Latest Braided Hairstyles for Girls

Braids are very common in India but now in abroad Girls also love braided hairstyles. Braided hairstyles have many types like French braid, Fishtail braid, Dutch braid etc. It is easy and fun to make this kind of hairstyles. You can make braids in just couple of minutes.  Girls look too cute and gorgeous in braids hairstyles.

It is time to try some new hairstyles rather than those boring ponytail hairstyles which is not in trend now.  Try these cute hairstyles that are new and easy, yet fun. In this article I have gathered some great last minute hairstyles for short, medium and long hair. These are good to try for summer when mostly we prefer to have a nice bun or a ponytail with some braids for a cool look. Check out some of the best and easiest braided hairstyles to share with you. 

How Do You French braid:  A Step by Step Guide

Braid hairstyles are always hot fashion in Summer Season because they are easy to make and look good on every type of faces. Mostly girls do not have long hairs rather they have medium size or short hair. So a French braid is always a good option for girls having medium length hairs and side French braid for girls having short length hairs.

In this article I am going to share a tutorial on How do you French braid. Idea of this article came into my mind when I saw a girl in my college have this French braid hairstyle. She was looking gorgeous in that braid hairstyle. So I thought to share tutorial on How to do french braid for my readers.

Navneet Kaur Dhillon Won Title of Ponds Femina Miss India 2013

This Holi will be going to be really special for someone. Yes guys, I am talking about Navneet Kaur Dhillon, beautiful and stylish Girl from the city beautiful Chandigarh. She has won the most prestigious title of Ponds Femina Miss World India 2013 on 24th March 2013 .It was very hard competiton but Sikh Girls has finnaly achieved what she deserve.The first runners-up was Sobhita Dhulipala of Visakhapatnam. The 20-year-old ex-student of Vishakha Valley School currently studies at HR College, Mumbai. The city is also the present home of Zoya Afroz (18), who was the second runners-up; originally from Lucknow, the Land of Nawab’s, Zoya, an actor, studied at R N Shah High School and then Mithibai College.

Faced with a rather morbid question of what her one regret would be if she were to die the following day, to which she very well replied as, “The only thing I would regret would be not having done as much for society as I would like to. Issues of women’s empowerment and child labour and other social evils are a big concern.”  There were 11 finalists in the last round of Pond’s Femina Miss India Chandigarh 2013.[1] There was tough competition but with her hard work and determination she won the title. Navneet was also crowned Pond’s Femina Miss Glowing Skin.

Cute and Stylish Headbands for Women 2013

In summer season when you are combating heat and sweaty stickiness, it is sometimes hard to make your hair look stylish and decorative with some hair accessories. However, you can still enjoy a fashionable and flirty look this summer by using appropriate summer hair accessories like headbands for women.

Headbands are the hot summer hair accessory to give a stylish and beautiful look to your hair. Headbands are simple hair accessories to which you to pull your hair away from your face. This hair accessory is not only stylish but is very easy to put on and will look great with any outfit. You can instantly fix your hair with headbands and still look chic. You can choose these smart hair accessories from a wide variety including basic cloth headbands, patent leather headbands or more formal jeweled headbands. It is up to you which one you like most.

Latest Branded High Heels for Girls 2013

After choosing perfect dress, next important thing that come into mind of a girl is choosing  a right pair of shoes that goes well with her outfit. High heels is always preferred by most of girls now a days. Girl are like crazy about wearing high heels doesn’t matter How many bucks they have to spend for it they just have to look fabulous and sexy.

But taller girls feels a little bit hesitation in buying high heels because they think that they will look more taller in them and look bad. But I do have a tip for them, I am sure that from now on you will not feel hesitate wearing high heels. 😀

Latest Formal Wear for Women Online 2013

Most of women now days are very conscious about their future. Time has changed now women are now doing much better than men in corporate world. They are handling marketing, meetings and much more things. In doing  business important thing that first come is not your business skills but proper business women attire. If you meeting a client in casual wear he will immediately cancel deals because you are not following business code. You should be in perfect formals. It shows your sincerity towards your work.

So if your don’t wanna give a bad impression about you and for company your are working you should have a proper set of formals which you can wear on meeting etc. Check out here all latest formal wear for women that will surely lead to success.

How to propose a girl on Valentine’s Day

As Valentine day is coming many guys and girls are specially waiting for this to propose their loved one or to spend a good romantic day with boyfriend/girlfriend. Their is saying that If guy/girls proposes someone he/she have to say YES on this day . The one thing that gives everyone a shiver down the spine, is proposing someone. You are quite fearful of the fact that how the other person would take it. While guys are much stronger when they are rejected, girls do have a hard time when they propose their beloved and are rejected. Hence it is quite necessary to go through the right path and say it the right way to the other person so that he does not take it in the wrong expression and reject you all together.

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