How to Look Like Emma Watson

How to Look Like Emma Watson

Emma Watson is an English actress who rose to fame for her role in the Harry Potter movies as Hermione. She has enjoyed public spotlight since she was the age of nine. Emma still continues with her roles in the harry potter films and is likely to be a star for many years to come. This article is a guide for those who wish to dress like Emma Watson.

Emma Watson

One tip involves wearing simple clothes that are also elegant. Emma makes a strong statement by combining simple but high quality clothing items. For example, she can wear a well-cut black dress that matches with quality Mary-Janes.

The other tip involves makeup. In the roles that Emma plays in Harry Potter films, she somewhat maintains her makeup. When not in movies, however, she often wears a light blush and a smokey eye look. It is also advisable to make the most of one’s eyebrows. Hiding the most expressive part of one’s face is not a good idea. Eyebrows should be kept in a tidy shape.

Emma Watson

Choosing a hairstyle is vital. In her Harry Potter roles, Emma Watson is known to have long, bushy and loose hair. Keeping hair simple and long may look appealing to many women. Since she has begun growing up, photographs more often show Emma wearing her hair up. She still retains the simple hair elegance that people have not fussed too much over it. She has also lightened her hair using broader highlights that women would love to copy. Emma recently cut her hair into a cropped pixie cut. She has a tendency of keeping it simple with her combed/brushed forward. Judging from photographs, it appears as if she uses little products or none at all in a way that her hair looks natural. However, since her hair is getting longer, she sports sleeker hairstyles for certain events.

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