How to Take Care of Skin in Summers?

How to Take Care of Skin in Summers?

Skin suffers more than any other part of our body especially in summers. UV Rays, increasing temperature, dust and dry weather all these things are bad for our skin and make our skin unhealthy. For models, their face is everything for them so they must know how to take care of skin in summers. Know you are thinking that I know how to take care of skin, just apply some creams before going outside and that will be enough.

But if you are thinking this then you are just harming your skin more. I am sure you will end up having burning sensations on skin and acne after applying all those creams. Don’t worry I will tell you how to take of your skin properly just carry on reading.

Care of Skin in Summers

Mostly our skin is effected by sun in summer because sun rays enter the epidermis of our skin and then in the dermis which is main cause of dullness of skin. Within some days your skin color will also change and then you are not able to change it. So, how to prevent all these things and protect our skin?

How to Take Care of Skin in summers

  • Secret Weapons- Sunscreen and Umbrella

Whenever you are going out always apply sunscreen on your uncovered body parts like hands, arms, face, neck etc. According to dermatologist, SPF 30 sunscreen is best for skin. Also take an umbrella with you to protect your face from sun rays if you are in college or going somewhere else. When you come back home then wash your face with cold water. Mark my words this water thing really helps a lot (Personal Experience).

  • Acne Problem

Acne problem is common in summers. Don’t worry about them. Do not scratch it with anything. They will be gone in some days. Read more tips on How to get rid of acne overnight?

  • Use Less or no Makeup

It is good if you won’t do makeup in summers because due to sweat makeup flows on skin and our face looks ugly. So use less or no makeup in summers. Apply some face packs to make skin healthy and fresh.

More Tips on How to take care of Skin

  1. If you have dry skin then make sure you apply good high quality moisturizer on your skin. It acts as protective cover for your skin.
  2. Clean your skin two times a day with cleansing milk.
  3. In summers, make sure you apply foundation on your face as it makes your skin fair looking and also hide any kind of blot and scars.
  4. If you have oily skin than wash your face two times a day with antispetic lotion and than apply moisturizer.
  5. Also take care of other body parts like hands, foot, back, neck etc. Don’t skip waxing your hand and foot. Manicure and Pedicure is also beneficial so does it time to time.You may also like- How to do french manicure at home
  6. Drink 10-12 glasses of water day as it will hydrate your skin. People who drink 10-12 glasses of water a day have more glow in skin than a normal person who drinks 5-6 glasses of water.

That was some really easy tips to take of care of skin in summers. Starts doing it know otherwise by the end of some you will have ugly looking dry skin and dark skin which I am sure you not going to like.Also reads How to get Fair Skin? Do you have any other ideas? Which idea written above you liked the most do tell us.

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