The fashion world is evolving every day. In this article, we have summarized for you the top French fashion designers who have brought a lasting impact in the fashion world. They are among the most prominent in their field and have come up with distinct styles of influencing how people dress.

Here are the top french fashion designers of all times!

Isabel Marant

Marant is the queen of France’s high-end boho-luxe look. She is among the top French fashion designers having specialized in the line of jerseys and knitwear. She rose to fame through her line of shoes which are practically seen everywhere today. In 1994, Marant launched her brand which has received unprecedented boom in popularity.

Five years later she expanded her brand and added `Etoile’ which designed affordable casual wear than the signature brand. Today, the company has more than 10 shops worldwide and hundreds of retailers in more than 35 countries.

Marant fashion line became popular when she opened a U.S. flagship boutique in New York’s SoHo neighborhood. The clothing line captured the attention of celebrities like Beyonce, Sienna Miller and Rachel Weisz. Based on the popularity of her company, she is definitely a key player in the American fashion scene.

Adeline Andre

She is not only one of the top French fashion designers but also the head of one of the ten haute couture design houses in Paris. Adeline developed interest in fashion design after her graduation in 1970’s. She started working as an assistant at El Chavo del 8 Haute Couture house.

After she was well-informed how the fashion industry operates, she formed her own designer house and named it Adeline Andre. In 1981, she registered the `three sleeve holes’ which still remains one of her most famous innovation. Currently, she participates in gallery and museum exhibitions. Adeline is the head designer in her company.

Agnès B.

Agnès B. is a famous French designer known for her self-named brand. After she graduated from college, she was hired by Elle magazine as a junior editor .Two years later she left and worked as a freelance for Limitex. In 1966, she founded Comptoir Mondial de Creation (CMC) which is the parent of the Agnès B. label. A few years later, she developed her own boutique.

By 1981, she had started designing menswear. After successfully launching the clothing line, she managed to open her first international store in NY SoHo district. This made her to be recognized as one of the most successful top French fashion designers. Agnès B. supports several associations like Handicap international, AIDES among others.

André Courrèges

He is famous for his futuristic designs which exploit modern technology and new fabrics. After studying to be a civil engineer, André realized he wanted to pursue fashion. By 1961, he launched his own fashion house. Courrèges is among the list of top French designers who contributed in the invention of miniskirts.

Christian Audigier

Christian is a French fashion designer known for Von Dutch and Ed Hardy clothing line. He got into the fashion industry at the age of 15 years. After showing his love for fashion, he was given an opportunity to create his own company by top executive from MacKeen Jeans. Today, Audigier’s brands are sold internationally in more than 40 countries. In 2011, he sold his brand to Iconix Brand Group Inc. for $ 62 million. In 2012, he launched Ed Hardy perfumes line for men and women.

If you’re trying to find out the names of famous top French fashion designers, the above list is the perfect resource for you.

During the summer season, most women like to wear bright pink nails. However, before you decide which pink color to use, it’s important that you consider your hair color and the skin tone. A bright pink color stands out against tanned skin.

Maintaining your pink nails

Having healthy nails adds preeminent appeal to your identity. In addition, they add supreme charm to your overall look. Having broken nails or bleeding cuticles can be your worst nightmare. It’s recommended that you incorporate regular grooming and cleaning into your routine. Let me walk you through the general care and maintenance tips of your pink nails;

· Exfoliate

This involves giving yourself a spa treatment at home. First, get a dish with warm water, then add one tablespoon of salt. You can go a step further and add lemon in the mixture in case your nails have started to change the color. Secondly, you should deep your hands into the solution for about 7 minutes. Once you’re done, you should scour your hands by splashing them with water. It’s good to note that, exfoliating makes the skin soft, so it becomes easier to remove cuticles around your nails. To ensure you remove the cuticles without harming yourself physically, it’s advisable that you use a cuticle pusher with a rubber grip.

