Latest Branded Watches for Men

Few days ago I am sitting with my friend in café as we met after a long time. As we are discussing about our life’s like what you are doing know and all that. After that we started discussing about love life Then he told me how in get laid with Japanese women when he went to Japan. He told me those Japanese women can have sex with you if you are wearing a spectacular branded watch. I found that very interesting, then idea of this article on ‘LATEST BRANDED WATCHES FOR MEN’ came into my mind.
Who is not fond of branded watches? The fact cannot be denied by anyone. But, no one perhaps tried to reason out why all the hunks, toughest, smartest and intelligent men, and sweetest beauties want branded watches? The reason is very simple and authentic, this species is the most dedicated and hardworking creature found on the planet earth. Time is precious for them. As they have to take care of their commitment for the family, office, friends and so on. Moreover, those who prefer to remain trendy; a branded watch becomes an important fashion accessory. A branded watch is only ornament or accessory that adds some metallic glow to the men who love to remain simple. Missing the branded wrist watch may mean the revoking of all the above mentioned commitments for men.
In many countries and in many societies it is said that a successful man is recognized by his SHOES and a woman by her WATCH. To some, adorning a branded watch adds to their dignity and enhances their social status. Branded watch tells about their style statement

Check out here Top 10 Latest branded watches for men with price


branded watches for men

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Date Just (116203) Price in India Rs. 409,118


branded watches for men

Louis Moinet Astralis Tourbillion Split Sec. Chronograph Price in India Rs 2,08,54,591


branded watches for men

Classima Executives Chronograph White Dial Watch Price in India Rs 1,61,417


branded watches for men

Vacheron Constantin 18K White Gold Price in India Rs 9,25,359


branded watches for men

Sky Moon Tourbillon Price in India Rs 6,57,06,000


branded watches for men

Jaeger-LeCoultre Master Compressor Chronograph Wristwatch
Model Q1758470 Price in India Rs 5,63,976


branded watches for men

Montblanc TimeWalker Chronograph Price in India Rs 3,23,054

8. IWC

branded watches for men

IWC SCHAFFHUASEN Mens Automatic Watch Price in India Rs 1,88,000


branded watches for men

Polo Extra Large G0A32040 Price in India Rs 25,73,485


branded watches for men

FORMULA F-1 CHRONO CAU1115.BA0858 WATCH Price in India Rs 113855
Here is the list of Top 10 branded Watches for Men according to my taste. If you buy one do mail me your picture to my email account and I will post that  in my article.




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