Latest Summer Wear for Sikh wearing Turban 2013

Latest Summer Wear for Sikh wearing Turban 2013

Punjabi’s are always known for their royality in every aspect of life starting from their food to their personalities. In earlier times, you will never see a Punjabi boy without turban because it is turban which gives them a place above all. But with turban , what you wear will decide your whole look. The idea of writing this article on summer wear for sikh wearing turban came into my mind when Harmeet Singh(my batchmate) asked me to give some suggestion to improve his look and guess what he really liked my suggestions.
I was very happy at that time and thought of writing an article to share my views with all the Punjabi Sikh boys out there wearing turbans to give them suggestions what should Punjabi Sikh boys wear this summer. As summer has came so its time to give upon jackets and all warm clothes and should start wearing some great tees and polos , shirts with jeans and other various type of pants like chinos etc.


This is a semi-formal look for everyday wear. Most of the guys are preferring loafers now  a days with chinos. You can tie mehroon or blue turban with it.  All these products can be bought at This whole look will cost you Rs 7692.

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Again this also a semi-formal look that give a mature look look if you wear it. You can try out turban different colors with it like blue, black or any other bright color. This whole look will cost you Rs 9372

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This a casual look to be wear in summer in which you will feel relax and comfortable and you will look stylish also. It is good for wearing to college. You can tie Dark Grey, Black turban or any color which you like .This look will cost you Rs 9790.


Last look is also a casual look. I like F.c.u.k T-shirt and Adidas sneakers in it. You can wear baby pink, brown turban with this clothes .You can buy them online at This whole look will cost you Rs 15098.

Woah, that was all the looks for “latest summer wear for sikh wearing turban” . Be innovative and try different looks everyday. I know for all that looks you have to spend thousand of rupees and everybody can’t afford it. But guys, you can take it as expample and try to select matching clothes that I have posted in summer wear for Sikh wearing turban. Copy is always available in market. So do tell me which look you like the most and also tell me what correction is needed in this article by commenting below. Till then stay stylish, stay raw “PEACE” .

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