· Gloss your nails

Just like your skin, your pink nails will need glossing. The first thing you need to do is to get a sharp clipper to trim and file the nails. Filing should be done in one direction since filing back and forth is likely to damage your nails. You should then buffer your nails by applying a gloss that will not interfere with the pink color. The natural color of your nails will be maintained.

· Moisturize your hands

Apply fingernail oil that is rich in vitamins A, C and E. Moisturizing should be done on the cuticles and the nails. When properly done, the cuticle oil will boost the growth of your hands while still maintaining the pink color. To add a reflexive sparkle, you can massage your whole hand. Lastly, wrap your hands with a clean dump towel for about 10 minutes to give your hands more comfort. Wipe the oil and you’re done. Repeat the same procedure once a week to maintain healthy pink nails.

How to choose the right pink color for your nails

Are you uncertain which pink color will make you look the best? It’s good to note that, although there are varieties of pink colors to choose from, not all of them will work for you. The following is an all-inclusive guide to help you choose the best color that complements your look;

· Identify your skin tone

If you want your pink nails to stand out, you must be aware of your skin tone. It’s recommended that you wear a lighter shade if you have a light skin tone. Similarly, those who have a darker skin tone should wear darker pink colors.

· Test the colors

To see how the color will look on your nail, you can test it first on a piece of paper.

· Consider the occasion

Before you decide on the pink color shade to apply on your nails, you should consider whether you’re attending a business function or it’s for casual purposes.

By understanding the nail anatomy, you have no reason not add a supreme charm to your overall look.

Over the years, we have seen huge improvements in the fashion industry thanks to the incredible talents of fashion designers. In fact, some of the iconic fashion designers are still able to show their abilities of elegant clothing. Let me walk you through some of the world’s famous fashion designers.

Famous Fashion Designers Are Below:

Giorgio Armani

Armani is one of the famous fashion designers. The Italian designer concentrates on menswear. In 2001, he was declared the most successful designer of Italian origin. By 2012, his personal fortune stood at $ 7 billion. It’s estimated that his annual turnover currently stands at more than $1.6 million. He’s a great fashion designer and a true legend in the fashion industry.

Pierre Cardin

Pierre is an Italian- French fashion designer famous for his haute couture geometric avant-garde style designs. He was born in 1922. At the age of 14 years, Cardin developed interest in dressmaking where he learned the basics of fashion design. After several years, he left home to work as a tailor where he started making suits for women.

In 1945, he studied architecture and started working with paquin fashion house. In 1950, he launched his own fashion house and by 1954, he had established his own fashion line by the name the `bubble dress’. However, in the late 1960’s, haute couture began to fall and Cardin was forced to combine mini and maxi skirts. His clothes showed freedom of expression in women clothing. As one of the famous fashion designers, his fashion house has grown to an empire.

Calvin Klein

Calvin Klein is an American and the founder of Calvin Klein Inc. He is unquestionably one of the biggest names in the fashion industry. Today Calvin Klein collection features a tone of elegance and sophistication. In 1968; he launched Calvin Klein collection which sold youthful dresses and coats. The business grew very fast until he made an appearance in the Vogue magazine. By 1971, Klein added classic blazers and sportswear in the women’s collection.

In 1974, he was declared the youngest person to receive Coty American Fashion Critics Award. Four years later, his revenues increased to $30 million. By 1981, his annual income had risen to $8.5 million per year. Later, he introduced boxer shorts for men which made him earn $ 70 million that year. However, in 1992, the company almost went bankrupt and picked again in the late 90s. After several years of operation, the company was no longer in the market. In 2002, it was sold to Phillips Van Heusen Corp.

Ralph Lauren

Ralph Lauren is an American fashion designer famous for his multi-billion-dollar enterprise the `Ralph Lauren Corporation’. In 1967, he launched the clothing line for men’s ties. According to Forbes, he is 223rd richest person in the world. He designed the famous short sleeve shirt with a Polo emblem. In 1968, he launched his first full line of menswear `polo’.

