How To Look Like Ariana Grande

How To Look Like Ariana Grande

The beautiful Ariana Grande is a role model to many young ladies. She has red hair and big eyes that make her stand out among most celebrities. There are many ladies who would love to look like her in terms of dressing and make up application. The following is a simple guideline that you can follow to gradually start looking like the gorgeous Ariana Grande.


Ariana is well known for her red Velvet hair that she wears on sam and cat. What most people do not know is that her stylist uses a temporary glaze to get the red Velvet color. Her natural hair color is brunette with blonde tips. Her known hairstyle is a half up and half down do with beautifully curled ends. To get such a hair look, tie the top half of your hair into a smooth ponytail and curl the ends of the hair. Try and accessories with a hair bow that Ariana uses most of the time.

Ariana Grande Hairstyle

Make up

Ariana Grande MakeupDo not overdo your make up. Ariana Grande is known for using simple and understated make up that does not distract her natural beauty. Try and use the basic make up only such as; mascara, foundation or concealer, natural eye shadow and eyeliner. After you are done doing your make up, swipe of some pale pink lip gloss. However, she wears more mascara and eyeliner to make her eyes look larger and always has concealer to hide the dark circles under her eyes something very common with Italian ladies. Her best make up brands include; urban decay, hoola bronzer by benefit, MAC blush and laura mercier.

Dressing style

Her dressing style is sophisticated, girly, cute and retro. Her dressing style defines many personalities. She can put on any from flirty high waste skirts, Dolce & Gabbana dresses or simple jeans. When attending premiers and award shows, she wears strapless but classy dresses. However, she has confessed to like bubblegum and flowery dresses that bring out her girly personality. To have a fully Ariana Grande inspired wardrobe, you may require a number of essential pieces like floral sundresses, nude pumps, high waisted shorts and skirts, bandeaus and flirty dresses. Her best clothing stores are Forever 21, LF Stores, Wildfox Couture, Urban Outfitters, American Apparel and Topshop. Her best designer is Kenley Collins who has also custom made most of her outfits.

Ariana Grande Dresses


Ariana avoids wearing too much jewelry. She prefers sophisticated but simple pearl earrings and necklaces. Therefore, you should stick to using simple necklaces and bracelets. She likes wearing high heels when formal and van stake shoes when casual. Her best nail polish brand is Chanel’s pale pink and vibrant red.

Skin care

Ariana Grande has very healthy skin that is naturally tanned in color. To attain beautiful skin like Ariana’s, drink a lot of water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits. Her favorite fruits are grapes and strawberries. Apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from sun ray damages. If you suffer from acne, wash your face twice daily and apply spot cream that contains benzoyl peroxide.

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