French manicure ideas and styles you must try out as soon as possible!

French manicure is a term that is frequently used to refer to a classic nail design. This particular design comprises of a pale pink base topped with bright white tips. The great thing about this design is that it is incredibly versatile design which can be modified and adopted to all types, sizes and shapes of fingernails. Let’s check out some French manicure ideas.

French manicure ideas
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French manicure ideas

To help you get started with it, we have brought together some really cool French manicure ideas. These ideas experiment with different colors and designs to make the classic French manicure so much more stylish and dashing.

The Half-Moon Elegance

This is one of the simplest french manicure ideas. All you have to do is complement the classic French manicure with a half-moon cuticle done in the same shade of bright white as the tips. This is particularly great if you want to make your nails appear longer. It also adds a dash of informality to the otherwise somewhat formal outlook of the classic French Tips.

The Half-Moon Monochrome

This is a stylish twist on the original and way more hip. It also brings a modern dash to the classic design. To recreate the half-moon monochrome design, all you have to is apply the pale pink base and then do the tips as well as the cuticle moon in the dual-shades of black and white. Simply paint one half of the tips and the cuticles with bright white and do the other half with a lacquer shade. The simple elegance of this design is sure to make your fingernails stand out.

The fishnet French manicure

The fishnet design is another in our list of awesome french manicure ideas. To achieve this design, recreate the original French manicure with pale pink base and bright white tips. Next, apply thin intersecting lines of the same bright white all over the base, creating the effect of a fishnet. The beauty of this design is that it is quite artsy and cool without requiring too much effort. If you want a more hip twist on the original French Tips, you can create the fishnets on the pale pink base using brighter colors of your choice.

Beach Sunset

The beach sunset is a brilliant design in its own might, although it is also related to the original French manicure. This is one of the perfect french manicure ideas for summers when you pine for the beach and the sea. To achieve this design, apply a very pale shade of pink at the bottom half of your nails and polish the top half with a pale shade of white. The two colors should blend together around the center of the nails to recreate the beach sunset effect.

Double Lined French Manicure

The double lined design is a very simple addition to the classic French manicure. To recreate this design, polish the pale pink base of the classic french manicure and then top the tips with bright white. Next, add a thin sliver of bright white around the center of the nails. This completes the double lined design. You can modify the design further by adding more than one slivers of bright white along the base of the nails. If done right, this can also accentuate the length of your nails and make your fingers appear longer.

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