In 1978, he introduced cologne for men and women which was followed by The Polo Sport line. Five years later, the company was listed as a publicly traded company in NYSE. In the year 2000, the company opened a website. As one of most famous fashion designers, Ralph Lauren has been featured in more than 100 global magazine covers.

Donna Karan

Donna is the sole creator of the DKNY label commonly known as Donna Karen New York. His clothing line provides women with a dynamic system of modern dressing. She introduced the Seven Easy Pieces’ design. She is not only one of the most famous fashion designers, but also the most important people of the century.

Baby Girl Hairstyles! Having a baby girl is definitely one of the most exciting experiences in every mom’s life. Pink oozes a feeling of love and abundance, and each mom will do her best to make her little princess stand out. Below are a number of simple and fun hairstyles you can pull on your little one, to give them that glamour look.

Baby Girl Hairstyles

1. Side braid:

Gently comb baby’s hair to one side and create a side braid. You can fasten it with a colored band at the end.

2. Side part:

Our second idea out of our baby hair styles is to gently subdivide baby’s hair into two sections: left and right. Comb baby’s hair to the sides and fasten each side with a fun clip.

3. Low twist:

Make a low twisted braid. Pin it with a coloured ribbon or a fun clip just above the nape.

4. Midi-pony:

Gently pull infant’s hair to the middle to make a single ponytail. Fasten it with a choice accessory

5. Top-pony:

Subdivide hair into two sections. Clip the top section of the hair into a side ponytail. Comb the rest of the hair backwards to the nape.

6. Multi pony:

Gently comb baby’s hair to the side. Subdivide it into three ponytails. Bind the first pony independently. Now Bind the second pony and adjoin it to the first and the last third pony to the second. You can use different coloured bands if you like, and then use a clip to hold the hair back.

7. Flow back:

Gently comb baby’s hair backwards. Subdivide into three (front, mid, back.) Fasten the front and mid sections into lose knots. Let the back section fall freely.

8. Side clip:

Comb the hair backwards and clip it on the side using an alligator clip.

9. Bobby boo:

Gently comb baby’s hair back, and then wrap it with a headband.

10. Duo braid:

Divide baby’s hair into two sections: front and back. Subdivide the front part into two: left and right. Plait each section onto neat cornrows, and clip them at the middle of the skull. Wrap them over with a fly headband. You can braid with a colour ribbon to create a stunning look. Let the back section of the hair flow.

11. Duo knots:

This is more like the duo braids. However, instead of the cornrows, wrap the hair round into neat knots, and then wrap the middle ridge with a band.

12. Subdivided baby’s hair into two sections: left and right.

Subdivide the left section into three parts: front, mid and back. Using a long coloured ribbon, gently bind the front part and make a lose knot. Continue binding so that the first section is adjoined to the second, and the second to the third. Do the same to the right section.

13. She-hawk:

Comb baby’s hair to the centre to make a neat mohawk. Subdivided hair into three sections: front, middle and back. Bind the front section to the middle one, and the middle one to the back one using coloured bands. Clip the last tip with a choice accessory.
Babies can get jittery and impatient sometimes. Be very patient! They may hate the course but will definitely love the final look of their baby girl hairstyles. Also note that baby’s hair is still very fragile. Therefore be gentle with your every move. It’s also very important that you keep baby’s hair shampooed and oiled. Let your little girl shine and all the best as you try the baby hairstyles out.

There are such a variety of sports shoe brands and it can turn out to be rather overwhelming at times to choose the best one.

Whether you’re going for a mud run or marathon it’s basic that you wear the best sports shoes within your financial plan.

In this section well enable you to understand which is the game shoes of 2017.

Introduction to the 10 shoe brands of 2017

1. Converse

They are comfortable, come in a wide range of hues and designs, they are not that costly, in addition to that they coordinate with generally clothing.

