Long hair is very trendy among boys nowadays. It looks great when it grows out. Long hair also gives boys a unique look that makes them stand out in a crowd. It requires less time to wash and style as long as it is naturally wavy. A boy with long hair will not be confused with other boys with short hair in school or on the playground. So, if you want to give your son a unique look, go for long hair!

Boys With Long Hair
Boys With Long Hair | Image by David Karich from Pixabay


To achieve a mop-top for boys with long hair, you can use a clipper with a number four or six attachment. These can be used on the sides and the top to blend in the hair. You can also use these on the back of the head and neck. If you use the number four clipper attachment, you can use it to create a clean line around the neck and ears.

The ‘Mop Top’ hairstyle first became popular on the social media site TikTok. It continues to dominate the Internet, and has become one of the most popular hairstyles on TikTok. However, this hairstyle was popular before the site’s dominance. Time will tell if this look will stick around. But for now, it’s a fun trend that’s sure to become more popular.

If you’re looking for a retro hairstyle for your boy, you can add a center part or flippy curtain bangs to it. This ’90s cut frames the eyes and gives your client a young Leo vibe. It’s also great for transitioning from long to short hair. Gilad Goldstein cuts this style when it’s wet and creates a vintage look. For best results, use scissors with the ARC HARMONY II ™ brand.

A classic Mop-top style was made popular by Sir James Paul McCartney, a member of The Beatles in the early ’60s. It was a wildly popular hairstyle during the time of the Beatles, and has endured over time. Its popularity has grown so much that Justin Bieber and Prince Harry both nearly killed it. Whether you go for the traditional mop-top for boys or opt for the latest and greatest, the Mop Top looks great.


Hair is an important part of a boy’s appearance, and there are a variety of different types of hairstyles for boys, from bobs to mullets. Long hair can look incredibly cute, and many boys choose to wear their hair on their back or in a ponytail. For boys with thick, coarse hair, you can choose to cut it just above the ear, or comb it into a side part. For long hair, you can cut it just above the ear, and it will look great. You can even choose to have it combed to either side.

A long bob is a great style for a boy with naturally curly hair, as it’s striking and simple to maintain. Boys who have thick, curly hair often prefer to wear their hair in a middle part, which helps show off their natural texture. This style also requires less frequent visits to the barber, and is very low-maintenance. However, long locks require more maintenance and are more difficult to keep clean.

Another great way to make this look more stylish is to add a beard. Boys with long hair often like to add beards, and the contrast of a long beard with a short bob can be impressive. You can also style the bob with partial highlights. The red strands of hair add a fiery appearance to a boy’s mane. The style can also be made more interesting with textured bangs, so that the entire look remains fresh and modern.

Another hairstyle for boys is the fade. A faded top will look great with a faded style, but the longer hair on top can be left longer. Make sure the bangs are not too long, though. They should be just long enough to cover the ears. Then, make sure the hair on top is long enough to cover the ear and still look great. You can also add curtain bangs or hair extensions to the top, making it look like dreadlocks. Just make sure to attach them close enough to the scalp, so that the extensions are not too tight.


The film “Rambo” starred actor John Trautman as a Vietnam War veteran named Arthur J. Rambo. The name is derived from the Japanese word “rambo”, meaning rough and violent. Originally, Rambo was given the first name “John” as a reference to the popular song “When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again.”

After the war, Rambo was back in the U.S. and trained in the Special Forces at Fort Bragg, North Carolina. He became proficient in multiple Southeast Asian languages and learned guerrilla warfare and demolitions. He also mastered marksmanship and survival skills. As of September 1969, Rambo was named a Green Beret and deployed to the Baker Team. The Baker Team consisted of eight men.

The film depicts Rambo’s character’s appearance after the war. His hair is longer and straighter than it was in the first film. In the first film, Rambo wears a dark red bandana over a gray shirt. The film ends with him putting on a thick green M-1965 military jacket and a brown sweatband. The sweatband is covered with a red sweatband at the beginning and a black sweatband later on.

The film also shows the character’s ability to bang people with a rock. Rambo’s fear of people making him a target is also a major reason why his character never engages with them. He doesn’t talk to most people and speaks directly to only a few. As he ages, he becomes bitter and starts making snide comments and insults. Rambo’s fear of rejection has led him to develop a resentful side.

