What’s the best way to wear your maxi skirt? Now You Know

Maxi skirts have made a big comeback. They are loose-fitting, comfortable and will definitely look better on any woman. In addition, they are easy to mix and match with your favorite wardrobe garments. Most of all, they are less costly and come in variety of colors. However, you should be careful when choosing the fabric. Let’s look at a few tips on how to dress your maxi skirt in different occasions;

maxi skirt
maxi skirt

How to wear maxi skirts to work

When choosing the best skirt for work, you should stick to neutral colors preferably light-brown and beige colors. Avoid wearing skirts with distracting prints. To bring out a professional look, wear the skirt with a dark top and blazer. Short women should wear a light-tube skirt and then match with a crop blazer. To put emphasis on the waist, they should tuck-in the top and wear a belt. Similarly, tall women should match the skirt with a long blazer. It must be well-fitting to minimize their body volume. They should avoid wearing attention grabbing tops.

How to wear a maxi skirt in winter

The arrival of winter does not mean your wardrobe has to suffer. Choosing the right skirt and accessories will keep you warm in winter. When you make the wrong choice, it can be challenging to stay chic while keeping warm. It’s advisable that you choose long skirts that touch slightly above the ankle. They provide more warmth as opposed to shorter ones. If you choose a skirt that drags on the ground, you’ll end up getting muddy and wet. Another important factor to consider is the fabric. A wool-like fabric will provide more warmth. You can also consider pairing with some leggings or stockings to keep warm. If you want to look professional and trendy, you can wear a short warm skirt. Don’t make a mistake of putting on an oversized sweater to remain fashionable.

· Wear appropriate footwear

A short skirt will match with knee-high boots. To amp up the fashion level, pair the skirt with leather boots. If you have settled for long skirts, you should wear high-ankle shoes.

· Match with the right top

To keep the rest of the body warm, you can pair the skirt will a long-sleeved shirt or a cashmere sweater. Try a blazer or leather jacket to offset the bottom half. Consider other warm accessories like a scarf or a pair of suede gloves.

How to wear maxi in summer

Skirts form the perfect outfit for your summer vacation. They are easy to match with tops, blouses and other accessories. To complete your outfit, you must have the right shoes and handbag. If you have a medium size body, you can flaunt your abs with a simple top crop. In case you’re feeling less confident, you can go for high- waist skirt.

If you’re bottom heavy, try tops with wide shoulders. This will help to counterbalance your hips and thighs. You can also try some eye-catching jewelry to take the focus on the upper side of the body. The shoes you choose should match with your dress design. Majority of women prefer to wear double-slit saddles. Summer is a time for having fun. Don’t let your attire keep that from happening.

A maxi skirt is a timeless classic that never dates. No matter your height, you can wear the skirt and still look stunning. The secret is choosing the right fabric and matching it with the right top. Don’t forget to complement with the right shoes and accessories.