A Look At New York Fashion Week

A Look At New York Fashion Week

On Thursday, New York Fashion Week concluded with a snowstorm, which left snow everywhere, including the runways, but that wasn’t enough to cancel the event, which was good because Ralph Lauren put on a presentation.

New York Fashion Show 2004

Lauren’s show kicked off with a new women’s Polo Ralph Lauren collection. The collection featured neon cardigans, suede bags with fringes, as well as black leather skirts and a great range of western wear. Eventually Lauren moved on to what he is most known for, and that is his extravagant signature collection, which included items such as ivory cashmere sweatpants, many gray dresses that came in versions that included everything from knit jerseys to menswear wool.

Calvin Klein’s collection was impressive, and some of the fashion items that were presented included elegant gray sweater dresses, as well as high boots.

Marc Jacobs’ collection could very well have been the best collection, as many people expected him to do something big because he left Louis Vuitton back in October so he could focus solely on his signature collection. Jacobs’ show was marvelous and it was very intimate.

The labyrinthine runway was where 46 models marched, and all of them had uniform straight hair, as well as muted makeup and headbands. Each model walked the room eight times, and they walked through each row of guests, which was a length process but every single model made it look effortlessly. At any given time, more than 20 models were on the floor, which made for an amazing scene. The clothes came in different variations of oatmeal colors, and each piece of clothing was just fascinating. It is safe to say that everyone in the audience wanted to see much more, and that is exactly what they ended up getting. Long knit tunics with knitted pants were presented, as well as fur bomber jackets and even dresses that featured gorgeous ruffles.

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