Mop-top with textured medium-length style

The ‘Mop Top’ hairstyle has exploded in popularity in recent years. It emerged more than two years ago and is a favorite on the video-sharing website TikTok. However, this hairstyle existed long before TikTok came into existence, and the future of the trend will only be determined by time. Here are some styling tips for boys with medium-length hair:

A Mop Top looks like a boy with a hat, covering his ears and forehead. This haircut is great for winter. The hair is cut evenly around the head and can be blunt or layered. The length should be just long enough to cover the ears, while the back should be the same. To style this haircut, apply hair gel or wax, and blow-dry it to make it look shiny and smooth.

A mop-top with a textured middle length is an incredibly versatile haircut for boys. It’s easy to maintain and creates a relaxed aesthetic without requiring frequent visits to the barbershop. Medium-length hair looks great on all types of hair, from thin to thick and wavy. The middle part keeps hair out of the eyes and draws attention to the face.

Shoulder-length pixie

A boyish pixie cut can be incredibly versatile, and it can be achieved in many ways. If your boy’s hair is naturally long and straight, you can give him a shoulder-length pixie and create an asymmetrical effect. This look looks best with longer hair and a texturizing product. It also looks great with a shorter style, but it can also be achieved with a longer one.

A shoulder-length pixie can be a great way to showcase chestnut brown hair and highlight the jawline. A choppy pixie can be styled with a long side-piece and a short top. The look can be created using various techniques, including balayage. Those with thick hair should avoid this style unless they have thick hair and are particularly prone to damage.

The pixie haircut can be difficult to achieve at first. Boys with thick hair should not opt for this cut if they have very long hair. In addition, they shouldn’t wear it in a bun, which may make them feel insecure. But once it grows out, it’s easy to experiment with different styles. If you’re unsure about a particular look, you can always ask a professional stylist for suggestions.

A shoulder-length pixie can be stylish and sophisticated. If your boy has long hair, you can experiment with different cuts and colors. A long blonde pixie with a tapered bangs complements a round face shape, and a dark brown pixie with long bangs works well with a square-shaped face. A long front piece can also be styled with layers.

Hairstyle like hrithik roshan, tips on how to look like him

Apart from his impeccable dance moves, many people refer to Hrithik Roshan as a Greek God thanks to his signature hairstyle. The thick heavy curls that falls on his arched face makes all the ladies weak in the knees. Besides the usual oiling and occasional hair spas, there is much a man needs to do to get a hairstyle like Hrithik Roshan. Here are a few useful grooming tips;



Grow your hair

The first step is to grow your hair big enough. It’s important that you visit your local hairstylist for advice to ensure your hair reaches the desired length. Long hair demands more maintenance than short hair. Most importantly, you have to wash your hair with lukewarm water to keep it clean at all times. Once you’re done, remember to rinse with cold water to shut the pores. As a cautionary measure, don’t shampoo your hair on daily basis to avoid damage. According to his personal hairstylist, Roshan styles his curls with natural conditioners. He then lets it sit freely to bring out the drop dead gorgeous looks. Try not to get a haircut for about three months.

Find four pictures of hairstyle like hrithik roshan

In order to have a hairstyle like Hrithik Roshan, take a snap of 4 sides of different hairstyles for the celebrity. Make sure you capture the front, back, left and right sides. I’m not sure how you look like, but you can try to combine different styles to see which fits you most. Secondly, visit a reputed parlor and then show the hairstylist the photos you have. He or she should advise you accordingly on the style that suits your face. The following are the most famous hairstyles of Roshan;

· Too cool for school

This hairstyle involves coming up with a colored blonde hair with curls. It gives him an edge over other men in the film industry.

· Pony ain’t passé

This hairstyle brings out the rock star appeal. It’s a slick pullback hair combined with a mini-tail that hangs at the back of his head.

Color your hair

If you follow Roshan closely on social media, you will get to know everything about his hairstyles. Apart from the messy texture and dainty curls, his latest hairstyle is well colored. Although some men may feel shame dying their hair, no one is going to notice when it’s properly done. As a rule of thumb, you should never dye your hair at the front of your head. In order to get a hairstyle like Hrithik Roshan, you need to color your hair more at the back. This is usually his style. From an expert point of view, it’s important that you consult a professional to help you choose the most suitable color. Roshan likes using mahogany, brown color. If you don’t do a careful selection, your efforts will be worthless when the hair starts to grow.

Try leave-in conditioners

After you have shampooed and conditioned your hair, dry it with a towel and then apply your leave-in conditioner. As the name suggests, you should apply and leave in your hair. That said, if you have a lean body and a chiseled face you can use a little hair spray to set the hair naturally. How often you should wash your hair will depend on the hairstyle you choose. Try to use the best hair styling gel and conditioner.

