5 Tips for Creating Awesome Gel Nail Designs – The Must Read Tips

Gel polish is definitely a great invention. The beautiful glossy appearance it gives is hard to be replicate with regular nail enamel. The fact that gel nail designs are super durable is also another reason we love them so much. This being said having a professional apply gel coats on your fingers can often be pricey. If you want to consistently have beautiful nails you may have to start doing it yourself. You will find that getting that beautiful gel nail design is not as difficult as you thought. There are just a few simple rules you have to always follow to make sure that your manicure is a success.

How To Make Sure Your Gel Nail Designs Look Good And Last Long

1. Clean your Nails Properly

Before you apply anything on your nails make sure that all the polish you had prior to this application is gone. You don’t want any bumps on your manicure. Also if there are any residual patches of polish on your nails the gel polish will adhere to them and not on your nails. This will make the polish peel off.


*Clean your nails with a lint free acetone wipe to remove any residual polish on your nails


* Try to pick at any nail polish patches. You will ruin your nails doing this.

*Wet your nails. Make sure your nails are absolutely dry before you start on your next gel nail design.

2. Use High Quality Products

This is one area where quality is everything. Don’t opt for the cheapest brands. Buy a high quality professional brand that has good reviews. Low grade gel polish often does a lot of damage to the users’ nails. Even though they may be a bit price high quality products are your only real option here.


Use poor quality gel nail polish

3. Use Proper Application Techniques

Once your hands are completely dry apply some lotion around your nails. This will make sure that any run off will end up on the lotion and not on your skin.

After you apply your base coat, let it dry completely before applying the colored gel polish. This is a very important step, unlike regular enamel nail polish each gel layer has to completely dry before layering the next.

Before applying the color make sure you shake the gel polish bottle thoroughly so that all of the contents are evenly distributed. During application only use short thin strokes on your nails. Short and thin strokes are easier to manage since gel polish has a very thick consistency. Make sure to also cover the edges of your nails with the polish. This will prevent the polish from lifting.

Once your nail polish is dry you can also use regular nail polish to add sizzle to your gel nail designs. After you do so make sure you let it dry completely as well.


*Use thin and short layers

*Cap your nail’s edges with the nail polish


*Apply another coat before the last one is completely dry.

4. Use Your Top Coat Evenly

Make sure that all of the color gets coated with the top coat properly. This is what gives your gel manicure that glossy look. So any parts that don’t get the top coat will end up looking matted and dull. You can come up with a sequence to follow when coating your nails so that no bare spots are left behind.


Make sure that every part of your nail is coated with the finishing coat

5. Let your nails dry

This tiny detail could ruin all of your hard work. Don’t overcrowd your UV LED gel polish dryer. If it can handle only four fingers at a time just be patient don’t try to insert all of your hands in there! If you take your time it will definitely pay off and your fingers will be looking gorgeous before you know it.

These tips will take your DIY gel nail designs to the next level. With a little practice you will be getting professional level results in no time. But once in a while it’s a great idea to spoil yourself by having someone else do it for you so don’t burn the bridges to your manicurist just yet!

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