How to tie Patiala Shahi Turban

How to tie Patiala Shahi Turban

TURBAN or You can say ‘Pagg’ in native language of Punjab that is PUNJABI.Same kind of people belonging to different religions like Sikhism,Hinduism,Muslim live in Punjab. But from all religion,Sikh look different among all because of his turban.Its the turban which gave him pride,respect among all the religions.
There are different styles of tying turban in Punjab.I am posting here short and simple tutorial on How to tie a Patiala Shahi Turban.
Things You need to tie Patiala Shahi turban

  1. “F-74 mal-mal” fabric, at least seven-and-a-half meters of it, which is cut in half and sewn together to double the width.
  2. fifty (a band of cloth worn under the turban, the colour usually chosen to match).
  3. Pagg pins

It was evolved over a period of time and is best suited for those with broad faces and sharp features, ethnic characteristics which exemplify Sikhs of the region.

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patiala shahi turbanAmazing pencil portrait of Satinder sartaj wearing Patiala Shahi turban by Bobby Sandhu

Even though the Patiala turban has developed into an art form, it captures a carefree spirit, mainly because the larhs (layers) on both sides are not worn in a neat or distinguished manner. Overall, it presents a round look with its rear being flat.

The thumb is used to depress the cloth at the forehead to create the perfect, triangular effect with the fifty (a band of cloth worn under the turban, the colour usually chosen to match).


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