What Do Iranian Women Dress Like?

What Do Iranian Women Dress Like?

Because of the the religious beliefs in Iran women in Iran cannot dress like their western counterparts. But this does not mean that they cannot be dressing stylish like the western ladies and models.

Since the new president that was elected not so long ago promised to relax the dress code that the women have in his country, a lot has changed. The original law was that the women were not allowed to show the figure of there body and had to be covered in mostly black clothing as to not arouse the male Iranian population. As the religion in Iran is the Islam women are not allowed to be seen as sexually or attractive unless for their own husband.

tehran women

Now that the laws have been relaxed a real explosion of colors have been seen in the streets of Tehran.
Tehran street fashion has become a new very popular search term on the Internet. Before the change in the law Iran was one of the countries that people did not really know after the regime change in the 1970’s.

Women needed and still do need to wear a hijab. But now colors are allowed, from bright red to bright pink if that is the personal preference.

tehran women

Clothing designers are now jumping at the chance to make it big in the country of Iran. However the women of Iran already are making headlines with creating there own personal style and proud to show that off to the world. The styles that they come up with and what they create are unique to the world.

When the state of Iran will open up more and let their citizens travel the world, it will become known how the styles are developed and hopefully the ladies that come up with the styles will get the recognition that they deserve.

tehran women

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