How to fold a pocket square

Most of people who like to wear suits may know what is pocket square. But who don’t know what it, they should not worry I will tell what it is and will give different tips on how to fold a pocket square in this article. POCKET SQUARE is a form of a kerchief, typically a hemmed square of thin fabric that can be carried in the pocket or purse, and which is intended for personal hygiene purposes such as wiping one’s hands or face, or blowing one’s nose. A handkerchief is also sometimes used as a purely decorative accessory in a suit pocket. It can be made of cotton, cotton-synthetic blend, synthetic fabric, silk, or linen.
Top 6 Reasons Why should you wear a Pocket Square

  • Pocket square adds nice color and more live to suit, shirt, and tie.
  • The pocket square is a perfect complement to your necktie.
  • A pocket square instantly adds a touch of sophistication and elegance to your ensemble.
  • Using a pocket square allows you to “dress up” or “dress down” an outfit.
  • Expand your wardrobe – Wearing a pocket square gives the same suit a different look each day.
  • A pocket square allows you to add more personal style to an otherwise uniform looking outfit.
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It is one of the easiest ways to fold a pocket square. Basically a classic white pocket square made from silk or linen is used for this fold.fold a pocket sqaure
  1. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface.
  2. Now fold the pocket square in half.
  3. Fold one side up. Folding of pocket square depends upon the depth of your suits pocket.
  4. Tug the folded pocket square into your chest pocket so that about 1/4 of an inch is visible.


It’s also a very popular and my favorite style of folding a pocket square .It suits any type of pocket square and dress code. Personally, I like this fold with a solid colored, non-white, pocket square.fold a pocket sqaureSTEPS
  1. Lay the pocket square on a flat surface.
  2. Then fold one corner in so that you get two overlapping triangles.
  3. Now fold one side of the triangle in.
  4. Do the same on the opposite side.
  5. Finally Tug the pocket square in your jacket’s pocket.fold a pocket square           Me(Jass Saini) wearing a One-tip-up pocket square on Farewell PartyAlso check this Do and Dont’s in a job interview

FOLD 3-The Casual Fold

It’s the easiest and ideal fold for a more casual-sleek outfit. It looks best when used for patterned pocket squares. This fold is less suited for formal attire.fold a pocket sqaureSTEPS
  1. Place the pocket square down flat.
  2. Now pick up the pocket square by pinching it near the center.
  3. Slide the hanky trough your other hand as shown in picture #3.
  4. Now flip the pocket square upside down.
  5. Finally tug the pocket square in your breast pocket. Don’t over-think this fold, the fold should look casual and a bit uneven.

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