2. New Balance

Highlighting a design that has both synthetic and mesh elements, these New Balance tennis shoes accompanied soft rubber soles for most extreme grasp and stability when preparing either short or long distance.

Alongside the seamless upper and back tab, the New Balance shoe gloats a soft and rich which provides additional support and a padding framework from heel strike to toe-off.

3. Vans

Vans brand is suited for everybody and everywhere going from street and track over short and long distance marathons.

Consolidate the unrivaled grasp of the rubber outsole with the high toe spring and effective heel counter.

These shoes will float your motion along like you don’t have anything on your feet. Vans are made of lightweight mesh and synthetic with a seamless abdominal area.

4. Asics

This brand highlight a soft rubber sole for improved hold in all conditions which is perfect for the general sports individuals.

Also, it comes with the best technology, designed to work with one’s common foot development, making it perfect for feet that need much support.

The inherent structure of the Wave function is to disperse the effect compel equally throughout the sole, and when joined with the blow rubber forefoot it adds to the durability of the shoe and additionally providing predominant stun absorbing support.

5. Under Armor

Produced using synthetic material, the Under Armor enhances astounding foot strike and toe off execution while providing support for your feet and diminishing pressure on your knees, hips and other stress focuses.

It has a removable insole, that can be swapped for custom design which is especially good in the case have level feet or maybe high arches.

6. Jordan

These Jordan sports shoes are delivered with the best material which is the perfect recipe for arranging everything without exception that you could encounter. It has a removable insole. The removable insole adds to the diversity.

7. Puma

Puma is best for individuals who need plenty of padding with additional stability for most extreme solace and better gait.

It has a sole incorporated appropriate with the midsole territory which is in charge of providing enhanced support that functions admirably with the advanced crash cushion and impressive heel counter.

8. Reebok

The Reebok technology makes a lightweight to a great degree comfortable stage for your feet. It absorbs the back foot and heel stun which then changes over into forefoot Bob for strike off.

Like the vast majority of the best game shoes, these too have been designed to guarantee less friction for your feet and toes. This is something that the traditional shoe does not give.

9. Adidas

Adidas is designed to expand on affect with the surface when your foot lands which thus makes for an irritation-free experience. This technology gives your feet additionally breathing room which is especially good when you keep your shoes on for some scenarios.

10. Nike

Nike incorporates various innovations that provide better solace from heel strike than the toe. The shoe includes a soft rubber outsole which is incredible for prevalent hold and no-sew overlays for decreased irritation in the toe box. It also has a good heel counter for firm fortification when required.


It is time to settle on a choice and once again without being out of line it will be difficult to suggest which brand is the best shoe for sports.

To keep it unbiased we attempted to keep it reasonable, yet shockingly some brands seem more popular than others.

The luxury watch brands industry has been undergoing tremendous changes and innovation since its inception. The current change in technology has prompted many watch companies to follow suit and adopt certain changes to ensure their products and brands are accepted in the market.

Despite the fact that many people don’t use watches nowadays, there are a substantial number who have a sense of fashion for a watch as they are considered to be a reflection of a person’s style.

Finding the perfect watch therefore, is a priority to any person with taste and style.

There are hot luxury watch brands of 2017 which include the following:

Audemars Piguet Luxury Watch Brand

This is the best watch brand in 2017 which is stylish and luxurious with its origin in the Switzerland. It comes with a number of features which makes this watch outstanding from the rest of the brands.

The watch was founded by childhood friends Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet. The brand has been a success globally and many people prefer this brand due to its stylish look and features it possess.

Ulysee Nardin

This is another brand originating from Switzerland. It is among the most famous watch brands where it was initiated in the year 1846 by Ulysse Nardin and has undergone major changes to date.

