Discover the techniques used for performing nail art freehand today!

There are many types of art that can be performed on the body. Examples of these are piercings, tattoos, body paint and nail art. Out of these, the most dynamic channel of creativity is nail art. It is a way to enhance and decorate the nails by painting them in vivid designs. Nail art freehand can be done on the fingernails and toe nails too. It can be done using various types of paint for example gloss, vinyl and acrylic. Nail art has been practiced for centuries to beautify the fingers and toes.

nail art
nail art

Nail art freehand

The Chinese applied enamel on their fingernails to create a pinkish color on them. On the other hand, the Indians applied henna to add a brown or amber color to their nails. In modern times, this form of art is performed on the toes and fingernails after a manicure or pedicure. These are beauty treatments that work to trim, decorate and polish the nails. There various ways to perform nail art today for example nail art freehand. Here are more styles available for you.

Techniques for performing nail art

Painting with brushes

This the most common and traditional method of decorating the nails. In this method, brushes with synthetic bristles are used to apply color on the fingernails. By applying skill and technique, you can create a variety of patterns on fingernails using brushes. There are various types of brushes which can be used for decorating the nails. They include angled, line and flat brushes. By using the correct type of brush, you can create the required pattern. The brushes can be sold separately from the nail polish or be part of the lid that covers the bottle. Overall, painting with brushes is the most common way to perform nail art.

Stamping designs on the nails

This method has much in common with nail art freehand because it can be used to create complex designs on your nails. In stamping, the image which should be printed on the nails is covered with a thick layer of adhesive nail paints. It is located on an image plate. After that, a scraper is used to get rid of any elements on the plate which do not form part of the image that is to be printed on the nail. This leaves the image intact. A stamper is taken and rolled over the image. It picks up the adhesive nail paint that is to be printed on the nails. After that, the stamper is rolled over the nail and imprints the desired design upon it. In doing so, the nail is decorated.

Freehand nail art

Nail art freehand is a method of decorating the nails where they are painted freehand like one would do on a painting. This style can be used to create designs that are unique and have never been seen before. There are some freehand designs which are ideal for beginner nail artists and others which are for more experienced individuals. Freehand nail art is more complicated than simply stamping or using brushes on the nails. This is because it requires the use of specialized brushes, nail art pens, mixed color paints and high levels of skill. By using these tools and techniques, you can create very attractive freehand nail art designs. Nail art freehand gives you complete creative freedom.


Nail art is popular and is a great channel for creativity. The techniques above all help to create various types of nail art. Out of these, nail art freehand is the most effective in creating realistic, vivid designs.

Stylish Nail Art Designs Ideas for Girls 2013

This is first time I am writing something about nail art designs. Previously I have only talked about dresses, hairstyles, shoes, watches etc. So I thought its time to write something on new topic that is amazing nail art designs ideas for girls 2013. How much awesomeness can you cram into a space the size of, well, a fingernail? Apparently the answer is only limited by your imagination.

Nail art is a fun, simple way to be creative and dangerously addictive. You can amazing work with your nails just by using your imagination or by taking examples from this article. That’s why you are here to get some amazing nail art designs ideas for your nails.

Nail art isn’t that hard, you just need to try and enjoy, it’s just that simple.

I have seen a lot of girls doing unique and stylish nail art on their nails. It looks extremely good and fascinating that you can also this with your nails. Now time has gone when you just paint your nails with only one color available its 2k13 baby. Nail art has became an emblem of femininity. Now you daily have to do experiments with your looks if you want to look fashionable and modern.

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So check out some really interesting and fashionable examples of Stylish Nail Art Designs Ideas for Girls 2013. I am sure that you will like it.








Nail Art Design Idea is inspired from Flag of India.






 I like this nail art the most. Its easy, simple and so cute.




Nail art can be complicated sometimes because it not just works of seconds. You have to spend sometime working on it because it is little bit hard to draw it perfectly. But you can always take help of someone if you like. Don’t give up if you didn’t get it corrected for first time, try again. Hope you liked my this effort to providing you stylish nail art designs ideas for girls 2013. Do tell me which on e you liked the most or send me pictures of your nail art at I will post them on Facebook page of . Check it out here .