How to Look Like Megan Fox

How to Look Like Megan Fox

Megan Fox has been called one of the hottest female celebrities in countless lists of who’s who in Hollywood. Her sexy, girl next door look is one that can be achieved — you just need to know the right steps to get her look.

Get Her Skin

Megan Fox has great skin. It’s important to make sure that your skin is glowing and radiant if you’re going to want to look like her. Drinking enough water throughout the day and ensuring that you use a good moisturizer with sun protection is going to help you get the glow. In addition to a good skin care routine though, she’s often seen with a tan. You can invest in an air brush makeup system or take to the spray tanning salon to get her golden glow.

Megan Fox

Get Her Long Locks

Megan Fox’s dark locks are a part of her signature style and can be seen in all of her magazine spreads. Getting her healthy hair comes with having a good hair routine and growing out your style. If you’re not there yet, there are many extension systems that you can use to get long hair overnight. Choose sewn in extensions that are going to last the longest and those that are made with real hair to get the most authentic look.

Her layered hairstyle doesn’t have bangs, so you’re going to want to grow out your hair without cutting your bangs so you can sweep them over to the side and learn how to look like Megan Fox.

Getting Her Body

Celebrities are known to take their workout routine to the extreme to get their lean and svelte figures and it’s likely that Megan Fox is no different. To get a Megan Fox worth body, you’re going to want to do exercises that help to lean the body, like Yoga and Pilates. It has been rumoured that her routine consists of five to six intensive weekly workouts, so you’re going to want to hit the gym to get her body.

Getting Her Look with Cosmetics

She’s often seen with bronzer and a full make-up finished look. To get this look, you’re going to have to book an appointment at the salon and get a brow wax to get those high raised, lean brows, she has. To create the shape, you can use an eyebrow pencil to fill in any blanks.

When it comes to make up, she’s known for the dark lips and dramatic eyes — rather than the girl next door look. To get this look, you can use eyeliner and a few coats of mascara to bring out those eyes. Next, choose a vibrant color for the lips and use liner to make sure that you can get the most dramatic appearance around the lip line.

Getting Her Style

She’s got a glamorous beach style, bohemian look going on. To get it you can follow the latest trends and choose figure hugging tops, skirts and dresses that are perfect for heading out for the evening in front of the paparazzi.

Megan Fox Dress

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