Top 10 Fashion Accessories That Women Must Have

Top 10 Fashion Accessories That Women Must Have

Getting ready for party or going out somewhere else. Wearing the dress which you bought yesterday to the party but whole look will be downfall if you will not have perfect fashion accessories to go with it. To complement every woman’s look, fashion accessories are necessary. They add glamor and color to every outfit that she wears and help in achieving the look that she wants to exude.

Adding extras to an outfit is a easy way to inject some personality, and as they are also timeless, they make a great investment. Here in this article I am going to write about Top 10 Fashion Accessories That Women Must Have so that she would look gorgeous and stylish whenever she goes out with her friends or anyone else.

It does not matter what your age is or what type of body you have, you should have these Top 10 Fashion Accessories in your wardrobe. The trends in fashion accessories keeps changing frequently, yet there are some constant things, the use of which remains fixed under different situations .Here is a list of the top ten fashion accessories which a woman  should always  have  right inside her purse or in her closet.




Belts have become one of the trendiest fashion accessories from the past few years especially slim belts are very much in these days. Slim belts go best with colored chinos especially if you wear them with contrast.  The slim belts are thinner in breadth and also shorter, which makes it feasible to carry along in the purse as an important accessory. These belts are also considered to make a woman look slimmer compared to the usage of other branded belts.

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Scarf’s are made of different varieties of fabrics and comes in wide range of colors. Depending on the weather, you can use one made of wool, cotton, silk or some other materials. You can do a lot of things with scarfs. Wear it draped around the neck, over the shoulders etc.

I.C TIP– If you’re wearing a basic T-shirt and jeans, you can use a simple printed scarf as the bright piece to complete your look.



Summer season has come and to save your eyes from UV rays of Sun it is important that you should carry sunglasses with you.  Over sized Sunglasses, Aviator Style, Wayfarer type etc. are hot fashion these days so buy them according to what you want.

I.C (Inkcloth) Tip– Whenever you go to buy sunglasses select frame which suits best on your face.



Buy different type of colorful earrings to go best with your everyday casual look. You can also buy pearl earrings as pearl earrStylish-Earrings-for-Girlsings are sober to look at. Unlike others, pearl earrings go with any kind of outfit. A pair of pearl earrings can be considered as one of the top 10 fashion accessories or items which a woman should carry as the pearl earrings. It make a woman look more smarter and lovelier.



I will not mention here why girls need handbags because darling you already know it. But its important to discuss that what kind of handbag you should carry with yourself. If you are college going girl then you should buy handbag in which you can carry some books or other things Else you should buy Envelope Clutch Bag. They are fashionable and trendy to look at, and are highly popular among women these days. You can carry your wallet, money and other credit and debit cards without any kind of trouble.

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A watch is as much an accessory as is a timepiece. Buy some colorful watches if you are a student or if you working women that you should buy some formal watches that goes best with you formal attire. Check out Top 10 Formal Watches for Women

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Head Bands are really popular these days. You can make some great Puff Hairstyles with them . Bobby pins are also necessary in the creation of the different hairstyles of a woman and are essential fashion accessories that every woman must have.

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This is very affordable fashion accessories as you can buy them easily in the market by shelling some few bucks. This will look really good with your casual as well as formal look that why I felt necessary to add this in list of Top 10 Fashion Accessories for Women



These are very useful accessories that have been used by women for centuries to complement their look. Colorful Bold Bangles and Stylish Bracelets add perfect touch to your whole look. Make sure you have matching bracelets and bangles with your all outfits.


Kristen Stewart Looking Beautiful in Short Black Dress

It will benefit you if you will have little black dress in your wardrobe. Whenever you are not finding anything to wear for party just choose that black dress without thinking about any other outfit. Look for a dress with a detail like an interesting sleeve, an embellished belt that makes it unique. And remember that finding the right fit is important!

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