This luxurious watch brand comes with an excellent marine chronometer and is designed with a technical makeover which makes it trendy and a hot luxurious watch brand of 2017.


This is a truly unique and luxurious watch in 2017 which features gray magnetite dials with an opaline finish. The brand is designed with the dual-wing concept consisting of two distinct mechanisms supplying energy to the complication and the movement.

The watch brand comes with exquisite face and beautiful sparkling jewels and reversible cases which makes it luxurious and elegant.

Piaget SA Luxurious Watch Brand

The new and luxurious 2017 edition of Piaget SA brand has been rolled out where it is built with the best technology and comes with unique and exceptional features.

This ultra-thin watch brand has been ranked as one of the luxurious watch brands of 2017 by The Luxury Institute.

It is famous for intricate movements including Retrograde Movements, Tourbillon skeleton movements, self-winding movements and Ultra-thin movements power which makes them unique and luxurious.

The watch brand is made from high-quality precious stones and diamonds which makes it outstanding and exceptional.

Breitling Luxurious Watch Brand

This luxury watch brand was founded in 1884 and best suits divers because it is designed with the automatic winding mechanism.

This brand has an excellent durability and precision and has features which are inspired by fighter pilots.

Other features of the brand include radio transmitters and circular slide which makes it reliable and highly favored by fighter pilots.

Cartier Luxury Watch Brand

This is no doubt a hot luxury watch brand of 2017 being the most iconic watch globally. It is most synonymous with celebrities due to its classic distinction and elegant look.

The company uses high-end state-of-the-art materials featuring Roman numerals which make this brand unique, distinguished and outstanding from the rest.

DIY Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, many of us are scrambling to find the perfect to give to our mothers. Sometimes finding the perfect gift can be difficult, especially when you want to give her something unique that can’t be found any place else. One solution for this problem is to make your own gift, and here are some diy Mother’s Day gift ideas for you to consider:

Gift basket

The sky is the limit when it comes to creating a gift basket that your mother will absolutely love. All you have to do is find an attractive basket, and if you’re especially creative you can even make your own. After you’ve purchased or created the basket, it’s then time to fill it with goodies. Whether you want to fill it with edible gifts, personal care products or perhaps a combination of both, you can create a beautiful and thoughtful gift.

Baked goods

There aren’t many moms who wouldn’t love beautifully decorated cookies, cake or cupcakes for Mother’s Day. All you have to do is obtain a decorative container that will hold the finished product, and you can create an amazing gift for mom. You can find your favorite cupcake or other baked good recipe, color the frosting a beautiful “mom” color like pink, yellow or purple, and then place the finished product in the container. She’s guaranteed to love it.


It’s easier to make soap than many people believe. You can choose the molds and fragrances that you feel your mom would like best. To get started, simply perform a web search on “homemade soap” and you can determine what ingredients you need to make your mom some beautiful and great-smelling soap.

As you can see, it’s easy to come up with a unique diy gift idea for your mom on her special day. As long as you take the time to carefully determine which diy gift would be the best fit, you can make the most appreciated and treasured Mother’s Day gift ever.

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How to Quickly Choose the Perfect Wedding Dress

When you are searching for the perfect wedding dress, the choices that are available can be overwhelming. Whether you have a certain style in mind or do not have any idea what to look for in a bridal gown, you will see there are a wide variety of dresses available in all styles and sizes. Here are a few things to consider to help you narrow your search down until you end up with the dress that is the perfect fit for you.

Important Considerations for Choosing a Wedding Dress


The type of gown you buy should match up with the season in which you are taking your vows. A summer wedding calls for a style that is not only fashionable, but made of fabrics that are light and airy. With a summer wedding, you may choose a dress of any length and still be beautifully in season. A spring wedding may call for flowery patterns, but if your wedding decor is already blooming with color and patterns, you will not want your dress to clash with the decorations. However, if your dress is the focus and your decorations will serve to accent your matrimonial fashion, a little extra color and lace will be appropriate. The winter dress may have more fabric and be warmer than with other seasons, but you will also have more options in outer wear, such as a cloak and/or a larger and longer train.


