Which Oil Should I Use for Massage Therapy?

Which Oil Should I Use for Massage Therapy?

In our busy life, it is important for our body that It should be relaxed, fit and fine. Usually when I get home college, sometime I am exhausted. So I ask my Mom to give me massage and within Couple of minutes, my tiredness goes away. That is the magic of massage.

Massage relaxes body parts and increases blood circulation throughout the body.  It has therapeutic as well as beauty effects also. People spend thousand of bucks in the spas to get a good massage. There are number of oils used for massaging and In this article I am going to tell about best oils used for Massage Therapy by Spas and earning lots of money. So people usually think about which oil is should use for massage like masseuse give us in those spas. That question that landed you here to know about WHICH OIL SHOULD I USE FOR MASSAGE THERAPY?



which oil should i use

Sweet Almond Oil is extracted from almonds. It is pale yellow in color, It is slightly oil which allows hands to move easily over the skin. It is absorbed quickly by our skin than any other oil, but not so fast that you have to apply it again and again. It can be combined with vitamin E. Two drops of this oil daily your in ears increases your hearing ability.


which oil should i use

Coconut Oil is extracted from coconut. It is used by most commonly used oil. Coconut Oil has a type which is known as Fractionated Coconut Oil which is light and non greasy than coconut oil. It is called fractionated because it contains only a fraction of the whole oil. It has a very long shelf life. I do not use this oil because I am allergic to it. So do consult your doctors what kind of oil you can use.


which oil should i use

It is actually a kind of wax which is extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant. Jojoba is very useful for treating back acne because It have antibacterial properties and contains long chain of wax esters that closely resembles skin sebum. It also has a very long shell life. Jojoba is very well-absorbed, which makes it favorite carrier oil for aromatherapy.

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which oil should i use

It is extracted from the seeds of sunflower. Sunflower oil is very light and non greasy. It doesn’t leave the skin feeling oily. Sunflower Oil is rich ion the essential fatty acid Linoleic Acid as well as Palmitic acid and Stearic acid which are needed for making our skin healthy. You can apply this oil after taking bath, It keeps your skin fresh.


which oil should i use

Olive Oil is extracted is from Olives. It is available in different types like Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Whenever French people cook some dish they always use Olive Oil instead of any other oil. It is healthy for our body. I also prefer Olive Oil while cooking. Ancient Civilization used Olive Oil to heal wounds. Today, it is considered a Good Remedy for Skin Problems and an effective moisturizer. Olive Oil benefits are surprisingly simple yet extremely effective.

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which oil should i use

Wheat Germ Oil is too thick to use. It is considered as the thickest oil among every variety of oil. We can not use it as it is; we have to blend it with other oil before massage with this oil. Wheat Germ Oil is rich in Vitamin E.


which oil should i use

As name is indicating, it is extracted from sesame seeds and has very strong aroma. According to Ayurveda, sesame oil is very useful for nourishing and detoxifying. It can be used for ailments such as anxiety, poor circulation, constipation, bloating, and excessive dryness.  Sesame Oil is thick oil leaving our skin oily. So you can blend it with other oils before using it. If you have back problem, neck problem or arm problem, just massage your body parts with sesame oil daily at night and feel the change.

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which oil should i use

It is very much similar in texture and color to Almond Oil, but costs slightly more than it. It is also very rich in Vitamin E which gives it a very longer shelf life than any other Oil. Like Almond Oil, it is also easily absorbed by the skin, so it won’t leave your skin greasy after applying it. This property of Apricot Kernel Oil makes it useful for Aroma Therapy Massage. Those people who have are allergic to nuts can use this oil instead of Almond Oil.

Avail the benefits of massage with best oils for massage therapy which incorporate many advantages including relief from depression, pain, and anxiety. It also reduces blood pressure and many other diseases. Now you know which oil should i use which all the Spas use and snatch money from our pockets by giving us costly massages.  But know you do not have to go to spa; you can massage your body by using best oils which I have told you. If you know about any other oil, do share it with us by commenting below.

which oil should i use

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