Does our way of life is truly right?

Do we really need to be kind of robots and follow guidance of someone into a one true path – death.

I had been in a funeral of someone near me, she is a mother around her 40 and she pass away after fighting cancer for several years. She has a kid that learn with my kid. They are good friends.

life & death
life & death

Does our way of life is truly right?


I am not a religion person, and don’t care about it. I think everyone should choose their way.
After talking to her husband and looks on the kids. I have some question in mine…

Do I eat right?

Do I sleep enough?

Should I be more with my wife?

Did I give enough time to my kids?

And other questions related to my life or the way of living.

Does our way of life is truly right?

Am I faithful to myself?

I mean, I go to work. Find time to be with the kids, with my wife. Trying to have time for myself.

Only when something like that happen we stop and think about our life.

But, and this is a BIG but, do we actually make the changes?

If we have our health we can live more. If we have money we can get more material things. You know that health and money can make life easier.

But is that the true path that we need to go? Strive for it?

No one beat death, did you hear this sentence? Probably yes.

Do you aim your life according to it? Probably no.

Is there someone that really chase us? We do no time to think, no time to act.

Did you ever think about it we are nothing in a big world? Dust in the wind, like the song say.

Time pass fast and then we die – oh yea!

In each and every one of us there is an inner box with dreams. Some of them are something we actually can do. Some are not. Well are they really not something we can do.

In an atopic world, would we able to do it. I do not know, everyone with his or her dreams.

OK, should we race to catch our dream. Should we forget them till the right time. When is the right time?

You will probably agree with me that the harder you work doesn’t mean the more you gain.

Where is the right border for that?


If I will say that I am tired to go each day to work. No, I am not lazy. I just think that I am wasting my time over there. Don’t misunderstand me, they pay well. The work is not hard. I manage to learn new stuff. I get interaction with people. I think it is because I getting bored fast.
It happens in my last job, after almost 6 years. And it happens now, after only 1 year.

A lot to think about. Lots of questions. Answers, where are they.

The sad thing is that time will cure it. Time cure all.

Tomorrow is a new day. New opportunities. Will you take them or let them slip (another good song).

Thinking of the tech & Med future:


What if the nearby future technology can bring us to a point where there will be no needs for money.
No need for borders. Robots will be able to raise bred, and other fields of whatever we need as food.
Medical will be able to stop most of our illness thanks to genetics.

I do not know how to end this thinking article. I will end it with the following sentence:

Death is the only sure thing in life. The important thing is to enjoy in the ride!