Here are some hot manicure nail ideas for you and your friends!

Here are some hot manicure nail ideas for you and your friends!

Do you want to look attractive and classy for the season, an event or a show? One of the best ways to do this is by having an appropriate manicure. By cutting your nails in a specific way and decorating them accordingly, you can attract the right sort of attention and fit in your scene. There are many manicure nail ideas available today. They are applied on your nails in different ways and each one has its own unique appearance. Here is more about these ideas and how to get them on your nails.

manicure nail ideas
manicure nail ideas

Some manicure nail ideas

Hawaiian Flowers

Everyone loves the great weather and flora in Hawaii. With this nail art idea, you can bring both to your nails through the Hawaiian Flowers. To draw it, begin with a teal base coat. After that, draw on some flowers on the vertical edges of your nails. Let half the flower lie on your nail with the black-tipped petals drawn flat. The white flowers contrast with the teal base coat to give a summer, holiday vybe to your manicure.

Cutest Cacti

This is one of the manicure nail ideas that captures the desert flora perfectly and applies it on your nails. How are the Cutest Cacti drawn on your nails during a manicure? Simply begin with a white base coat. After that, you can draw the cacti upon your nails using a green shade and a thin-tipped brush. Make sure to draw some red flowers on the tips of the cacti branches for a realistic effect. Cutest Cacti is a great nail idea for the summer.

Ocean Sunset

One of the most beautiful things in the world is a golden sunset. Now you can have it on your nails with the Ocean Sunset manicure idea. It brings out a perfect combination of the ocean and the sun on your nails. To get it, begin with an ocean-blue base coat. After that, apply vibrant orange polish on your nails from their tips towards your cuticles. Make sure the orange fades out halfway down your nails. In this way, it seems as though the sun is setting on the tips of your manicure. It is one of the top manicure nail ideas for the summer.

Sparkling Stripes

This is another one of the ideal manicure nail ideas which is perfect for the sunny season. Shimmery in nature, the Sparkling Stripes capture attention and indicate a playful side to you. To get this nail art done, you can begin by applying a nude color base coat. After that, use clear, glittery polish to draw straight lines from your cuticles towards the tips of your nails. This creates a unique, eye-catching manicure.

Lilac Triangles

Both professional and casual, this nail art idea is a versatile one for the modern lady. The Lilac Triangles present an eye-catching design. To get it, begin with a lilac base coat on your nails. After that, proceed to draw small triangles emerging from your cuticles with their sharp tip facing the front of your finger nails. Let the triangles be a deep purple color. In addition to that, draw a white outline on them too. This makes them stand out and decorate your manicure in a royal way.


It is very important to ensure that your hands look presentable at all times. One of the ways to do this is to have an attractive manicure. The manicure nail ideas indicated above can help you to do this. They are ideal for ladies of all ages and are currently in season.

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