Manicure ideas, styles and general loveable info you must read!

You’re reading: Manicure ideas, styles and general loveable info you must read!
A person’s face and hands often determine the beauty, personality and the overall grooming. Hands, like face, needs extensive caring and diligent maintenance in order to carry that elegant and beautiful look which nearly all of us seek.

Manicure idea
Manicure idea

Manicure Ideas

Manicure includes a wide range of activities meant to enhance the looks of your hands and fingernails. These may include proper filing, shaping, finishing, polishing and moisturizing among other activities. The right manicure ideas can help you perk up your nails to make them look as brilliant and beautiful as you want them to be.

Shaping your nails right

The shape and finish of your nails is very important when it comes to giving them the right look. The right shape will depend on the length of the nails. For instance, if you have short nails, a great choice would be to keep them even and rounded, leaving no edges. This will blend the nails with the finger-line and give your hands a more elegant look.
On the other hand, if you have long nails, you have the option of choosing from pointed, rounded and squared finishes. If you looking to achieve a visual impact that will make your fingers and nails look longer, a pointed finish will do perfectly. If you want to focus more on the nails, a squared or rounded finish will do the trick well. Each nail shape has its own set of manicure ideas which best accentuate its outlook.

Try the classic French Tips

Classic French tips have been in vogue since forever and are expected to stay so. This is simply because they bring a dash of color and elegance to your nails. The classic version of this style involves using a shade of pink on the nails and then using glossy white along the tips. You can experiment with the classic version and create a version of your own, for instance, accentuate the cuticles with the white you use along the tips. You may altogether replace the white with a darker shade such as black to highlight the shapeliness of the nails.

Stripes for Short Nails

If you are looking for the perfect manicure ideas for short nails, vertical stripes are one of them. Most of the manicure ideas related to short nails are meant to accentuate their shapeliness while giving them the visual effect of being longer than they are. Vertical stripes achieve this effect perfectly. You can use the effect by using a darker base shade and then applying a vertical line down the middle of the nail, preferably of a lighter shade or the glitter counterpart of the darker shade.

Experiment with Gradients

Another excellent way to enhance the look as well as the length of your nails is to experiment with gradients. Gradients typically involve using a lighter polish shade towards the cuticle and complimenting it with a darker shade towards the tips. This creates a contrast as well as the visual effect of making your nails appear longer. You can further apply various acrylic ideas together with the gradients. For instance, you can use studs of a contrasting color on one or two of the nails to complete the perfect acrylic look. Alternatively, you can also go with a glitter counterpart on some of the nails to make a bold fashion statement.

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