Ponytail hairstyle is favorite and easy hairstyle that most of the girls prefer to do when they have to get ready in few minutes to go somewhere. It comes in category of casual as well as formal hairstyle.  But do you know how to make ponytail hairstyle perfect way or in few minutes. Don’t worry if you don’t know I will tell you here. I know it is very easy to make ponytail hairstyle but most of the girls do not give it proper finish which looks bad.

“The ponytail is always flattering and provides an almost effortless way to look polished”, says Jordan Blackmore of Three Squares Studio in New York City.With a little practice and time, you can be a master at styling your hair, the pony-way. Check out all steps on how to make ponytail and give your ponytail a vibrant and sexy look


  • Starts Brushing Your Hairs

Take a hair brush and starts brushing your hairs to remove the knots. This step is necessary to have perfect ponytail.

IC TIP: You can straight your hairs before doing ponytail. Ponytail look extremely good when your have straight hairs. If you don’t know how to straight your hairs at home then follow this article- How to straight your hairs perfectly at home

  • Grab a Hair Tie/Band

After doing the first step  its time to tie your hairs. On the right hand, stretch the hair tie/band over three of your fingers:.

  • Grab the Ponytail

Grab the ponytail with those three fingers and let go of it with the left hand.

  • Put the Hair Tie/ Band

Keep the band stretched and simultaneously pull the rest of the ponytail through the band with your right hand. Twist the hair band with your left hand, fit three fingers through the loop you just made, and repeat the previous step.

If you want a tighter ponytail, take your ponytail, and divide into two sections. Then pull the two sections away from each other. The band should come closer to your head.
If you want to do high ponytails just tie your hairs with band where you like to do ponytail. You can also do side ponytail just tie your hairs sideways. :)

What to Wear on a First Date? | Tips for Women

Wonder what to wear on a first date? I know dressing up for your first official date can be confusing, but knowing what to wear on a first date can give you a lot more confidence and help you carry off the date in style. Men have it easier when it comes to dressing up, but for women things are not the same.  She has to look perfect on that day so that when she enters the venue her boyfriend take notice of you the very second you walk in till the time you sit.

Here you will find all the things about what you should wear on first date after all First impression is the Last impression. Luckily, I have learned few things that simplify choosing what to wear on a first date. I am mentioning here after discussing for hours with Girl-Friends so that I would make it simple for you as much as I can.

The ideas and suggestions below should fill in the gaps and leaving you feeling more confident about this special occasion. Read on for great advice on what to wear for first date? I am sure you will be thanking me for this.


The way you dress for a first date says a lot about who you are and provides some important visual clues to your partner. You can add your own personal preferences when you’re deciding what to wear on a first date.

  • Wear Clothes in which you are Comfortable

Always wear the clothes in which you are comfortable or the one’s which you like the most. It doesn’t matter if your dress is of Sisley or Guess if it doesn’t fit you do not wear it. If you can’t make up your mind on what to wear, or if you find yourself confused while deciding what to wear, then your best bet is to wear something that you already love.

  • Dress for Occasion

Most of the people out there are saying about this that you should have to dress according to where you are going for your first date and that is the right step dear. You can look hot in high riding miniskirts or a tux, but really, your date will only feel uncomfortable and awkward to be around you.  So always dress according to the place where you going.

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  • Know about your Date’s Likes and Dislikes

Like I previously said First impression is the Last impression. So it will be plus point for you that you should dress according to what your date likes. If you know your date’s preferences, see if you can wear something they may like. It shows that you’re taking an additional interest to be likeable. And everyone likes a date who takes an initiative.

  • Don’t wear anything Revealing

You should show off your assets but that doesn’t mean you should flash skin. Avoid wearing anything too revealing or too fitting.You may just end up making your date feel uncomfortable and embarrassed. It’s a first date don’t do anything stupid.

Don’t Overdose Makeup and Jewelry

After selecting what to wear it is important to take care of your makeup also. Try not to overdo your accessorizing and beautification. Wear a thin layer of makeup and keep the jewelry to a minimum. Over exaggerating style statements will only make your date uncomfortable.

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  • Don’t wear anything too Fashionable or Trendy

Unless you dating a Fashion Designer, do not wear anything too trendy and fashionable. Don’t try to be who you are not just be real. Avoid buying a new outfit when you dress for a first date This can make you appear to be trying too hard and will make your date wonder what the rest of your wardrobe looks like.

What to Wear on a First Date
What to Wear on a First Date
What to Wear on a First Date

There you have it. Know you know all the tips to dress for your first date. I hope these tips help you and when in doubt, wear a belt around your robe and walk around in your heels. You are what you wear. So while trying to figure what to wear on a first date, remember to keep it comfortable, and keep it classy.

Anushka Sharma Hairstyles Pics Collection 2013

Are you bored with your previous hairstyle? Looking for new hairstyle? Then this article will surely help you with this. Check out Anushka Sharma Hairstyles Pics Collection 2013 and find perfect hairstyle for yourself. I am sure you will love her hairstyle.

Who is Anushka Sharma?

Anushka Sharma is an Indian model since her teenage years, entered Bollywood with a lucky debut opposite Shahrukh Khan in the 2008 film “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”. Anushka threatened her A-List heroine peers with her bubbly, charming performance in the 2010 film “Band Baaja Baaraat” opposite Ranveer Singh. Together the two are Bollywood’s newest favorite romantic pair.

How Does Anushka Sharma Maintain Her Hairs?

