Dress Up for Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

Dress Up for Saint Patrick’s Day 2014

Saint Patrick’s Day is a special day celebrated around the world. It is actually an Irish holiday but is marked by people across the globe. If you want to be a part of the holiday, then you need to dress up in style. Most people dress in green on this day, especially accessories such as hats and wigs. People also love celebrating by drinking beer, especially the Irish specialty, Guinness Stout beer. Therefore, find a hat to wear. You can wear a hat of any color but it should fit well.

If you have to wear a silly T-shirt with a funny slogan, you can spice it up a little by dressing up in a short shirt and lovely sandals, preferably strappy sandals. You can also sass up your outfit with amazing accessories such as a colorful scarf and a belt. An adorable face tattoo or a beautiful necklace will always feature nicely, especially if you have a party to attend. Looking nice is important and dressing in green on Saint Patrick’s Day is fun and shows you got the holiday spirit. However, try not to overdo it. Do not try too hard, like wearing 8 necklaces or something like that. Just have fun and dress to suit the occasion.

Saint Patrick's T-Shirt

You can also get into the holiday mood. Saint Patrick’s Day is more of a celebration of Irish culture and involves plenty of fun, dancing, parties, dressing up and sharing a great time with family and friends. Therefore, simply dress appropriately and get with the mood of the day. While some dress outrageously in green wigs, purple hats and so on, you can choose softer colors and a tee-shirt that is all about the occasion but take care not to be too extreme. It is advisable to join the crowds, enjoy the corned beef and the beer and simply have fun.

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