A maxi dress is perhaps the most versatile and comfortable piece of women clothing. We can’t deny the fact it’s the most fashionable outfit for hot holidays. To bring out your fashion statement, you should select the style that compliments your body. Let me walk you through an all-inclusive guide on how to wear maxi dress;

How to wear maxi dress basics

Choosing the best maxi dress

The style you choose to wear the maxi dress can make a big difference. If you’re big busted, you should consider a classy capped-sleeve maxi that highlights your curves. Secondly, choose the right fabric and color. If you’re small, you should wear a dress with solid color. If you’re curvier, wear a dress with larger floral or bolder prints. It’s also advisable that you consider your skin tone when choosing colors. Thirdly, the dress should hit below your ankles. If you don’t select the right material, you might end up looking like you’re wearing a tent.

Pairing your maxi dress with other clothes

The choice of your top garment means a lot to your overall appearance. Wearing a maxi dress during the day entails simple pairing. If your bra is going to be on the show, you should wear bright colors. Alternatively, you can pair your maxi dress with a silk blouse or a leather jacket. The key focus should be on your dress. It’s advisable that you complete the outfit with simple pieces. During summer, you can add a denim jacket or a light cardigan. During winter, you can wear a blazer on top of your dress. On formal events, make sure you match your dress with simple prints. With time, you’ll learn how to how to wear maxi dress with different tops.

What to wear underneath

Most ladies don’t know how to wear maxi dress with underwear. You should select underwear that gives full back-coverage. This will ensure it is not stuck between the buttocks. For a sheer maxi dress, there is no need to wear any clothing underneath if you don’t want. Make sure you’re careful when selecting sheer maxi dress. Some are see-through when not properly lined. The other alternative to undergarments is to wear leggings and tights. However, they tends to be uncomfortable especially with two thick waist bands.

Shoes to wear with a maxi dress

Since maxi dresses are often long, you should keep your shoes simple. If you want to give your maxi dress a casual vibe, you should wear flat shoes like saddles. Make sure the dress does not sweep the floor. If the dress is too long to show your shoes, don’t worry. It will always show your feet when you sit. If you intend to wear a maxi split dress, you can pair with heels to elongate your legs. This super chic style is favored by celebrities like Rihanna, Angelina Jolie and Taylor Swift. You don’t have to go through the internet to learn how to wear maxi dress with your favorite shoes. Just consider the style of your dress, climate and the occasion.

Adding some accessories

To give your outfit some extra polish, you can put on a belt and jewelry. Most women will want to complete the outfit with a handbag. The accessories should be simple to bring focus on your outfit.

Now you know how to wear maxi dress. The versatility of a maxi dress cannot be underestimated. The key thing is to bring out your fashion statement, so prepare to think outside the box.