How to pick the perfect designer maxi dresses for your body type? One of the most versatile dresses in a woman’s wardrobe is the maxi dress. Featuring willowy fabric, a maxi dress can fit in any occasion that you attend. It is a long, free flowing dress which is made of soft, light fabric. It goes from the shoulders to the floor and features decorations such as flowery print and solid colors.

Perfect Designer Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are also available with design styles such as bandeau tops and halter dress features too. Many women wear maxi dresses during their maternity period and for the summer because they are very comfortable. There are many examples of Designer maxi dresses in the market right now. They are made by designers such as Dolce & Gabbana, Missoni, Camilla and Diane von Furstenburg. Here is how to choose the perfect designer maxi dress for you.

Pick a dress that flatters your body type

Every woman is unique. There are different body types and each one needs a particular style of dress to look amazing. Examples of body types are:

• Full frames or curvy body type

• Short frame

• Pear shape body type

• Busty body type

Each one of these frames looks best in a particular style of maxi dress. Read on to learn which is ideal for every body type.

Full frames or curvy body type

There are women who have curvy bodies. Their hips are wide and frame is more supple throughout. For such, there are Designer maxi dresses which can comfortably show off their curves. The fit and flare maxi dress shows off their tiny waist while flattering their curvy bust and hips. As a rule of thumb, curvy women should not wear maxi dresses which have thin, narrow straps. Moreover, they should not wear maxi dresses that call attention to their most curvy areas such as tummy and arms. As such, they should avoid dresses that have ruffles or sequins in these areas.

Short frames

Normally, short women avoid wearing Designer maxi dresses. This is because the floor length of the dresses makes them look even shorter. While a pair of heels can help, the best style of maxi dress for them is the one with a high waistline. Moreover, it can have a shorter cut in the front which shows off their pretty heels.

Pear body shape

Designer maxi dresses can overemphasize specific body features for example wide hips. Women with a pear body shape have wide ones and normally shy away from maxi dresses. However, there are styles of designer maxi dresses that help to draw attention away from the wide hips to other areas. Examples of these are decorated tops. Also, a maxi dress where the top is bright while the bottom is dark can slim down the hips and draw attention away from them resulting in a more attractive appearance.

Busty body type

While majority of women think that busty women are lucky, those who actually do have large busts are not always in agreement. It can be difficult to find dresses that do not make their busts seem too big. Thus, they should wear designer maxi dresses with a V neck. This style balances their heavy top and shows off their delicate collarbones. Capped sleeves and thick straps are also ideal for busty women because they hide the bra straps and balance out the figure. Diane von Furstenberg is known to have collections for busty women.


Maxi dresses are beautiful, free and very comfortable. Available in various styles and fabrics, they are a woman’s best friend. The styles of Designer maxi dresses to wear for various body types have been indicated above. Pick the one that suits your body type to look fabulous with every step.