To prevent hair damage and breakage, she loves to pamper her hair with regular hot oil massages. Anushka says, “I avoid washing my hair without oiling them and keep it for at least an hour before shampooing. Nothing works better than a good hot coconut oil massage that keeps the scalp and hair strong and healthy.” She likes to color her hair with dyes of varying shades of brown; light, medium, or dark. She almost always wears her hair down, either given a blow-out, curled, brushed out naturally and sprayed with hair spray to keep her bangs in place. Check out -:

Anushka Sharma Hairstyles Pictures Collection 2013

Anushka Sharma Hairstyles

Anushka Sharma Hairstyles

Anushka Sharma Hairstyles

Anushka Sharma Hairstyles

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Anushka Sharma Hairstyles

Anushka Sharma Hairstyles

Anushka Sharma Hairstyles

Hope you like this article. Take idea from above hairstyles and create new one for yourself. Don’t forget to share or like if you love Anushka Sharma and her hairstyles.

Latest Sunglasses for Girls with Price 2013

Sunny Days have finally came after harsh cold winter days, with this its time to take out sunscreens and sunglasses to save skin and beautiful eyes from harsh heat and UV rays. If I talk about Top 10 Fashion Accessories that Women Must Have then Sunglasses for Girls will be also in the list.

Here in this article I am going to write about Latest Sunglasses for Girls with Price which you can buy at reasonable price. We all know that we can’t spend Thousands of Rupees like Celebrities for buying only sunglasses, so considering that thing in mind I am going to write about some different types of Sunglasses with price that common people like us can afford them.

Top 10 Fashion Accessories That Women Must Have

Getting ready for party or going out somewhere else. Wearing the dress which you bought yesterday to the party but whole look will be downfall if you will not have perfect fashion accessories to go with it. To complement every woman’s look, fashion accessories are necessary. They add glamor and color to every outfit that she wears and help in achieving the look that she wants to exude.

Adding extras to an outfit is a easy way to inject some personality, and as they are also timeless, they make a great investment. Here in this article I am going to write about Top 10 Fashion Accessories That Women Must Have so that she would look gorgeous and stylish whenever she goes out with her friends or anyone else.

Latest Braided Hairstyles for Girls

Braids are very common in India but now in abroad Girls also love braided hairstyles. Braided hairstyles have many types like French braid, Fishtail braid, Dutch braid etc. It is easy and fun to make this kind of hairstyles. You can make braids in just couple of minutes.  Girls look too cute and gorgeous in braids hairstyles.

It is time to try some new hairstyles rather than those boring ponytail hairstyles which is not in trend now.  Try these cute hairstyles that are new and easy, yet fun. In this article I have gathered some great last minute hairstyles for short, medium and long hair. These are good to try for summer when mostly we prefer to have a nice bun or a ponytail with some braids for a cool look. Check out some of the best and easiest braided hairstyles to share with you. 

How Do You French braid:  A Step by Step Guide

Braid hairstyles are always hot fashion in Summer Season because they are easy to make and look good on every type of faces. Mostly girls do not have long hairs rather they have medium size or short hair. So a French braid is always a good option for girls having medium length hairs and side French braid for girls having short length hairs.

In this article I am going to share a tutorial on How do you French braid. Idea of this article came into my mind when I saw a girl in my college have this French braid hairstyle. She was looking gorgeous in that braid hairstyle. So I thought to share tutorial on How to do french braid for my readers.

List of Top Fashion Designers Of India

Fashion Industry of India has gained popularity in world as a fashion centric nation. Earlier, people do not know much about India and Indian Fashion. But now we have seen a boom in Indian Fashion Industry. It is result of Hardwork and Determination of Top Fashion Designers of India. Today, Indian Fashion Designers are well known faces in the International Fashion Industry and it is because of these fashion designers that India is in the list of top countries. The Indian fabric and Indian textile is equally popular and in demand in international markets.

India is now know for its extremely good fabric which has very high demand in the international market and famous for its elegant woman’s attire named “Saree”.

Navneet Kaur Dhillon Won Title of Ponds Femina Miss India 2013

This Holi will be going to be really special for someone. Yes guys, I am talking about Navneet Kaur Dhillon, beautiful and stylish Girl from the city beautiful Chandigarh. She has won the most prestigious title of Ponds Femina Miss World India 2013 on 24th March 2013 .It was very hard competiton but Sikh Girls has finnaly achieved what she deserve.The first runners-up was Sobhita Dhulipala of Visakhapatnam. The 20-year-old ex-student of Vishakha Valley School currently studies at HR College, Mumbai. The city is also the present home of Zoya Afroz (18), who was the second runners-up; originally from Lucknow, the Land of Nawab’s, Zoya, an actor, studied at R N Shah High School and then Mithibai College.

Faced with a rather morbid question of what her one regret would be if she were to die the following day, to which she very well replied as, “The only thing I would regret would be not having done as much for society as I would like to. Issues of women’s empowerment and child labour and other social evils are a big concern.”  There were 11 finalists in the last round of Pond’s Femina Miss India Chandigarh 2013.[1] There was tough competition but with her hard work and determination she won the title. Navneet was also crowned Pond’s Femina Miss Glowing Skin.

Cute and Stylish Headbands for Women 2013

In summer season when you are combating heat and sweaty stickiness, it is sometimes hard to make your hair look stylish and decorative with some hair accessories. However, you can still enjoy a fashionable and flirty look this summer by using appropriate summer hair accessories like headbands for women.

Headbands are the hot summer hair accessory to give a stylish and beautiful look to your hair. Headbands are simple hair accessories to which you to pull your hair away from your face. This hair accessory is not only stylish but is very easy to put on and will look great with any outfit. You can instantly fix your hair with headbands and still look chic. You can choose these smart hair accessories from a wide variety including basic cloth headbands, patent leather headbands or more formal jeweled headbands. It is up to you which one you like most.

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