Stress Management Tips to Reduce Exam Stress

Stress Management Tips to Reduce Exam Stress

Brain is very interesting creativity of God. It controls the whole actions of our body. So If you mind is healthy then your body is healthy. Here in this article (Stress Management Techniques) I am going to talk about exam stress. Stress typically describes a negative condition or a positive condition that can have an impact on an organism’s mental and physical well-being. Especially when our exams are near, we get stressed a lot.

Exam Stress can be defined as a feeling of anxiety over one’s performance in the exams, the results and reaction of parents and friends; all weigh upon students to create exam stress. Today, a major reason of exam stress is not studying well but comparisons with others, parental expectations and peer pressure. These are main reasons of exam stress due to which students score less in exams.

Keeping all these problem sin mind, is here to provide Stress Management Techniques to Reduce Exam Stress

My B.Tech 2nd Semester exams are also starting from next week, so I thought of writing this article especially for students like me. For those of you who are appearing for any kind exams, here are Stress Management Tips that can help you to minimize the stress.


  • Revision Tips

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We all had a lot of fun but now its time to get serious and do some revision of syllabus. Best way of revision is to do revision by writing. While revising a subject, practice writing. This would be an actual simulation of the examination itself. Plan your revision and complete it in time. This will give you a sense of achievement and build your confidence. Practice by writing answers as you would do in the exam. This will help you remember the important points when you answer each paper.

Prepare a to-do list in the morning when you wake-up. First do revisions of subject which you find difficult. Start revising them first as easy subjects can be revised in between the holidays you get in exam. By doing this you will not get panic in exam days. Do revision of at least two chapters of each subject in day.

I.C TIP– If you are not well prepared for exam, you should think that if you study only in the little time (one or two days for each paper) exam, you can get good marks. Such self encouragement can reduce your stress as well as enables you to study well.

  • Regular Sleep Pattern

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It is not important that you will only get good marks when you study whole night and prepare for exam. This is bull shit.  A regular sleep of seven hours is important to keep your mind healthy and fresh. Do tell me this if your mind is not healthy then how will you remember things?

So, it important to maintain a regular sleep pattern and do not break it. Try and stop working an hour before bedtime. You will find it helpful to do some muscular relaxation, which is particularly effective in relieving stress.

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  • What Should You Eat?

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Food also helps us to reduce stress. I eat things which I like whenever I am stressed. To reduce exam stress, you should eat Food rich in vitamins and proteins, such as green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, are a must. Avoid eating food having high fat content like Junk Food. Don’t drink too much coffee, tea or fizzy drinks. Caffeine will keep you up and reduce the clarity of your thinking.

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  • Avoid Distractions

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Exams should be your primary focus, so leave all others things aside for some time. More you indulge into other things more you get stressed. Stay away from distractions that could cause loss of concentration or unwanted anxiety. Stick to activities that do not break your study continuum.

I.C TIP- Deactivate you accounts on Social Networking Sites. This will really help you a lot.

  • Relaxation Time

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Studying continuously for hours will not really help you to reduce stress. You should maintain schedule for studying and relaxing. What I Do

  • Start studying early in the morning.
  • Do breakfast
  • After one Hour go back to study
  • After studying for 2 hours, take a 30 min break and then get back to study.
  • Then study till my mom prepares Lunch and after that I study for 1 hour.
  • Then take a nap. In evening goes out to spend time with friends and return home.
  • After dinner, I study for 2 hours.

This my whole schedule during exam days.

  • Positive Thinking

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Do not spend time or talk with people which make you negative. Spend time with people you enjoy hanging out. Avoid negative thoughts, such as ‘Everyone else seems better organized, while I’m struggling.‘ Always have positive thinking like ” I have done well in exams before and this time I will do more better “.

  • Relaxation Techniques

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Practice yoga, meditation and deep breathing. These techniques help our brain getting more and more oxygen which is necessary to keep our brain healthy and also help your body relax and reduce stress. Start your day by praying to God as prayer will help you increase confidence reduce your stress as well.

I follow all these techniques during or before exam days, and also score well. If these techniques works good for me then surely will also work you too. You just have to take first step. Follow these Stress Management Techniques to reduce exam stress and score well in your exams.


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