Good Habits for Kids to Learn

Good Habits for Kids to Learn

Children’s spend most of their time outside house for things like studying, playing etc. They come in contact with dust, germs and other kind of pollutants which affect their health badly. Everyday has passed this stage of childhood once a time, so we all know that Children’s do not follow things which we say them to follow like to properly eat on time, playing and studying which I think is the topic which every parents focuses too much on it.

Be a model for your children. The term, “Do as I say, not as I do” is outrageous. Children learn first by watching. Parents are the most important role model in a child’s life. Your children will copy what you do. Keep and live your life adhering to good habits, and they will likely eventually follow your lead.

So how are you expecting your kid to follow your orders? Obviously he will not follow them, but you should know how to tackle this situation. Time to time you should have to teach your kid that which things are right and which are wrong , not by forcing him to follow your orders but properly teaching him manners and etiquette which become a habit time to time when child learn to follow them. You have to act like a kid to teach your kid good habits. So, In this article I will tell your about good habits for kids to learn.



Germs enter our body mostly from our hands because we use over hands to do everything. So whenever your kid comes home after playing, from school or from anywhere else, do tell him to properly wash your hands before eating anything. Even after eating meals, do tell him to wash his hands.



Tell your kid to Cover his mouth and nose with a tissue or hand when he cough or sneeze. This prevents spreading of germs in the environment.


Most of kids develop a bad habit of putting finger in their mouth or nose, or they starts biting their nails. Sometimes they also rub their eyes with dirty hands. When ever you see your kid doing this, accost him not to do this thing. Time to time, he will develop a habit of not putting finger in mouth or nose.



Brushing teeth twice a day is a good habit as it helps to keep our teeth strong and healthy. But also teach your kid how to do brush properly.

If you do not know how to brush properly then see this video on TEETH BRUSHING TIPS

If you will tell your kid once time to do all the things mentioned above he will not listen to them, he will just ignore them. You have to teach your kid in fun way in order to develop these good habits for kids in him. Teach your kid fun techniques to follow theses good habits so that he will not take up them as burden and easily develop these good habits. Hope you find this article on ‘Good habits for kids to learn’ useful. If your want to give some more suggestions, you can always give them by commenting below. Till then keep your children safe and healthy.


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