Makeup tips for new year party 2013

Makeup tips for new year party 2013

Winter is that kind of season in which we can experiment most with our face and that will be useful in getting ready for the most happening party of the whole year that is NEW YEAR PARTY:D. More the temperature goes down more will be the cold outside. In this season everyone can experiment with make-up. Dark Lip Shade and Eye Shadows make-up will look extremely good in winter. Your will look fabulous. In this article I am going to share about ‘Makeup for new year party’ and best Parlors in Chandigarh (INDIA) where you can go.
In winter season, Foundation is good option to be applied on face as it holds for long time, so apply foundation before going to NEW YEAR PARTY. If you are going in Parlor then you should go for High Definition and Silicon make-up. Benefit of High Definition make-up is that it produces less cutting on your face and Silicon Make-up is especially for WOMEN’S that hide their wrinkles completely. In this season you should high light your Eyes and Lips only. You can use a good quality Mascara for eyes.


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  • Make-up holds on your face for long time in winter season.
  • Foundation is the best option in cold climate.
  • Before doing make-up apply Pre-Base on your face.
  • More experiments can be done with eye make-up.
  • Green, Royal Blue and Turquoise colored liners are in trend.
  • In lip shades, only Nude Shade is in which gives a glossy look on your lips.
  • Prefer Black Shade in Eye Shadow Make-up.
  • Peach Blush On looks trendy in this season.
  • You can try Brownish Broad Face Cut Blush On for make-up.
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  1. Femina Plus, Sector-44
  2. Cleopatra,Sector-44
  3. Matrix,Sector-37
  4. Tress Lounge,Sector-8
    Here have a look at celebrities make-up styles and experiment with them using your own ideas.mila-kunis-make-up
    Mila Kunis amazing make-up and hairstyle


            Kristen Stewart Pretty Eye Make-up


Emma Stone  on Premier of Zombieland

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