Kid Cudi Dressing Style

Kid Cudi Dressing Style

Kid Cudi is associated with the usual story of many American hip-hop artists who drop out of high school and join urbanites in search of fame and fortune. He is known for his unique style of fashion. Just after getting to New York City, it is said that he worked in a Japanese clothing company known as A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and American Apparel clothing company. Apparently, Kid Cudi’s dressing style is somewhat a mixture of American Apparel’s tidy look and BAPE’s randomness.

Kid CudiHis dressing style portrays him as a mature person, as opposed to his stage name. Usually, he is associated with wearing clothes from the retail clothing companies where he worked in his early years in New York City. Also, he is known to favor designs from classics such as G-Shock by Casio and Nike. It is also his norm to wear classic eyeglasses that have plastic rims. His taste in eyeglasses ranges from the Elvis Costello style to those worn by secretaries in the 70s. You may spot him wearing khakis and a simple grey t-shirt and contrasting that with a heavy gold chain and oversize high-tops labeled Air Jordan. This may be a look that may only be pulled off by Kid Cudi and look good on him.

Kid Cudi has proven time and time again that it is possible to mix and match and still look good. Therefore, people should be free to try out new looks rather than getting tied up to the dressing related to their tradition, culture or society. For example, a mainstream artist may try and dress partly as an underground rock artist. Just as Kid Cudi has been able to show, eyeglasses can be a great accessory. Whichever ones that you may choose, trendy or classic, you may contrast them with your clothing. Big plastic sunglasses can also be good providers of shade from the sun.

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