Once you follow all the above grooming tips, you’ll have a hairstyle like Hrithik Roshan.

There are such a variety of sports shoe brands and it can turn out to be rather overwhelming at times to choose the best one.

Whether you’re going for a mud run or marathon it’s basic that you wear the best sports shoes within your financial plan.

In this section well enable you to understand which is the game shoes of 2017.

Introduction to the 10 shoe brands of 2017

1. Converse

They are comfortable, come in a wide range of hues and designs, they are not that costly, in addition to that they coordinate with generally clothing.

2. New Balance

Highlighting a design that has both synthetic and mesh elements, these New Balance tennis shoes accompanied soft rubber soles for most extreme grasp and stability when preparing either short or long distance.

Alongside the seamless upper and back tab, the New Balance shoe gloats a soft and rich which provides additional support and a padding framework from heel strike to toe-off.

3. Vans

Vans brand is suited for everybody and everywhere going from street and track over short and long distance marathons.

Consolidate the unrivaled grasp of the rubber outsole with the high toe spring and effective heel counter.

These shoes will float your motion along like you don’t have anything on your feet. Vans are made of lightweight mesh and synthetic with a seamless abdominal area.

4. Asics

This brand highlight a soft rubber sole for improved hold in all conditions which is perfect for the general sports individuals.

Also, it comes with the best technology, designed to work with one’s common foot development, making it perfect for feet that need much support.

The inherent structure of the Wave function is to disperse the effect compel equally throughout the sole, and when joined with the blow rubber forefoot it adds to the durability of the shoe and additionally providing predominant stun absorbing support.

5. Under Armor

Produced using synthetic material, the Under Armor enhances astounding foot strike and toe off execution while providing support for your feet and diminishing pressure on your knees, hips and other stress focuses.

It has a removable insole, that can be swapped for custom design which is especially good in the case have level feet or maybe high arches.

6. Jordan

These Jordan sports shoes are delivered with the best material which is the perfect recipe for arranging everything without exception that you could encounter. It has a removable insole. The removable insole adds to the diversity.

7. Puma

Puma is best for individuals who need plenty of padding with additional stability for most extreme solace and better gait.

It has a sole incorporated appropriate with the midsole territory which is in charge of providing enhanced support that functions admirably with the advanced crash cushion and impressive heel counter.

8. Reebok

The Reebok technology makes a lightweight to a great degree comfortable stage for your feet. It absorbs the back foot and heel stun which then changes over into forefoot Bob for strike off.

Like the vast majority of the best game shoes, these too have been designed to guarantee less friction for your feet and toes. This is something that the traditional shoe does not give.

9. Adidas

Adidas is designed to expand on affect with the surface when your foot lands which thus makes for an irritation-free experience. This technology gives your feet additionally breathing room which is especially good when you keep your shoes on for some scenarios.

10. Nike

Nike incorporates various innovations that provide better solace from heel strike than the toe. The shoe includes a soft rubber outsole which is incredible for prevalent hold and no-sew overlays for decreased irritation in the toe box. It also has a good heel counter for firm fortification when required.


It is time to settle on a choice and once again without being out of line it will be difficult to suggest which brand is the best shoe for sports.

To keep it unbiased we attempted to keep it reasonable, yet shockingly some brands seem more popular than others.

The luxury watch brands industry has been undergoing tremendous changes and innovation since its inception. The current change in technology has prompted many watch companies to follow suit and adopt certain changes to ensure their products and brands are accepted in the market.

Despite the fact that many people don’t use watches nowadays, there are a substantial number who have a sense of fashion for a watch as they are considered to be a reflection of a person’s style.

Finding the perfect watch therefore, is a priority to any person with taste and style.

There are hot luxury watch brands of 2017 which include the following:

Audemars Piguet Luxury Watch Brand

This is the best watch brand in 2017 which is stylish and luxurious with its origin in the Switzerland. It comes with a number of features which makes this watch outstanding from the rest of the brands.

The watch was founded by childhood friends Louis Audemars and Edward Auguste Piguet. The brand has been a success globally and many people prefer this brand due to its stylish look and features it possess.

Ulysee Nardin

This is another brand originating from Switzerland. It is among the most famous watch brands where it was initiated in the year 1846 by Ulysse Nardin and has undergone major changes to date.

This luxurious watch brand comes with an excellent marine chronometer and is designed with a technical makeover which makes it trendy and a hot luxurious watch brand of 2017.


