How to Make Ponytail? | Tutorial

Ponytail hairstyle is favorite and easy hairstyle that most of the girls prefer to do when they have to get ready in few minutes to go somewhere. It comes in category of casual as well as formal hairstyle.  But do you know how to make ponytail hairstyle perfect way or in few minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t know I will tell you here. I know it is very easy to make ponytail hairstyle but most of the girls do not give it proper finish which looks bad.

“The ponytail is always flattering and provides an almost effortless way to look polished”, says Jordan Blackmore of Three Squares Studio in New York City.With a little practice and time, you can be a master at styling your hair, the pony-way. Check out all steps on how to make ponytail and give your ponytail a vibrant and sexy look


  • Starts Brushing Your Hairs

Take a hair brush and starts brushing your hairs to remove the knots. This step is necessary to have perfect ponytail.

IC TIP: You can straight your hairs before doing ponytail. Ponytail look extremely good when your have straight hairs. If you don’t know how to straight your hairs at home then follow this article- How to straight your hairs perfectly at home

  • Grab a Hair Tie/Band

After doing the first step  its time to tie your hairs. On the right hand, stretch the hair tie/band over three of your fingers:.

  • Grab the Ponytail

Grab the ponytail with those three fingers and let go of it with the left hand.

  • Put the Hair Tie/ Band

Keep the band stretched and simultaneously pull the rest of the ponytail through the band with your right hand. Twist the hair band with your left hand, fit three fingers through the loop you just made, and repeat the previous step.

If you want a tighter ponytail, take your ponytail, and divide into two sections. Then pull the two sections away from each other. The band should come closer to your head.
If you want to do high ponytails just tie your hairs with band where you like to do ponytail. You can also do side ponytail just tie your hairs sideways. :)

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