How to Imitate Kesha Dressing Style

How to Imitate Kesha Dressing Style

One of the most popular singers today is Ke$ha. Plenty of young girls around the world are impressed by her style, fashion, clothes design and accessories. It is exciting to watch little girls copy Kesha dressing style. However, her style is different and she refers to it as garbage-chic.

This is basically a dramatic, weird, odd sense of fashion that others think seems funny or bizarre. However, any kid who needs to Kesha dressing style can do so easily by following some simple steps.

The first and most important is hair. You can style your hair to look like Kesha. Her hair is untidy and messy with bed head curls. This is easy to achieve by scrunching.


The rest is to make use of makeup. If you want to copy Kesha dressing style and look like this famous and popular singer, then you should consider the makeup aspect of it. It is necessary to keep it simple but then make it creative.


A good example is drawing a long cat-eye liner on the top of the eyes. You may want to opt for blue lipstick as this is the favorite for Kesha. However, as a precaution, do not try too hard to be like her lest people accuse you of not being original.

When it comes to matters of style, then Kesha is more dramatic in certain ways. Some refer to her style as garbage-chic while others say her style is new genre. Her outfits have a rock and roll feel and nothing close to Lady Gaga. She also wears hosiery plenty of times.

These are in different colors and texture. Tights are also a major part of her wardrobe. Another part of Kesha dressing style is the use of short shorts. Crazy shorts are cool and the shorter the better.

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