Top 10 Sport Shoe Brands of 2013.

Top 10 Sport Shoe Brands of 2013.

Shoes are an important part of our whole outfit. Without them are whole attire is incomplete and doesn’t make any sense. Shoes are the one who help you get your girlfriend because the first thing that Girl looks in you is your shoes like how much they are neat and clean? Which Sport Shoe brands are you wearing? So, shoes are that much important in your apparel. Rest reasons of shoes you all know so will not tell you about them.

Here in this article I am going to make list of Top 10 Sport Shoe Brands of 2013 which I think you all are waiting for so that you can select your pairs of Sport Shoes according to the list. There are many international brands like Nike, Adidas, Puma and many more which doesn’t need any introduction and you all love stuff they create for you. So check them where they are lying at top and who is at bottom in list of Top 10 Sport Shoe Brands of 2013

Top 10 Sport Shoes Brand


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Nike, Inc is an American multinational corporation that is engaged in the design, development and worldwide marketing and selling of footwear and many more products.  The company was founded on January 25, 1964 as Blue Ribbon Sports by Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight,[1] and officially became Nike, Inc. on May 30, 1978. Nike has created boom in the footwear industry by founding AIR JORDANS with Michael Jordan. I am also a big fan of Air Jordan and will surely purchase one for myself in the coming months.

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Adidas AG is a German multinational corporation t based in Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany that designs and manufactures sports clothing and accessories. Adidas was founded by Adolf and Rudolf but later on Rudolf opened his own company Puma. Adidas Originals is later own brand created by adidas which has different logo called “Trefoil” than Adidas. Trefoil logo is only used on heritage products. Adidas originals created four products

  • Superstar Shoes
  • Stan Smith Shoes
  • Adicolor Trainers
  • Originals Denim by Diesel


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Reebok International Limited is subsidiary (part) of the German company Adidas since 2005 It produces  athletic shoes, apparel, and accessories. Reebok had sponsored many top athletes and sports clubs. Reebok has endorsed: Lewis Hamilton, Carolina Klüft, Amir Khan and many more. Rapper Jay-Z became the first non-athlete to get a signature shoe from Reebok. Reebok also released G-Unit sneakers in collaboration with famous rapper 50 Cent.


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Puma SE, officially branded as PUMA is a major German multinational company that produces athletic shoes, footwear, and other sportswear . It’s headquarter is in the same city of Gremany where  Adidas is established. Puma makes football shoes and also sponsored many famous footballers like Maradona Robert Pires, Zlatan Ibrahimovi?, Radamel Falcao and many more. Puma is best know for its basketball shoes introduced in 1968 called “Puma Clyde” .


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Converse is an American shoe company which makes shoes, lifestyle fashion and athletic apparel. Converse famous shoes are Chuck Taylor All Star shoe. It only came in black with a white variant but later under pressure of basketball teams Converse decided to manufacture other colors also. Types of Converse shoes are high-tops, low-cuts and knee-high. I also have Blue and Grey Low -Cut Converse shoes.

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Fila is one of the world’s largest sportswear manufacturing company which was founded in 1911 in Italy. It originally started by making clothing for the people of the Italian Alps, now manufacturing sportswear for men, women, kids and athletes.


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New Balance Athletic Shoe, Inc. (NBAS), best known as simply New Balance, is an American footwear manufacturer founded in 1906 as the New Balance Arch Support Company. New Balance Shoes are very much comfortable and also have long life. These are perfect for running or wearing them when your are going to gym. Best substitute for Reebok shoes.



Woodland is owned by Aero Group and has been a well known name in the outdoor shoe industry since the early 50s. No doubt woodland shoes are costly but they are very durable and long life. They are your best friend in outdoor sports like mountain Cycling, Tracking on Mountains etc.



Under Armour is an American sports clothing and accessories company mainly focusing on hi-tech sportswear for professional athletes. They have best and affordable shoes next to big brands like Nike ,Adidas etc. Under Armour was founded in 1996 by Kevin Plank.



ASICS is a Japanese company which produces professional footwear and sports equipment designed for football, running, tennis and for many other sports. In recent years their running shoes have often been ranked among the top performance footwear in the market.

Well, that was Top 10 Sport Shoe Brands of 2013. They all are very good in manufacturing their products. You can buy sport shoes from the company which you like most or have faith in them. Don’t agree with the list? Then share you opinion with us.

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