Will your wedding take place in a church or other inside venue? Perhaps you are planning a garden or beach wedding. If you will be on the beach, short or mid-length dresses are entirely appropriate. Inside venues vary, too. Elegant, fun, sophisticated, or casual? This will depend on your choice in locations.

Your Own Personal Style

Never choose a wedding dress based on what someone else believes is right for you. You are the bride and you deserve to feel beautiful in a gown that fits with your personality and style. If you cannot find the dress for you, think about hiring a professional to help you design a gown or customize one in which you will shine. As the bride, your wedding dress should show off YOU.

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The Versatility Of The Cocktail Dress

Cocktail dresses solve the wardrobe questions between casual and formal. They look festive and fun, and they are appropriate for informal weddings and parties. Cocktail dresses also look great for a date.


The flapper dresses of the 1920s serve as the predecessors of the cocktail dress. Around 1940, Christian Dior introduced the early evening dress, and called it a cocktail dress. These dresses had a hemline that reached just above the ankle.

Modern Times

Today the cocktail dress hemline runs from just above the knee to ankle length. The longer lengths have traditionally been worn for semi-formal occasions. In the past, a woman would not have worn a cocktail dress in the afternoon, but that is no longer necessarily the case.

The Little Black Dress

A woman’s wardrobe would not be complete without the little black dress. They are very stylish and appropriate for almost any occasion. It is generally knee length or shorter. It may have lace and beading embellishments. It may be sleeveless. The little black dress comes with limitless enhancements and infinite varieties, but above all it makes the wearer elegant. Its simplicity and elegance are based on the 1920 designs of Coco Chanel.

Givenchy designed the little black dress popularized by Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Just about every woman now has one of these dresses in her closet, and wears it for special occasions.


In addition to countless designs, cocktail dresses are readily available and affordable. Most department stores and online retailers offer them. They can also be purchased from consignment shops and vintage clothing stores.

Cocktail dresses span the gap between casual and formal attire. They can be fun and flirty or offer elegance and mystery. They have been a part of women’s wardrobes for almost a century, and yet they’re still in vogue.

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Back in Style: Maxi Dresses

Worn slightly above the ankle, chic maxi dresses were very popular during the sixties and into the seventies. Everything old is new again, the fashionable maxi is back in style.

There are no limits to the patterns and mode of this trendy ankle length frock. Choose a flowing rayon handkerchief hem maxi dress with spaghetti straps. It is perfect for date night or a casual dinner. Ideal for warm weather, this mesmerizing gypsy print has a scoop neck atop a full a-line skirt.

If you prefer a warmer dress, a three-quarter length sleeve maxi is just the style. You will look lovely in a polyester/spandex empire waist beauty with a sexy v-neckline ending just above knotted ruching. The easy pullover style is just snug enough to show off your figure, yet with ample fullness for comfort. It is available in warm colors of navy, teal and magenta.

A casual black and white printed peasant dress with flutter sleeves will capture your softer side. The scoop neckline and ruffled hem signify the rustic style. Snug at the elasticized waist, the full skirt flows graciously to the ankle.

The blues have it in this essential chevron print, halter top maxi dress. The light sweater fabric is simply sublime for all seasons. Add a shrug or bolero in cool weather. Light and dark blue zig zags are accented with a navy tie at the waist. A band of navy underlines the hem that ends at the ankle.

Picture a white maxi racerback dress, composed of smooth rayon/spandex with a scoop neckline. Top it off with a slightly shorter, heather gray sheer chiffon dress to crate a high low hem. This charming, casual dress is unique and summer ready. Dress it up with your favorite sparkling jewelry or keep it relaxed with colorful baubles.
You can’t go wrong with an up-to-the-minute, classic maxi dress.

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