Things You should Know About Fashion That Effect Your Health

Things You should Know About Fashion That Effect Your Health

Everybody likes to look trendy and stylish. But usually they buy certain things to wear that will actually effect their health in future. I am writing this article especially for women to make them aware about certain fashion items that are helping them to look stylish and beautiful but at the cost of their life. Yes, life girls I am not kidding you should read this article carefully. There are some health risks that you should know about certain clothes and accessories.

Excess of Everything is Bad

There are many things in our daily routine which we use, but not well for our future. We can be safe by avoiding them or using them properly in our routine. So check out Things You Should Know About Fashion That Effects Your Health. I am sure you will be amazed by reading this article.


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While walking in flip flops, there is no support to our foot due to which our foot does not properly get up while walking. Researchers at Auburn University videotaped 39 volunteers and noticed they had to clench their toes to keep them on, leading to foot fatigue, sore calf muscles and an altered gait, which could cause long-term ankle and hip problems.



I am sure you all will know about this thing that wearing high heels more than two inches effect muscles of hips, knees and foot  which cause bunions, hammer toes, stress fractures and ankle sprains.

So you always have to select footwear that is comfortable and we should face any kind of difficulties while walking after health comes first.

When you wear heels more than two inches, 57% of pressure comes on your foot and knees.


things you should know

Skinny Jeans are very much in fashion these days, but they are not good for our health. Skinny Jeans cause barrier in blood circulation in our body. According to a study, reason behind blood clots in foot, bladder or urinary infections is wearing tight clothes only.

So always try to wear clothes that are not much tight or not too much baggy. Check out Some Floral Dresses for Women for spring wear.

More than 80% of people who wear tight clothes faces problems like heart Burn, Stomachache etc.


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A Cornell study says a whopping 67% of men need to loosen up at the office–wearing shirts with too-small neck sizes and too-tight ties can reduce circulation to the brain and decrease range of motion in the neck and increase muscle tension in the back and shoulders. And since ties are rarely cleaned, they transmit infections easily.


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Most of the women’s like carry big handbag. One and only reason behind it is more the space more things you can carry with you. Carrying your hand bags for long time on your one shoulder will effect muscles in neck and shoulder.

If it is necessary for you to carry things along with you try to switch positions of your hand bag. Don’t carry it on one shoulder for long time. Use bag packs for carrying laptops

Women carry no more than 10% of their body weight in a bag.”



things you should know

Some women’s like to wear heavy earrings to look fashionable. But they don’t know that it put extra pressure on your ear, due to which hole in your ear enlarges. So try to avoid wearing heavy earrings.

That was all the things you should know about fashion which effects your health. Do you wear any of these items and worry how they may effect your health? Did anything on this list totally surprise you? Do tell me by commenting below, if you have any problem, discuss with me and I will solve them for you.

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