This is a truly unique and luxurious watch in 2017 which features gray magnetite dials with an opaline finish. The brand is designed with the dual-wing concept consisting of two distinct mechanisms supplying energy to the complication and the movement.

The watch brand comes with exquisite face and beautiful sparkling jewels and reversible cases which makes it luxurious and elegant.

Piaget SA Luxurious Watch Brand

The new and luxurious 2017 edition of Piaget SA brand has been rolled out where it is built with the best technology and comes with unique and exceptional features.

This ultra-thin watch brand has been ranked as one of the luxurious watch brands of 2017 by The Luxury Institute.

It is famous for intricate movements including Retrograde Movements, Tourbillon skeleton movements, self-winding movements and Ultra-thin movements power which makes them unique and luxurious.

The watch brand is made from high-quality precious stones and diamonds which makes it outstanding and exceptional.

Breitling Luxurious Watch Brand

This luxury watch brand was founded in 1884 and best suits divers because it is designed with the automatic winding mechanism.

This brand has an excellent durability and precision and has features which are inspired by fighter pilots.

Other features of the brand include radio transmitters and circular slide which makes it reliable and highly favored by fighter pilots.

Cartier Luxury Watch Brand

This is no doubt a hot luxury watch brand of 2017 being the most iconic watch globally. It is most synonymous with celebrities due to its classic distinction and elegant look.

The company uses high-end state-of-the-art materials featuring Roman numerals which make this brand unique, distinguished and outstanding from the rest.

Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair

We’ve collected these images of Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair for you to enjoy.

Use the Hairstyles For Medium Length Hair as inspiration or ideas for your appearance. Enjoy!

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Dress Up for Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

Saint Patrick’s Day is a special day celebrated around the world. It is actually an Irish holiday but is marked by people across the globe. If you want to be a part of the holiday, then you need to dress up in style. Most people dress in green on this day, especially accessories such as hats and wigs. People also love celebrating by drinking beer, especially the Irish specialty, Guinness Stout beer. Therefore, find a hat to wear. You can wear a hat of any color but it should fit well.

If you have to wear a silly T-shirt with a funny slogan, you can spice it up a little by dressing up in a short shirt and lovely sandals, preferably strappy sandals. You can also sass up your outfit with amazing accessories such as a colorful scarf and a belt. An adorable face tattoo or a beautiful necklace will always feature nicely, especially if you have a party to attend. Looking nice is important and dressing in green on Saint Patrick’s Day is fun and shows you got the holiday spirit. However, try not to overdo it. Do not try too hard, like wearing 8 necklaces or something like that. Just have fun and dress to suit the occasion.

Saint Patrick's T-Shirt

You can also get into the holiday mood. Saint Patrick’s Day is more of a celebration of Irish culture and involves plenty of fun, dancing, parties, dressing up and sharing a great time with family and friends. Therefore, simply dress appropriately and get with the mood of the day. While some dress outrageously in green wigs, purple hats and so on, you can choose softer colors and a tee-shirt that is all about the occasion but take care not to be too extreme. It is advisable to join the crowds, enjoy the corned beef and the beer and simply have fun.

Frenzied Twitter Reaction to Brett Favre’s Beard and Physique

Brett Favre is a former NFL quarterback who played for the Green Bay Packers but has been away from the league for a couple of years now. However, it is not possible to say this by just looking at him. This is because there is a photo of him that has just been uploaded onto the Internet. The photo shows a bearded 44 year old Brett Favre with a well muscled and toned body. The photo looks so good that most people who viewed it wondered whether it was a Photoshop job. Some people even joked that the ace was that of Brett but Photoshopped onto Tim Tebow’s body.

A copy of this photo was posted onto the social networking website Twitter. This photo was put on the CLEsportsFan10 page and the image attracted a lot of buzz. Some were impressed by his amazing physique while others simply made fun of him. However, majority of online comments on social media were largely positive with many expressing positive things about his great physique. A few others made fun of his beard.

Brett Favre's beard

Basically, it is difficult to picture any other former football player, especially from the NFL, capable of attracting such scrutiny and such an online reaction. In fact many people are wondering whether he is preparing to come back to the league, especially considering how great his physical condition is. Some claim he runs 4 to 5 miles every day, rides a bike about 40 miles each day and has arms resembling a blacksmith’s.

However, Brett seems quite content in retirement and there has not been any mention of his resumption to the league. People expect that he will shed his beard as soon as winter is over. Even then, most people believe that this is not the last time the public is being exposed to such a spectacle.

