How to maintain your hairstyle with helmet

Most of the mens are very conscious about their hairstyles.Whenever they go outside to meet someone or for some other things they always style their hairs in front of mirror.

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But here come the things which will mess up your hairs.I think you all know what it is? Yes guys I am talking about Helmet.I personally hate that thing but for the sake of rule you have to wear it whenever you are going outside on your bikes.So you all are trying to find solution to cop-up with this problem.That’s why i have come with really affective solutions to keep your hairstyles how you styled it and save your hair messing up when you put on helmet.


Tip 1

A bandanna under the helmet will at least uniformly flatten your hair. You’ll still have helmet hair, but at least you won’t look like a Klingon.Use bandanna that’s made up of cloth not leather one.Otherwise it will produce rashes on your head.

Tip 2

Short hair will be also a good option to save your hairs messing up.

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Tip 3

Explore options for washing your hair at work (I know this is unlikely) or try different products (gel, paste, whatever) to re-style your hair after your ride. A compact hair dryer may also help.I know this will be a little time consuming but if you want to look good and impress girls you have to do this 🙂

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Tip 4

Giro makes helmets with RocLoc 4, which snugs the helmet around your head (and means it doesn’t actually touch the top of your head, at least it doesn’t feel like it). That might work.

Tip 5

You will laugh on reading this but yes this also can help you.Don’t wear helmet  if you want to save your here.But you have to pay penalty for this if you will be stopped by policemen. 😛

Tip 6

Go into car or travel by bus instead of bike because that will be last option saving  your hairstyle. 🙂

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