Wedding nail ideas for you and your best day of your life!

Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. On your wedding day, you will naturally want to get a dress that is as exquisite and perfect as possible. Luckily, you can also flaunt your fingernails with some stunning wedding nail ideas and add a dash of glamour and fashion to the big day.

Wedding nail ideas
Wedding nail ideas

Wedding nail ideas

There are virtually endless wedding nail art designs out there. Determining the one that is right for you really depends on your color preferences, nail shape and size, and the overall theme of your wedding day. Typically, since wedding dresses are either white or a very light shade, wedding nail art usually utilizes pale pink, white and related shades.

Following are some of the most awesome wedding nail ideas that we have shortlisted. We sincerely hope that you will find one of them perfect enough for your big day.

Golden Elegance

This is one of our favorite wedding nail ideas simply because it brings together elegance and sophistication which is perfectly suited for a wedding. The Golden Elegance design is achieved by first applying a nude-pink base on to the nails. Once the base is dry, you can add vertical stripes of golden crystals along the length of the nails. The golden acrylic effect will beautifully complement any golden jewelry you may wear on the day. As an added plus, it may also may your nails and fingers appear longer.

Beach Sunset

This is a brilliant nail art design which brings the freshness of the beach and the sea to your fingernails. At the same time, it plays on the color themes of nude and pink, complementing the wedding dress perfectly. To achieve this effect, apply the nude base from the cuticle towards the middle of the nails. Then from the middle to the tips, apply a peachy pink shade. The two shades should blend perfectly around the center of the nails and create a beautiful gradient effect. This is truly one of the stand-out wedding nail ideas and is sure to turn many heads on your wedding day.

Blue and White

If you want to break away from the traditional pink and white, a bold Blue and White design may be apt for you. This is one of those wedding nail ideas which are unique and different while bringing elegance and class to your fingernails. The Blue and White design can be recreated by applying a coat of the bold, colorblocking blue from the tips towards the cuticle, so that is covers two-thirds of the nails. The rest of the nail around the cuticle should be coated with bright white. You can also add a silver stripe as a border between the two shades. The effect achieve by this nail art design is stunning.

Floral Beach Sunset

This is a twist on the original beach sunset nail art design mentioned above. If the original design is too bland and simple for your twist, you may want to go with the floral beach sunset. We love this design because it goes well with the flowers and the general spirit of joy and festivity that marks a wedding day. To achieve this design, simply apply a nude shade at the bottom half of the nails and the pale pink at the top half, blending the two together seamlessly. Next, use the nude shade to draw minuscule floral patterns on the two shades. This brings an understated elegance to your fingernails while also making a joyous statement apt to a wedding occasion.

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  • Great advice! The bride must have tender and beautiful nails. I think without much adornment. I looked for a few options for myself like these b-nails I think you need to try to do different designs that would decide which one is more like.


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