Germany’s Shocker Uniforms for Sochi Olympics

Germany’s Shocker Uniforms for Sochi Olympics

Sochi 2014 winter Olympics will be held in Russia. It will be the 22nd winter Olympics to be held in the world. Some of the selected sporting activities that include; snowboard, skating and skiing begun a day before the Olympics officially begun. Nonetheless, the host country Russia is under criticism and condemnation for adopting strict gay laws. Germany is among such countries and is believed to have utilized bright colors in their Olympic uniforms.

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Russia has embraced strict anti-gay agenda for a few months. There has been an international outrage as Germany prepares to host the winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. Most participating athletes have been looking for ways to protest the Russia anti-gay laws without having to boycott the Olympics. Germany is believed to have found the perfect rebuttal.

Their Olympic uniform features a colorful rainbow jacket and trousers. This multicolored gear has been seen as a direct refusal of the Russian gay laws. However, the German Olympic committee has claimed that the uniforms were designed even before the anti-gay laws were accepted in Russia. The designer, Willy Bogner says that the Munich Summer Olympics held in 1972 inspired his bright uniforms. He also added that the materials and colors used were tailored to meet the Sochi conditions.

Germany’s rainbow Olympics uniforms feature a greater resonance considering the fact that Russia passed the anti-gay laws recently. The laws give police officers every right to arrest foreign visitors and tourists they suspect could be pro-gay, lesbian or homosexual. Though the uniforms were not designed with a pro-gay theme in mind, most participating athletes and fans draw great support from the colorful uniforms. Sochi Olympics will remain memorable not only to Germany, but the whole Africa. Germany is among such countries and is believed to have utilized bright colors in their Olympic uniforms. However, we all have a right to express our genuine feelings towards things. Will Russia arrest the Germany’s Olympic team because of their pro-gay jackets?

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