Tattoo Art Ideas for Men 2013

Previously I have discussed about latest tattoo art for both sexes on different parts of the body. But in this article I am going to post some greatest tattoo art ideas for men only that will give you a muscular,macho and swag look. In ancient times, tattoos were used to differentiate people belonging to different tribes.

But nowadays tattoos have become a fashion statement. People make tattoos in memory of their loved ones or they like to ink up their body which is now done by all famous rappers like Wiz Khalifa etc. If you love Wiz Khalifa and want to dress up like him then click here. Wiz has got his whole body inked up which look extremely good on him. It has become a trend for rappers to get inked up due to which Tattoo Artists are making good money. Check out latest “Tattoo Art Ideas for Men 2013” here

How to Get a Deep Mehandi Color

Mehandi is an art that is originated in India and now slowly slowly becoming popular all over world. More and more people are becoming Mehandi artist as it is a good source of income too. All you need is just different ideas and skills to make a Mehandi design. I have  talked about ‘Latest henna Tattoos Design’ in my previous article but in this i am  going to tell  you ‘ How to Get a Deep Mehandi Color ‘ as deep mehandi color signify Deep Love.

Latest Temporary Henna Tattoos 2013

Henna tattoos or we can say Mehandi Design are not only popular in just India, their demand is also increasing in abroad. Many people from abroad are looking forward to it. They are following it as latest trend. Henna tattoos are made on women and men also when they are going to marry their love partners. Its not just for marriage, they can also me made on different occasions like Karva Chauth etc. Henna initially stains the skin in a light orange color, and it is left on the skin for at least a 24-hour period to become very dark. However, you can speed the process and achieve a deeper color with only a six-hour wait.

In simple words now Mehandi has a special demand for young as well as old women whether it is the most anticipated occasion of Eid or wedding etc. Basically it’s a reasonable way for women for looking pretty. Here check out all the amazing “Latest Temporary Henna Tattoos 2013”.

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