Tips for Business Trip Travelers

The Success of a Business trip is not only important for you but also for your company.Success in big deals on business travel can take you to another level of  success.I am specially writing this post for people who are new in going out for business trips so that they should commit small mistakes that should risk their corporate career.


How to make your business trip successful?

tips for business travelers

If you are going for a holiday destination or a wedding ceremony to another place,its is important if you take care of small things.Before every trip you have assume  that you have previously done a trip like this.This rule apply on your business travel also.

Travel Before a Travel

basic tips for business travelers

By reading above statement you will think that author is mad or he is drunk while writing.But its not like that  You have to assume that you are going for business trip.By doing this step by step you will get know all the things you will need on the business trip or like what problems will you have to face on business trip.Doing like this asks yourself some if-but questions and prepare yourself for that kind of business trip.

Basic Rule for Business Trip

In Hollywood movie ‘Up in the AirGeorge Clooney’s character Ryan Bingham have given so many lectures on this topics that he has created a business trip as an important serious matter of a business man’s life.If you are planning for a business trip then you can take some few tips from the beginning scenes of movie ‘Up in the Air‘ make you trip a great success.Ryan Bingham believes in not doing check-in first like other business travelers mostly for those who travels a lot by air because If your luggage reaches half an hour late to you then it will a complete wastage of your precious time.
Few people have different opinion on this and they prepare trip according to their suitability.For example-A well known food chain Marketing Head Mr. C.Jonathan have different way of doing this.Whenever he goes to a business rip then he prepare two bags-One for his clothes,other important stuff and Second one is for LAPTOP. He do check-in of first bag and Carries laptop with himself.He gives a reason for this that In a business  meeting if you carries heavy bags is not consider as a good business sense.

Prepare to-do list before going on Business  Trip


Legal Adviser of a big firm company Vartika Seth says that Planning is important before going on a business trip.For this she prepares a list of to-do things two days earlier before going on a business trip which she needs on a business trip.She remember when she has to face difficulties when her a defect came in her laptop.Vartika  also prepares a list of her clothes.She says businessman can manage in just one dress but for a business women things a not so just easy.She has to carry trousers,shoes,tops etc. Managing weight of these all things is a big task for her.

Proper Care of  Documents

Priyanka Bedi who travels every month on a business trip to African countries advises that all your important documents should be properly organized and specially medical related documents if your are going to African countries.Priyanka Bedi who works in a telecom company tell that she specially carries a safety pin in her bag.Black trousers matching tops and stoles are also important for a business women.

Less weight of Luggage

Its beneficial if you decide luggage according to place where your are going.Airlines companies are very strict about weight of luggage.If weight of luggage is more than limit then they will never allow you to take luggage with you.So always weight your luggage before going to airport.

Special tips for Business-women

Priyanka advice women because of her great experience in business trips that women should also carry casual clothes with them rather than only formal clothes.If your meeting with client in odd hours than formal clothes will not suit you.

Business Etiquette’s
You have to research Business Etiquette’s of place where you are going for business trip.For example in USA giving tip in restaurants or any other places is included in their culture.

Like this if you will keep in mind small things you business trip would be a great success and you can achieve a good position by doing successful deals internationally.If you find this article useful do share and comment.Your suggestions are always appreciated.

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