to 5 miles every day, rides a bike about 40 miles each day and has arms resembling a blacksmith’s.

However, Brett seems quite content in retirement and there has not been any mention of his resumption to the league. People expect that he will shed his beard as soon as winter is over. Even then, most people believe that this is not the last time the public is being exposed to such a spectacle.

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