Kid Cudi Dressing Style

Kid Cudi is associated with the usual story of many American hip-hop artists who drop out of high school and join urbanites in search of fame and fortune. He is known for his unique style of fashion. Just after getting to New York City, it is said that he worked in a Japanese clothing company known as A Bathing Ape (BAPE) and American Apparel clothing company. Apparently, Kid Cudi’s dressing style is somewhat a mixture of American Apparel’s tidy look and BAPE’s randomness.

Kid CudiHis dressing style portrays him as a mature person, as opposed to his stage name. Usually, he is associated with wearing clothes from the retail clothing companies where he worked in his early years in New York City. Also, he is known to favor designs from classics such as G-Shock by Casio and Nike. It is also his norm to wear classic eyeglasses that have plastic rims. His taste in eyeglasses ranges from the Elvis Costello style to those worn by secretaries in the 70s. You may spot him wearing khakis and a simple grey t-shirt and contrasting that with a heavy gold chain and oversize high-tops labeled Air Jordan. This may be a look that may only be pulled off by Kid Cudi and look good on him.

Kid Cudi has proven time and time again that it is possible to mix and match and still look good. Therefore, people should be free to try out new looks rather than getting tied up to the dressing related to their tradition, culture or society. For example, a mainstream artist may try and dress partly as an underground rock artist. Just as Kid Cudi has been able to show, eyeglasses can be a great accessory. Whichever ones that you may choose, trendy or classic, you may contrast them with your clothing. Big plastic sunglasses can also be good providers of shade from the sun.

Germany’s Shocker Uniforms for Sochi Olympics

Sochi 2014 winter Olympics will be held in Russia. It will be the 22nd winter Olympics to be held in the world. Some of the selected sporting activities that include; snowboard, skating and skiing begun a day before the Olympics officially begun. Nonetheless, the host country Russia is under criticism and condemnation for adopting strict gay laws. Germany is among such countries and is believed to have utilized bright colors in their Olympic uniforms.

sochi germany uniforms

Russia has embraced strict anti-gay agenda for a few months. There has been an international outrage as Germany prepares to host the winter Olympics 2014 in Sochi. Most participating athletes have been looking for ways to protest the Russia anti-gay laws without having to boycott the Olympics. Germany is believed to have found the perfect rebuttal.

Their Olympic uniform features a colorful rainbow jacket and trousers. This multicolored gear has been seen as a direct refusal of the Russian gay laws. However, the German Olympic committee has claimed that the uniforms were designed even before the anti-gay laws were accepted in Russia. The designer, Willy Bogner says that the Munich Summer Olympics held in 1972 inspired his bright uniforms. He also added that the materials and colors used were tailored to meet the Sochi conditions.

Germany’s rainbow Olympics uniforms feature a greater resonance considering the fact that Russia passed the anti-gay laws recently. The laws give police officers every right to arrest foreign visitors and tourists they suspect could be pro-gay, lesbian or homosexual. Though the uniforms were not designed with a pro-gay theme in mind, most participating athletes and fans draw great support from the colorful uniforms. Sochi Olympics will remain memorable not only to Germany, but the whole Africa. Germany is among such countries and is believed to have utilized bright colors in their Olympic uniforms. However, we all have a right to express our genuine feelings towards things. Will Russia arrest the Germany’s Olympic team because of their pro-gay jackets?

Top 5 Designers of the Coming 2014

Staying educated about what is going on in the fashion world is a task that many people struggle with. In fact, it is very common for people to simply decide that they are unable to devote the time or effort to think about the trends that exist within the fashion world. When you do this, it is very likely that you would subjecting yourself to wearing old and outdated clothing that is no longer in style. The power of a great impression may not be something that you are mindful of when you meet an important friend, a potential partner or anyone that you care about having in your life for an extended period of time. However, they will long remember the way that you looked on the day that they first set eyes on you. The best way for you to make a great impression would be to learn about 5 Designers You Need to Watch in 2014.

top 5 designers 2014

We suggest you to watch the following 5 designers if you want to have the security of knowing that you are in style when an important meeting comes about and you want to secure a position of comfort with someone that you care about. Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne from Public School, David Koma at Thierry Mugler, Alexa Chung, Marc Jacobs and Nicolas Ghesquière at Louis Vuitton would be the designers that you want to take note of this year. Adding these designers to your collection of clothing would put you in the fashion know. Do not risk allowing your wardrobe to fall behind what is going on in the fashion world. Instead, you can simply invest the time needed to see what these designers have that would fit with your personal taste. Don’t be afraid to expand and try something new in the new year from these amazing designers.

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